20 Perfect Hairstyles For Oval Face Shape

Choosing a hairstyle for an oval face shape is an easy job. That ‘s because oval face shapes have balanced features, making it the most versatile of all face shapes. The chin and forehead are neither pointed nor rounded, but rather perfectly in between. If you’re lucky enough to have an oval face shape, there are tons of styles you can choose from.

Hairstyles For Oval Face Shapes

Because oval faces are versatile, you can play with your hair however you choose. Layers near the cheekbones, lips, and chin are perfect for an oval face shape for added dimension. You’ll want to avoid hairstyles that are too long and straight to keep from elongating the face. Let’s take a look at all of the gorgeous options for an oval face shape.

Edgy Bangs

A well-balanced facial structure means room to play! If you like to keep your hair on the shorter side, you may want to try edgy bangs with a shorter pixie cut.

You don’t have to worry about maintaining balance with you natural face shape, so sweep bangs to your preferred side. The layers should end around your cheekbone for optimal highlighting.

Super sleek Chin Length Bob

A severely cut bob doesn’t work well for rounded cheeks or long face shapes. On an oval face, however, hair is elegant in sleek bob with a sharper cut.

Keep the tips for your bob just below the chin to frame your face. For a modern look, part your hair to the side. Bump up the shine with a lightweight hair oil.

Shoulder Length Lob

Lobs are excellent for oval face shapes. Keeping hair shorter than your collarbones works to add dimension to an already balanced face shape. Punch up this factor with highlights on the lower half of face-framing pieces.

When blow-drying or curling your hair in a lob, sweep the front pieces out away from your face to highlight your jawline.

Pixie for Oval Face

An oval face shape means you can go as short as you want, regardless of your age. Short pixies like this one look best if you have thicker hair.

This style is super easy to maintain and has a dual boyish yet feminine appeal. Even this cut has flexibility! Styling crèmes can take a sweet pixie sky-high for volume and flair.

Sleek Center Part

A center part can often make the face appear longer, but the balance of an oval face shape can handle the length. The key is to keep the length just above the armpit for a face-framing effect.

Up the drama with silky locks that have a slight wave at the ends. Any hair color looks amazing with a sleek center part, but we especially love this rich chocolate brown on an oval face shape.

Beachy Waves

Beach waves aren’t just for the beach! Get your hands on a gorgeously texturizing salt spray to take this look to the streets.

Subtle layers pair perfectly with beachy waves for an oval face. Consider tonal balayage highlights for a sunkissed, natural glow.

Long Afro

This look has it all; tight ringlet texture, plenty of length, and a face-framing fringe. An oval face shape provides a well-balanced base for the bounty of curls an afro provides.

Take advantage of the versatility of an oval face shape and add slight layers to your curls around the apples of your cheeks.

Shoulder length layers

For an oval face shape, the more layers, the better! Layers just below the chin frame the face while longer layers are great for styling and flow.

Shoulder length layers work with any hair type, even if your hair is fine. The style instantly adds interest to otherwise long and boring strands. Sweep your part to the side for a little drama and romance.

Shag Cut for Oval Faces

Do you have thick hair and an oval face shape? You can totally handle the substance of a heavy shag hairstyle. This cut has both timeless and modern appeal. Cut your hair in this 70’s inspired look to show off any layers or naturally wavy texture.

Fancy a fringe? Keep bangs nice and long and swept to both sides from a center part. Your oval face shape can handle all of the dimension beautifully.

Bombshell Waves

Who doesn’t love long and luscious bombshell waves? Bring out your inner supermodel with this look. Be sure to adequately condition hair for well-hydrated curls. For bombshell waves, the more hair you have, the better, but you can always add extensions as needed.

To create this look, get your hands on a wider barrel curling iron. A center part is perfect for throwing off the balance of your oval face shape.

Balayage Lob with Long Bangs

The fresh chop of a lob is so trendy right now. This style works so well for a symmetrical oval face shape.

Add some needed dimension by cutting face-framing, long bangs. The effect is instantly youthful. We love these sunny blonde highlights, but a chopped lob with long bangs will suit any hair color.

Asymmetrical Bob

Bring out your inner edgy Victoria Beckham with this look! An asymmetrical bob is dynamic and sexy. The longer length on one side throws off the balance of an oval face shape in an appealing way.

Add a touch of highlights to the long bangs that fall around your jawline for natural contour.

Eye-Skimming Bangs

Because the proportions of your oval face shape are ideal, you can rock an eye-skimming fringe with ease.

This look shows off your beautiful eyes, cheekbones, and lips. Give them a little texture with a hair dryer and you’re good to go! Eye-skimming bangs are best when somewhat sleek to keep the look pulled together.

Textured Bob with Side-swept Bangs

A sexy, textured bob is very popular these days. Layers that end just below the chin highlight your jawline while the side-swept bangs frame your face.

This look is less polished so don’t be afraid to texturize with your fingertips throughout the day.

Slicked Back for Oval Faces

An oval face shape means balance, so feel free to bear it all with this powerful slicked back look. Whether your hair is short or long, you can absolutely rock this ‘do.

To create a slicked back look, apply mousse and blow out hair straight. Concentrate height to the top of the head to keep this look dynamic instead of flat. Nothing highlights a gorgeous face more than a slicked back look for an oval shape.

Funky Pixie

Get ready to bare it all with a funky pixie cut. If your pixie is on the longer side, create height that your face shape can handle with a playful pompadour.

We love the shaved sides on this edgier pixie cut. Even though hair is short in a pixie style, there are tons of options to choose from when it comes to styling. Any age can totally rock this hair.

Face-Framing Bronze Balayage

If face-framing layers aren’t your thing, you can use color to highlight your oval face shape. This bronze balayage is modern, sexy, and pretty effortless.

Ask your stylist to focus the balayage technique around your gorgeous face. It will have a lightening effect, drawing the eye in at all of the right places. This looks works on thick or thinner hair. All you need is a bit of texture!

Bob for Thin Hair

If you have an oval face shape but your hair is on the thinner side, shorter hair is the way to go. A beautiful bob is a great option that never skimps on style.

If your look is sleek and straight, add interest with a side part. Finer hair won’t fall flat with the chin-skimming length of a bob.

Jewel Toned for Oval Faces

Because an oval face shape is perfectly balanced, you can handle a funky color like this rich purple pastel. No distracting cheeks, chin, or forehead here! Take advantage and rock that dynamic hue you’ve always wanted to!

To get this babe’s look, the key is ultimate moisture and hydration. Deep condition hair to keep it silky and the color lux.

Eye-Framing Bangs

Show off your gorgeous eyes with some eye-framing bangs. Oval face shapes are balanced and symmetrical, so add dimension around your temples by sweeping back longer bangs.

This look works well if you have longer hair with natural texture. A stunning center part brings this whole look together.

Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle for Oval Face Shapes

As you can see, oval face shapes are versatile because of their balance. Chin and forehead are aligned so there is endless room to play with style. If you like to keep your locks long, add face-framing layers, dynamic balayage highlights, or a fringe swept any which way. For shorter hair, focus on your jawline, cheekbones, and temples for framing your face. There truly is a look to fit any personality, so which hairstyle will you choose?