22 Delightful Curly Bob Hairstyles

Looking for a spunky way to wear your curly hair? Bob hairstyles are timeless, easy to wear, and even easier to maintain. Cutting curly hair into a bob is the perfect way to play with style and length without sacrificing any of those delicious curls. When deciding which bob is meant for you, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Creating That Perfect Curly Bob Hairstyle

As you choose your perfect curly bob hairstyle, you’ll want to keep your natural texture at the forefront of your decision-making process. Do you have tight ringlets, loose curls, or frizzy, wispy texture? These aspects will determine how short you can go and what overall shape you’ll want to achieve. As for color, create highlights however you desire. We have the absolute best curly bob hairstyles right here, so let’s choose the best one for you!

#1: Bronde Bob + Wispy Bangs

Who said bobs have to be basic? This curly bob works with the texture of the hair and plays with different elements for interest.

Bronde balayage is very popular for highlights right now. With dark roots, the lighter bronde curls really stand out. When cutting curly bangs, keep it wispy and light. Too much fringe can make hair look puffy.

#2: Triangular Shape With Short Layers

Bobs are popular because they can vary so much in length and shape. If you’ve got loads of curly volume, try lots of layers to give hair an interest. It will also help to thin out heavy hair texture often associated with curls.

Have your stylist cut your bob into a triangular shape for some spice. It’s a great way to show off tight ringlets.

#3: Loose Blonde Curls

Loose curls also look great in a bob hairstyle. Long hair often drags large curls down, so spring them back up in a medium length bob.

Curls naturally have a lot of dimension, but larger curls sometimes need a boost to stand out. To make loose curls pop, cut layers organically from the top of the head down.

#4: Chestnut Bob

Do you love wearing your hair with darker highlights? Consider adding chestnut colored balayage to the outermost layers of hair. Balayage will add rich dimension to your curly bob in an instant.

Tighter ringlets like these sometimes need extra care. Hydrate curls with a lightweight serum for a healthy shine.

#5: Long Bob + Side Bangs

If you’re not worried about your bob being polished to perfection, you might want to try this messier look. A long curly bob with messy side bangs gives off an air of effortlessness that is perfect for the laid back babe.

If you’re curly bob is on the longer side, keep your bangs long as well. Cut subtle layers throughout the hair for cohesion.

#6: Curly Angled Bob

Angled and A line bobs are great for curly hair. This cut is short, but hair gradually grows longer as you surround the face for a lovely, feminine look.

Fortunately, all types of curls can rock an angled bob. If your hair is thick, however, you may want to avoid creating more volume at the back of the head.

#7: Curly Stacked Bob

These beachy curls are nothing short of beautiful. You can still show off incredible texture with a chin length bob like this one.

Thick hair does exceptionally well with a low stack in the back. Have your stylist cut a chin length bob to make it feel fresh.

#8: Long + Layered Bob

Bobs are awesome because they can be short or long. For curly haired babes with lots of volume, longer hair often works better for balance.

Layers, however, can give the feeling of energy and movement. As for bangs, if you want to go thick, keep them shorter in the center of the forehead to open up your face.

#9: Curly Bob + Ringlet Fringe

Springy ringlets make for sure gorgeous hair texture, but you’ll want to keep them under control. Try creating a round shape with your bob to show off texture and keep voluminous hair lively yet restrained.

Ringlets work for bangs when cut a bit longer. Cut them so they dip past your eyebrows.

#10: Warm Red Bob

No one ever said that bobs have to be boring. It’s often easier to play with a fiery color when hair is on the shorter side.

Spice up your curly bob with a warm red color like this for some playfulness. If your bright color lacks dimensional highlights, you can create interest with your cut. Shorter layers bring this curly bob to life.

#11: Loose Curls + Wispy Volume

Choosing a bob hairstyle doesn’t mean your look has to be contained! Beautiful, loose curls can create wispy volume that shows off your natural texture.

Create a round shape with your curly bob if you’re looking to stand out. With this look, hair should fall to just underneath the cheekbones.

#12: Side Part + Bangs

Love a good side part? Creating a beautiful shape for your hair is what a curly bob is all about, so use your part as a key element of your hairstyle.

To balance the lovely side bangs created by a side part, cut hair on the other side of the head into short layers.

#13: Cropped Bob + Textured Bangs

Oval and square shaped faces work really well with a short bob hairstyle. This cropped cut works wonders at concealing a square jaw.

Overall messy texture makes these curls spunky and fun. To avoid a bushy look, keep bangs wispy and textured.

#14: Curly Bob For Thin Hair

Curly hair doesn’t always mean your hair has tons of body. Bob hairstyles can work wonders for fine, curly hair types. Cut your curls at the nape of the neck and use layers to give the illusion of fullness.

Another great this hairstyle adds depth to fine curly hair is through honey balayage highlights. A darker root serves as a great background for creating dimension.

#15: Warm Blonde Bob

Simple curly bobs are the perfect cut for showing off gorgeous color. Subtle layers create shape while dimensional highlights add unique depth.

To really make curls stand out, keep your locks nice and hydrated. Curls look impeccable when shiny.

#16: Short Bob + Copper Tones

It’s hard to say what is more gorgeous, these luscious curls or the beautiful highlighted dimension! Curls already have a lot of life, but varying copper tones add richness to this beautiful bob.

To let the texture and highlights do all talking, cut a short bob of equal length and slightly longer gradient surrounding the face.

#17: Short + Loose Curls

Bangs are a bob’s best friend, but they can be tough to perfect on curly hair. If your curls are naturally wispy and not too dense, then a short fringe not only works, but is also quirky and cute!

Short bangs need short length for balance. Have your stylist cut your curly bob to skim the apples of your cheeks. Mirror a curly fringe with slight short layers at the top of the head.

#18: Sharp Bob + Light Layers

Thick, curly hair can absolutely rock a bob, so don’t be afraid of short lengths. This bob is reaching lob territory, and it’s perfect for voluminous, curly hair.

The sharpness of this blunt cut is a great contrast for thick texture. Layers cut on top create shape and lift so curly hair doesn’t get dragged down.

#19: Silky Curls

Shoulder skimming bobs are a go-to for curly haired babes who want to keep things short and sweet. This cut may be on the simpler side, but the lusciousness of these locks is anything but ordinary.

Even frizzy hair types can achieve this ultra hydrated look. Get acquainted with a strong deep conditioner and use smoothing serums on your bouncing curls.

#20: Thick Side Bangs

A stacked cut with thick side bangs is the perfect way to wear thick, curly ringlets. This much hair needs a lot of styling! Layers on the outside of the head should be several inches shorter than the hair closest to the neck and jaw.

The bangs are important for this look. Instead of cutting them straight across, focus the bulk on one side of the face for style.

#21: Curly Blonde Fringe

Curly blonde hair is so special because it can be pretty rare. Show off a beautiful face with a cropped bob to keep all that hair under control.

Cut your bob so it ends just below the length of the chin. A thick fringe is perfect if you keep it long.

#22: Face Framing Layers

It’s incredible how a hairstyle can create movement on otherwise heavy hair. Instead of keeping this style all one length, the hair surrounding the face is expertly thinned out at the ends.

The overall effect is light and airy, an uncommon way to describe curly hair! As for the back of the head, hair should remain one length with a few subtle layers cut throughout.