21 Wavy Bobs You Can’t Live Without

If you’re in need of a style that is as easy to maintain as it is chic, then you’ve come to right place! Though they first burst onto the scene in the 1920’s bob hairstyles have seen a resurgence in the past few years. From ultra short cheekbone length to the longest lobs, bobs are the hairstyle to rock these days. And forget about pin straight! Babes these days love the waves and we are sure you will too!

Creating Your Perfect Wavy Bob

People love wavy bobs because of how easy they are to create, wear, and maintain. The waves seem to get better on day 2 and even 3 if your hair is on the thicker side. While this cut is short, you have the power to decide the length you want and the texture you desire. Strategic layers can remove the bulk out of thick hair and can create the illusion of body in thin hair. As for color, wavy bobs are beautiful on brunettes, blondes, and every color in between! We have the best inspiration for wavy bobs, so let’s take a look!

#1: Inverted Balayage

Inverted bobs give an already stylish bobs a special boost. To create this shape, layers are stacked at the nape of the neck while hair gradually grows longer as it comes around to frame the face.

Hair can definitely be worn straight, but this balayage effect really comes to life with wavy texture. This tousled texture makes the lighter sun-kissed highlights appear super natural.

#2: Cool Blonde

This beautiful blond wavy bob takes full advantage of the ash colored trend that is sweeping the hair world. It works especially well when grounded in a darker root color.

Because these waves are soft, we actually love that the edges of the bob are bluntly cut. It helps this look feel ultra modern.

#3: Retro Wave

Wavy bobs are beloved for their effortless vibe, but they can absolutely bring on the glamour. Retro style waves are perfect for more formal events.

They can be worn with lobs, as seen here, or even with super short bobs. A side part and maybe a red lip are all you need to bring this retro style to life!

#4: Loose texture

We love the drama serious waves provide, but why not keep things easy with some subtle, loose textured waves? This slightly A line cut has blunt edges that work well with the very loose texture of these waves.

We also can’t help but fall for the ashy undertones of this wavy bob. A side or center part will totally do the trick.

#5: Super Cropped

Bobs are so often worn at chin length that it’s easy to overlook the benefits of a cropped bob like this one. But by cutting your bob at your cheekbones, you can lengthen a round face shape or soften a longer one.

Straight lines can quickly turn a cropped bob severe, so try some beautiful waves and a side part.

#6: Blunt Cut + Center Part

Not all waves have to be overstated. These subtle waves serve to give life to otherwise straight hair texture.

Blunt ends and a center part are perfect for oval face shapes. To keep your face looking slim, cut the blunt ends just below chin length. A few light bends are all you need to keep this hairstyle casual.

#7: S Waves

It’s easy to think casual beach vibes when it comes to waves. S waves, however, are just as beautiful and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

To create S waves, you’ll want to curl your hair so that it appears in an S shape. All curls should be done facing the same direction, unlike beach curls that should be alternated for texture. Brush out to smooth.

#8: Face framing highlights

If you’re looking for your best wavy bob look, consider adding face-framing highlights. Lighter highlights around the face serve to brighten your cheeks and eyes for an approachable look.

Face-framing highlights are also protective because you can go easy on the highlights on the rest of the hair.

#9: Subtle texture

Not all waves have to be pronounced. Sometimes, just a few bends with a hot tool are all you need to give hair that subtle wavy look.

We love this kind of texture because of its versatility. Wear subtle texture every day for work or play or even to an upscale event. Plus, it can be touched up easily in the morning and will give you more time in between washes to maintain maximum hair health.

#10: Beach Blonde Waves

Beach blonde highlights make so much sense when it comes to wavy bobs. This color has lots of dimension with darker blonde colors underneath and at the root while the lightness on the outer strands is done in a balayage fashion.

For creating waves, an ‘undone’ look is the best way to go. Create a few bends with a large barreled curling iron and finish with some salt spray.

#11: Soft Waves + Side Part

Sometimes contrasting elements are just what you need to bring a style together. To balance out the blunt cut edges of this bob, it’s nice to utilize a sweeter side part.

To keep the waves right in between the contrast of sharp and soft, a few light bends are all that is required. Anything with too much wave would look out of place.

#12: Sandy Bronde

Bronde is one of the most popular hair colors out there today. It gives true brunettes a chance to experience the lightness of blonde without having to go full on and potentially contrast with their skin tone.

To keep your wavy bronde bob looking natural, your root color should be dark and true to your natural color.

#13: Side Braid Detail

Side braids are naturally fitting accessories for wavy bobs. This look is actually a French braid and works well when incorporated into a side part.

This bob is inverted but a side braid is great for bobs of even length as well.

#14: Layers + Side Bangs

If your hair is naturally wavy, then this stylish bob may be for you! Thick, wavy hair does well with layers that help to remove bulk.

A side part is the perfect finishing touch on this look. Side bangs work cohesively with the rest of the layers for a pulled together style.

#15: Messy Texture

If you are craving a sexy, effortless vibe for your wavy bob, you may want to consider creating some messy texture. This look is all about tousled and textured waves, so don’t worry about precision.

The messier the better here, so use your fingers to create the texture that you desire.

#16: Chocolate Balayage

Emphasize that wavy bob with some gorgeous balayage. Dust each wave with milk chocolate highlights to give dimension that looks good enough to eat.

We obviously love this combo on deep brown hair, but this balayage effect can be achieved on wavy hair of any color.

#17: Icy Inverted Bob

Why not try this icy cool blonde color on your wavy bob? It goes perfectly with the severity of this blunt cut on this A line style.

Slight waves give this wavy hairstyle the playfulness and laid back energy it needs, so don’t worry about perfection when styling.

#18: Pink Quartz

If you’re willing to rock the ultra trendy wavy bob, why not try it out in an equally trendy color? We love pastels these days, especially this pink quartz.

At first glance, you’ll think this hue registers as blonde, but the light pink tinge is unmistakable upon closer inspection. It’s easy to wear and looks oh so fresh!

#19: Center Part Lob

Lob hairstyles are perfect for the babe that wants short hair, but nothing too short! This cut skims the base of the neck and is ideal for any face shape.

A center part is the perfect middle ground for soft waves like these. You can emulate the smoothness of this style or tousle it up for some irresistible texture.

#20: Deep Brown

alayage, ombre, and other highlight techniques may be popular, but when you’ve got a rich color, why not make it seamless? By adding waves to your deep brown bob, your hair will have all of the interest that it needs.

When curling hair, leave the very ends of each section out. Straighter ends give off a modern vibe.

#21: Ombré Lob

Ombre styles are all the rage these days, but can often get a little lost with shorter length bobs. Lobs, however, provide just enough hair to play up the necessary contrast.

Give hair alternating waves to really show off the ombre style. Hair should be lightest at the tips, as seen here, but can be done in any color scheme.