Styles Rant Is Open For New Writer Employment

Are you an aspire publisher and passionate author, Do you know you can get paid while doing what you love doing most in your comfort zone? Are you a writer and good at writing good content and new ideas. StylesRant is set to employ experience Blogger for a new position Part time with the accessibility to telecommute and work remotely from anywhere around the world. Knowledge of a women’s topics (Beauty, Hairstyles, Fashion, Beauty & Men’s Hair Tips) a must compose engaging articles.

How To Apply

1. Links to posts you wrote before.
2. Number of posts you can willing write weekly.
3. Some fundamental information about yourself.
4. Topics you are familiar with.


We are paramount and fix on writing good content which most necessary take a good write up to achieve our set aims and desire for readers satisfaction. Here are few guideline put in place for your better writings.

1. For a better write up and to know what we aim to achieve in your articles and what it should be like, go to our website and get imprint about our content and articles. We publish haircuts and hairstyles with illustrations,hair care long reads, post with fun filled tips and tricks.

2. Before submitting your articles you should have check and read all over to make sure the article is appropriate and well accepted for the site.

3. Articles must be well written in English majorly on American English and the words must be within minimum 1000 to 2000 maximum .

4. Ensure that your English are correct and double check to avoid grammar mistakes and tautology.

5. Your heading must highlighted to make readers understand the subheading area of your content.

6. Ensure your apply relevant and important words and information to your articles.

7. Get a new ideas and be more creative while writing your articles.

Please send email to [email protected] and specify the name of the job in the subject line of the e-mail.