These Medium Hairstyles For Thick Hair Are The Classiest Ever

If you’re looking for the most flattering hairstyles for your medium-length thick hair, you’ve come to the right place! You’re going to love these hairstyles, which make looking after medium length hair so much easier.

Knowing that your hair has been shaped into a gorgeous hairstyle makes things so much easier in everyday life. Coping with thick hair can be challenging, and very time-consuming – but having the perfect hairstyle for your hair type makes dealing with your thick mane so much easier!

Hairstyles for Thick Hair

When looking for hairstyles for medium length thick hair, you need to consider several things. Thick hair can at times look motionless and very heavy – and you don’t want your hair to weigh you down! You need to find a style that reveals the natural thickness of your hair as well as flatters your facial features. Based on our experience, varying lengths go a long way – and one-length haircuts should be avoided from the start. The more graded the hairstyle, the more dynamic your medium thick hair will look.

So, ready to find out what the ultimate best medium length hairstyles for thick hair are? Let’s check them out!

Vibrant Bob

Have you been blessed with the most excellent hair type there is – gorgeously thick blonde hair? Well, you must get a lot of attention (jealous!).

Check out this beautiful hairstyle for thick blonde hair, which highlights the best features – the waves as well as the classy color tones. Shaggy layers work like magic here in making the hair look vibrant and full of life.

Longer Shaggy ‘Do

If you have medium-to-long hair, then this beautiful shaggy hairdo is right up your street. Whether your hair is brown, blonde, or red – this hairstyle is the easiest hairdo for medium thick hair there has ever been.

With this cut, simply washing your hair and letting it air-dry (with some smoothing hair serum) will do. The mid-length layers remove some of the weight and add movement to the hairstyle. We love how simple and messy it is – and it’ll look great when your hair is down, as well as when it’s in a messy, stylish ponytail.

Platinum Waves

We think you’ll agree when we say this is the perfect hairstyle for the summer. It’s bright, it’s light, and it’ll only get better if you spend some time in the sun!

Create movement with gorgeous, beachy waves that beautifully end just above the shoulders. You can create the look by letting your hair air-dry, then doing a little bit of work with a hair curler. Remember, it has to look subtle.

Classy Shoulder-Length Bob

Nothing classier than a bob on straight hair, am I right? Sharp angles work wonders on straight hair in creating the “I don’t take no for an answer” look.

The thing we love the most about this cut is the textured ends – they help complete the look and make styling hair much easier.

Thick Shaggy Bob

Shaggy cuts are so popular for medium thick hair – and we know why.

We love this glossy, glamorous shaggy bob which works wonderfully on dark or black hair. You can do a lot with thick medium hair in this style, and what we love the most is how the waves create sexy movement.

You can even get away with slightly longer layers if you wish – it will look gorgeous.

Textured Cut for Medium Hair

What a lovely hairstyle for women who have been blessed with soft, sleek hair! Adding some highlights makes the look more dynamic and helps lift some of the weight off medium thick hair.

Make sure you use some hair serum to complete the look, and you won’t have to worry about the frizz.

Rose Gold Waves

Rosy tones are forever going to have a very special place in our hearts. The trend may have arrived a while ago, but seeing someone proudly show off their rosy gold waves always takes our breath away a little.

This gorgeous rose gold hairstyle for medium hair is a fantastic option for those who would like to introduce pink tones into their hairstyle, but very subtly. Beautiful!

Gorgeous Slick Bob

If there’s one look we always envy on others, it is the beautiful slick chin-length bob on straight hair. So glamorous, so neat, so simple.

If your hair is naturally straight, this could be the look for you. Yes, layers are the preferred style for thick medium hair because of the movement they create – but if your hair is straight, you shouldn’t rule out a straight, medium-length bob.

Blue Charm

Feeling brave? This beautiful blue layered bob is the hairstyle you’ve been looking for, then! We love how “out there” it is – while remaining perfectly classy. It’s the hairstyle you’ll want to try out when you’re feeling a little more adventurous – but we think everyone should embrace trying out something new every once in a while!

The glossy blue color will work wonderfully on rosy skin shades – but remember that you can always ask your stylist to adjust hair color tones to suit your complexion. They’re the pros – they will know what to do.

Sharp Textured Cut

This look is one of our favorites. The sharp, textured ends look so trendy – and the subtle blonde babylights add lightness and playfulness to the ‘do.

Revealing the neck means that the look will keep you cool in the summer – the time of the year when you don’t want your heavy, thick hair getting stuck to your neck. What we love about this hairstyle the most is that it can seriously be styled in less than 10 minutes!

Gorgeous, Glossy Bob

Adding highlights to your medium bob is a sure way to enhance the look – and make your hairdo a lot more summery.

Textured ends are the way to finish off a hairstyle to add shape to the cut – and to make the overall hairstyle look more dynamic. The big bonus here is the side part – it means the look isn’t motionless, but there’s the delightful movement we absolutely can’t get enough of!

Tousled Waves

If you’re after a hairstyle that can be styled in minutes, this tousled shoulder-length bob is the one for you. Tousled waves are ideal for people who are seriously pressed for time in the mornings.

You can towel dry your hair then let it air-dry after you’ve used some hair gel or mousse. Tousle your hair with the product – and you’re good to go! Seriously, it’s that easy.

Luxurious Golden Bob

If you’d like to keep some of the length, this beautiful golden brown bob for medium-to-long hair is a winner. The luxurious color wins our hearts every time. Whether it’s the summertime or leaves have started to fall – this look is gorgeous all-year-round.

The best thing about this hairstyle is how healthy the hair looks. Thanks to the layers and the textured ends, the style is flowy and easy-going – and your hair looks like a mane to be proud of.

Layered Cut for Straight Hair

If your thick medium hair is straight, you could also jazz it up with a layered cut. Adding layers is a tried-and-tested way to create movement in a hairstyle – and to shape it to suit your face shape.

This style is simple yet charming – and we love the fact that there are only a few sharp layers. It looks polished, neat, and elegant as a result. If that’s the effect you’re aiming for – this is the look for you.

Plum Hairstyle for Medium Hair

If your hair is naturally dark, you could add an intriguing twist to your hair by choosing this invigorating plum color. It’s an accent hair color – but it is less bold than the blue tones we’ve mentioned before.

Textured ends help the strands spiral easier, which is excellent if you have naturally curly hair. We’ve loving the side part too – it creates an asymmetrical look which is so in these days. Opting for a side part is a fantastic way to freshen up your look without committing to anything mew – and it can have a strong impact.

Finding the Right Medium Hairstyle for Thick For You

So, there you go! The most beautiful medium hairstyles for thick hair you will ever see – and we hope that you feel inspired to book a hair salon appointment right now!

The wonderful thing about having medium thick hair is that there are truly so many hairstyles out there that will suit your hair type.

That said, you do have to make sure you always take your face shape and complexion into account because some will look better on round faces while others will truly shine on oval faces, and so on. So, make sure you discuss your options with your stylist before committing to a new, brave look – and, most importantly, choose someone who you can trust to do a stellar job.