21 Inspirational Updo for Medium Hair

Up-dos for medium hair may seem like a challenge, but they are surprisingly easy to create. Babes with bobs, lobs, and any other medium length hairstyle can achieve practically any up-do you can think of. It’s all just a matter of finding the right style for the right occasion!

Figuring Out The Perfect Up-do For Your Medium Hair

Don’t be intimidated by your shorter hair length. Medium hair can easily be twisted, swept up or braided into all kinds of unique styles. We love high buns, low buns, and more buns than one! Medium hair can rock any up-do for any occasion, too, from classy and formal to playful and casual. The options for choosing your ultimate up-do are all here, so let’s take a look at all of the best ones!

#1: Braided Low Ponytail

Medium length hair can often be tough to work into an up-do that is classy yet functional. This low ponytail is not only beautiful but also very unique.

Instead of simply pulling hair back, first create one thick side braid that ends at the nape of the neck. Leave several pieces of lightly curled hair out of the ponytail to frame the face.

#2: Classic Chignon For Medium Hair

Have you wondered about how to work your medium length hair into a classy chignon? These photos show the perfect step by step for achieving this highly elegant look.

It’s easiest to use a small sponge piece to boost the volume on this beautiful low bun.

#3: Ethereal Up-Do

This wispy, ethereal up-do is perfect for a special occasion. When creating this look, don’t worry about being perfect.

The main point of this hairstyle for medium hair is adding height at the front part of the forehead. Don’t forget to leave a few wispy pieces hanging down out of the up-do.

#4: High Bun For Medium Hair

High buns are fun for medium length hair because you can make them as messy or as polished as desired. This look is pulled together yet still maintains an organic feel.

Leave a section out of the bun to wrap around the up-do. Finish off the style as is or consider adding a sweet accessory like this delicate bow.

#5: Double Buns

Double buns are such a fun and unexpected up-do for medium length hair. It’s also surprisingly easy to create!

For just the right amount of detail, leave a bit of the ends of both buns out. This gives the style that perfectly imperfect feeling.

#6: Rose Space Buns

Not every up-do has to be serious. These rose shaped space buns are for the youthful and playful at heart.

Flip hair over and start inside out braids at the nape of the neck. Grab some hairpins too; you’ll need a lot to create the beautiful rose shaped buns. Leave a few pieces of hair out around the face to continue the playful vibe.

#7: Double Bubble Braids

Double braids are sweet and fun for medium hair. If you’re looking to take the look to the next level, however, you should try these fun and simple double bubble braids.

When creating each bubble section, be sure to pull hair off of the head in each section with the end of comb or lightly with your fingertips.

#8: Textured Low Ponytail

Low ponytails can be functional when you’re hard at work or sophisticated for a formal event. This low ponytail is a classic spin the basic low ponytail.

Separate two sections of hair at the front of your hair and twist them when you pull them back. This look works especially well for medium hair when textured before styling.

#9: Romantic Up-do For Medium Hair

Looking for a romantic up-do for your medium length hair? It’s easy to choose a braided style and this one has a similar feeling.

To stand out, ask your stylist to get create with twists and pins. A look like this is all about using your imagination.

#10: Braided Half-Up Style

Half-up styles are great for dressing up your medium length hair. Instead of simply pulling it back, you should go for something a little more unique.

This French braid half-up hairstyle is perfect and fresh, especially if you have dynamic highlights. Instead of simply tying hair, loop the end into a little bun.

#11: High Ponytail

High ponytails are every girl’s best friend. They give eyes that instant lift and reveal your beautiful face.

Believe it or not, even shorter hair can rock a high ponytail. Feel free to add a playful scarf accessory or wrap a section of hair around the hair tie and secure with a bobby pin for a polished look.

#12: Topknot Bun

Topknots are awesome because of their flexibility. Yes, you can throw up your hair when you’re getting work done, or you can take a little more time on the style and wear it to a chic event.

This bun is created by pulling hair tightly into a ponytail on top the head. As you can see, this babe’s hair is thick, so it works well to pull medium hair into a braid.

#13: Sleek Low Bun

A sleek low bun may be a simple hairstyle, but it’s never boring. In fact, the look is quite elegant, even for the most formal of events.

This low bun is a classier take on a teardrop bun. Because medium hair is shorter than long, the teardrop is tighter and smaller. Secure with bobby pins and wrap the rest of the length around the hair tie as a final chic element.

#14: Messy Low Ponytail

This spunky low ponytail is perfect for babes with bobs or lobs. The ponytail may be short, but lots of texture and plenty of wispy pieces help this look along.

As you can see, nothing about this style is flat. Add some height to the back of the head to create this looser shape. Pull out plenty of pieces of hair surrounding the sides of the face for a laidback vibe.

#15: Curly Up-do For Medium Hair

This updo for medium hair is unique without going over the top. If you want to impress at your next special event, ask your stylist to recreate this textured updo.

First, you’ll want to curl your medium hair to help create the texture necessary for this look. Straight hair might make this look fall flat. Don’t forget lots of romantic wispy pieces for the face and neck.

#16: Creative Side Buns

This side bun look is very special. It’s not everyday that you wear three buns on one side of your head, but as you can see, the look is very elegant.

As you pull hair to one side to create the buns, don’t pull hair to tightly. You’ll want to maintain some lift to keep it from looking too severe. And don’t worry about perfection; slightly messy buns keep this look from getting too serious. It works well if your face shape is oval or long.

#17: Textured Up-do For Medium Hair

As you can see, you really don’t need a lot of hair to create a stunning up-do. If this style is for you, be sure to curl your medium hair to give it lots of texture. It looks especially great on dimensional highlights.

You can easily pull this style together with bobby pins, but we love the idea of securing it with a pretty clip like this flower one.

#18: Bubble Mohawk Up-do

This bubble Mohawk is so fun! It’s the perfect way to try out a funky style without the commitment of a fresh chop. If you’re the babe who likes to do things differently, then this bubble Mohawk is the look for you.

Don’t worry about being too neat with this style. When it comes to this look, it’s all about playfulness. Be sure to create some lift at the top and center of your forehead before beginning.

#19: Wispy Up-do For Medium Hair

It’s hard to believe that the hair used to create this gorgeous up-do is actually shoulder length! You really don’t need a ton of hair; in fact, it can be easier to pin it all up when you have less length to work with.

This style is all about creativity so let your stylist know that there is no need to be shy when recreating this look.

#20: French Braids In A Messy Bun

French braids are amazing because they can work with any hair length. This style is perfect for medium length hair that you wish to pull up in a creative way.

We recommend recreating this look with two messy French braids. The looser texture will help pull the low messy bun together at the nape of the neck.

#21: Low Ponytail With Chunky Braid

Having a hard time deciding between a low ponytail and a chunky braid for your next event? With this up-do for medium hair, you won’t have to! Get the best of both worlds with this off-center braid and low pony.

To create this look, smooth the rest of the hair while creating a chunky braid. Tie it all together and cover the hairband with a tiny braided section of hair.