25 Must-Have Goddess Braids Hairstyles

Goddess braids are the most creative hairstyle out there. The look is intricate, feminine, and always inspiring. With goddess braids, thick cornrow braids can be plaited into any shape imaginable. Styles can be worn for a fun occasion or worn for weeks. The variations are truly limitless!

Your Perfect Goddess Braids

Goddess braids can be worn thick in an even pattern or interspersed with tiny cornrows. Create shapes, waves, or any artful detail you desire. Add in colorful highlights to suit your every mood. It’s easy to find goddess braids that you love, but it’s hard to choose just one! Let’s take a look at all the inspiration we have in store.

Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are a typical way to wear goddess braids. However, these dutch braids are anything but basic!

This look has two smaller braids on each side of the head that feed into the larger braids. The overall effect is polished yet interesting and fun.

Goddess Halo Braid

A halo braid is an ethereal way to wear goddess braids. Try this look for a romantic effect or that special occasion.

A crown-like braid provides a chance to get creative at the back of the end. These artful cornrows are truly inspiring. Thread thin white yarn throughout the larger halo braid for a touch of whimsy.

High Ponytail Braid

Even regular braids deserve goddess braids! This large braided ponytail is pretty and feminine.

Goddess braids at the scalp take this look from ordinary to extraordinary. Here, a straight cornrow detail works with other twisted braids for a unique twist on a classic ponytail braid.

Two Toned Goddess Braids

These dutch goddess braids are pretty. If you want to take them to the next level, consider dyeing hair in two-toned colors.

Contrast your two favorite hair colors like a dark brown and golden yellow. Make the look pop with two lovely goddess braids.

Half-Up Topknot

Hair doesn’t have to be all pulled up to wear goddess braids. This look has thicker cornrow details with the majority of the hair worn down in soft waves.

If you have especially long hair but don’t want to fully commit to braids, try goddess braids on top of the forehead and wrap them up in a cute topknot.

Simple And Chic Goddess Braids

These goddess braids are simple yet classic. They are a thicker interpretation of the classic cornrow hairstyle.

The chunky nature of these braids is great for ultra long hair and the style is great for longer wear.

Space Buns

Goddess braids are instantly funky in these space buns! This style is perfect for keeping hair totally out of the way. It still has all of the creative appeal of more traditional goddess braids that you’ll love.

Space buns like these instantly have a youthful effect on whoever wears them.

Auburn Topknot

Longer goddess braids can be so versatile. If you’re feeling it, try sweeping them all up in a topknot like this one.

Goddess braids look gorgeous on any hair color and we especially love this auburn color. A topknot also shows off any stunning braid details at the back of the head.

Pigtail Braids With Soft Waves

These goddess braids work as a detail in the overall hairstyle. Braids start out small at the forehead and become thicker as they move down the scalp.

Instead of braiding hair to the ends, let hair loose at the nape of the neck. The soft waves finish the look and are nothing short of chic.

Goddess Braids With Baby Cornrows

A lot of goddess braids hairstyles incorporate chunkier braids with smaller ones. This gives the style a chance to add any detail you desire.

These braids are thick and dreamy. We especially love the ultra tiny cornrows added in between each goddess braid.

Caramel Braids With Zig-Zag Detail

There is so much to love about this goddess braids hairstyle. The smaller zig-zag cornrows on the side of the head are super creative and fun.

Try incorporating a second color into your braid hairstyle. This caramel color with a subtle blonde highlight in just one braid is subtle yet stunning.

Goddess Braids For Shorter Hair

Often we see goddess braids on long hair. This look works great on shorter hairstyles, too! When it comes to goddess braids, it’s all about the detail on the scalp.

Short and shoulder-length hair can easily wear braids. Try a curving side part and start braids off this waving line.

Bold Red Braids

Why not try out a dynamic color on your goddess braids? This red is bold and definitely makes a statement.

Here, goddess braids run in thick plaits all the way down the back of the head. Swirled baby hairs give this look an extra flair.

Space Buns With Long Braids

Space buns are funky and adding longer braids make the style even more unique. Two smaller braids feed into twisted space buns.

Leave some hair out at the back of the head to create thicker braids that will drape over your shoulders. Wrap them with golden thread for extra pretty detail.

Side Part Goddess Braids

Side part goddess braids are a more creative version of straight back braids. Swoop a thick braid across the forehead and back for a romantic look.

It works especially well if you prefer your hair parted on the side or have an oval or long face shape. Tiny cornrows on top of head add a special detail.

Goddess Braids With Wavy Cornrows

Make your classic goddess braids a little bit more special with cornrow details. Here, hair is still braided into chunkier braids, but the wavy design in between braids is very inspiring.

These cornrow waves are fluid, but feel free to make the swoops more jagged for an even edgier look.

Purple Side Part Braids In Ponytail

This purple swirling hairstyle is a funky goddess braid hairstyle. Whether your locks are purple or a more basic black, this side part is dreamy and cool.

Pull it all up into a ponytail or wear braids down your back.

Green Tip Braids With Cornrows

These goddess braids are like a work of art. Braids both thick and thin create a rounded shape that goes with the natural curve of the scalp.

If these details aren’t enough to intrigue, hunter green braids woven in the length of the hair are subtle yet interesting.

Rainbow Braids

Whether you’re going to a festival or simply love color in your life, these rainbow braids are the ultimate fun goddess braid hairstyle.

This style has two rainbow goddess braids at the top of the end and two more right around the ear. Tinier cornrow braids in between add detail to complete the look.

Pink And Blonde Braids In Ponytail

The side part of this goddess braids hairstyle throws off expectations. They make eye-catching style at the top of the forehead.

Weave in your favorite hair colors. This light pink goes perfectly with the baby blonde of the braids.

Caramel Braids In Ponytail

We absolutely love this swirling goddess braids hairstyle. Caramel highlights really make this look pop!

Add smaller cornrows in between thicker goddess braids. Make sure the first braid sweeps across the top of the forehead and slightly down over the side of the head. Pull it all up into a gorgeous high ponytail.

Lavender Braids With Floral Detail

This is the most original goddess braids hairstyle we’ve ever seen! Here, braids are a soft lavender color that frames the floral detail at the back of the head.

If you’re feeling something super unique, ask your stylist to re-create this flower design.

Dutch Braids With Double Figure Eight

Looking to add contrast to your goddess braid hairstyle? Try out simple dutch braids with something extra creative along the part.

Frame the swirling look of a double figure eight braid style with the straight lines of larger braids on the side.

Goddess Braids With Over Ear Detail

Styling possibilities are endless when it comes to goddess braids. This time, the focus is on the temples.

Here, many braids come from one focal point over the ear. Add in thick and even thicker goddess braids for a dynamic look.

Goddess Braids In Curly Ponytail

This goddess braid hairstyle is about precision. Each braid is of even thickness and feeds into one gorgeous ponytail up-do.

Make your look a little different by wrapping a smooth piece of hair over the ponytail band. Keep hair ultra curly for a playful yet sexy vibe.