22 Stunning Long Bob Hairstyles

Long bobs, otherwise known as lobs, are one of the most popular hairstyles today. They are beloved for their longer lengths and fresh chops that can be styled to suit your needs. Long bob hairstyles are perfect for growing out short hair, yet they are short enough to stay out of your way.

Creating Your Best Long Bob Hairstyle

If you’re looking for an on trend hairstyle that won’t require hours of styling and care, then look no further than a long bob. Long bobs look great with bangs, textured curls, or styled pin straight. They look amazing in natural colors and are tons of fun in bolder ones. The only thing you need to decide is whether to cut it at a chin-skimming length or take it down to the tips of your shoulder blades. We’ve pulled the best of the best looks out there, so let’s take a look!

#1: Chestnut Balayage Lob

This long bob hairstyle is not only trendy for its length but also for the balayage highlighting technique it incorporates. The lighter brunette highlights shine in all of the right places.

This long bob is slightly inverted for longer lengths to frame the face. This especially helps beautiful, organic looking balayage highlights shine.

#2: Asymmetrical Bob

Are you interested in a sophisticated longer bob hairstyle? This asymmetrical look is not only gorgeous, but has a polished flair. We love that it’s perfectly straight.

You can rock this look with a middle part, but a deep side part looks the most natural. Whether you’re bright blonde or a deep brunette, an asymmetrical bob totally works.

#3: Blunt Cut Lob

Give your lob a blunt, fresh chop for a super trendy feel. The bluntness of the cut looks especially gorgeous when contrasted with textured waves.

This blunt cut long bob has a beautiful balayage blend that puts this look on the map. The color makes it easy to grow out your hair without a lot of fuss or frequent trips to the salon.

#4: Textured With Fringe For Fine Hair

If your hair is especially thin or fine, you may need to try this long bob hairstyle. Soft layers and textured waves give hair the body it naturally lacks.

Longer, wispy bangs complete this hairstyle in a chic and playful way. Have your stylist cut the ends of the bangs slightly longer at the temples for seamlessness.

#5: Curly Bob With Layers

Just in case you were wondering, curly babes can rock long bobs too!
The key to achieving a sense of sleekness is to create an interesting shape with lots of layers.

These layers give a rounded feel to this cut. Add beautiful highlights and curly tendril side bangs for extra style.

#6: Inverted Long Bob

Who doesn’t love an inverted bob? This style is great at slimming a round face shape or concealing the harsh lines of a square face.

To create an inverted bob, layers are shorter underneath and hair takes on a rounded shape. The pieces that frame the face are long. Here, they hang over the collarbones and hair is silky soft.

#7: Straight Blonde Long Bob

Don’t be afraid to show a little root growth on your long bob. The style used to be shunned but these days it’s not only acceptable but also popular. We love the slight growth on this straight blonde bob.

Another great aspect of this look is the slightly off-center part. If you find a center part to be too severe, consider this placement to change up your look.

#8: Platinum Gray Long Bob

It can be fun to play with color with a long bob hairstyle. If you are used to going blonde, you may want to punch up your look with a trendy platinum gray color like this one.

It’s also proof that long bobs are great on older women as well. We love this textured look with subtle layers cut throughout.

#9: Textured Long Bob

Long bobs are great because they are so versatile. Whether you’re looking to dress up your hairstyle or find a pretty way to wear it daily, consider soft, texturized waves like these.

When hair is in a long lob, you’ll still have plenty of length for showing off subtle and sexy curls.

#10: Curly Red Bob

Curly hair looks fantastic in a long bob hairstyle. Because curly hair has more body, try to get the length as long as possible to avoid any out of control volume.

These ringlets are loose, but tighter ringlets do well with some layers. With a long bob, curly hair becomes easy to manage without sacrificing any of that gorgeous texture.

#11: Textured Lob With Subtle Pink Highlights

Colorful highlights can be too much on long hair. On a long lob, however, they look playful and fun. The slightly pink hues blend beautifully with the existing blonde tones.

The key here is subtle. Ask your stylist to treat the pink color as they would the rest of the lighter blonde highlights and paint sparingly.

#12: Long Bob With Bangs

Add some interest to your long bob with a choppy fringe. These bangs have a natural feel thanks to the feathered ends. Have your stylist cut the bangs longer on the sides of the temples.

For an effortless vibe, add subtle layers to the ends of the hair. Styling is up to you, but we love this texturized bed head look.

#13: Straight Bronde Bob

If you have a lot of hair, you’ll need to keep your long bob hairstyle from getting too bushy. Wear hair straight for a contained yet still sexy look.

These bronde highlights are a great on-trend addition to this look.

#14: Honey Brunette Bob

This long bob hairstyle has such a beautiful highlight combination. Some sections are a darker brown while lighter bronde highlights add a pinch of richness.

If you’re looking to rock this look, give each section of hair just one bend with the wand. It adds just enough texture to spice up otherwise straight hair.

#15: Deep Side Part Bob

If you’re considering cutting your hair into a long bob, you may want to try a deep side part. Side parts thin out a round face shape by highlighting the jaw. They also add interest to an oval face shape by swooping over part of the forehead and eyebrow.

A deep side part is fantastic on any hair color or type.

#16: Center Part Bangs

Bangs are beautiful on a long bob, but center part bangs are a little more unique. By parting bangs down the middle of the forehead, suddenly a round face shape appears thinner.

Have your stylist cut bangs to the top of the cheekbones so they blend well into the rest of the hairstyle.

#17: Bronde Balayage Lob

Long bob hairstyles are great for showing off dynamic texture or highlights. Balayage is all the rage these days and looks amazing on the length of a longer bob.

This long bob has a grown out feel that still looks fresh. If you prefer a low maintenance hairstyle, consider this darker rooted color with bronde balayage.

#18: Long Bob For Thick Hair

It’s probably hard to envision your hair in a long bob if you’ve got tons to work with. Babes with thick hair can definitely rock a long bob, but it’s all about how you layer it.

Here, the ends of this beautiful bob are heavily feathered and layered. This not only helps thin out thick hair, but adds movement overall.

#19: Dark Brown Textured Lob

Rich brown hair looks amazing in a long bob hairstyle. It just may be the cut you need if you’re looking to switch up your hairstyle to something more modern and effortless.

To give this dark brown long bob the edge it needs, ask your stylist to paint a few subtle strokes of a lighter blonde throughout your tresses.

#20: Side Part For Fine Hair

Long bob hairstyles are a good option for babes with fine hair. When hair gets too long, it appears even thinner than it is.

This bob is rather long, however, and gives you enough length to still feel feminine. Sweep hair to the side to give it a bit of volume and attitude.

#21: Long Blonde Bob

Looking for a fresh cut to match the style of your lovely blonde locks? A long bob hairstyle is very on trend.

The great part about blonde these days is the popularity of root growth. Curl hair and add texturizing spray for a totally effortless look.

#22: Jewel-Toned Long Bob

Short hair provides a chance to take some risks, whether that is through color or styling. To play up a long bob hairstyle, you may want to add a rich color like this jewel-toned purple.

Play with highlight techniques as you choose. Colorful hair looks great straight or textured, as seen here.