21 Sleek Silver Highlights Hairstyles

When you think of silver hair, our minds often go to aging, gray hair. These days, silver highlights have never been more popular. In fact, they can turn classic blonde or brunette hair into a style that’s fashion-forward and cool. Silver highlights also enliven aging hair to help balance gray bulk and add the perfect touch of shine. Let silver highlights brighten up your natural color in a way that looks edgy on young people and classy on aging hair.

Finding Your Perfect Tone Of Silver

You can safely rock as much silver highlights as you like, but it’s all about matching the tone of the silver to the tone of your base color, and blending well, of course! There is a big difference between whitish silver, gunmetal gray and soft ash silver, and just a touch or all-over highlights can truly transform a look in their own way. The beautiful thing is you don’t have to go silver all over to use the color’s effect. Overall, silver highlights are great for cooler toned hair, so keep that in mind as you see all of the inspiration we have to offer.

#1: Beautifully Blended

Have you ever seen a more seamless blend? This platinum gray hair is so well highlighted it looks as if it’s been dusted with a filter! Seamless blending is so important for highlights, whether you’re going for a silvery look or not.

The top portion of this hair is just a shade darker than the light silver highlights painted throughout the length. Those slightly lighter highlights start streaking through organically at the top, which is a technique you’ll want to mimic.

#2: Curly Silver Bob

Looking to keep your silver highlights grounded in your natural root color? Let this curly silver bob serve as your inspiration! The base of the hair is a dark, almost charcoal colored gray.

Let this base color gather heaviest at the root and fade out seamlessly among the lighter colors to the tips. Ask your stylist for a stunning balayage that will bring touches of hair into an ultra-light silver contrast.

#3: Ash Brunette

As you can see here, you don’t have to give up your color to rock the beautiful benefits of silver highlights. For a touch of silver that looks natural on brunette hair, make sure your brunette color has a slightly cool tone.

Focus the bulk of the silvery highlights at the bottom portion of your hair. The gorgeous color palate looks amazing whether your hair is ultra long or pixie-length.

#4: Icy Charcoal

These icy charcoal silver highlights perfectly embody the modern silver movement! The depth of the contrasting tones feels super fresh and perfect for the younger babe looking to go silver.

The top of the hair has a charcoal, almost purplish hue that translates as a darker color like brunette. Fade a beautiful ombre to the tips, hit it with the curling wand for some movement and you’re good to go!

#5: Soft Silver Balayage

This silver balayage hairstyle has a softer effect overall. It’s perfect for a naturally blonde babe in terms of matching the root color and your overall skin tone.

If you’re a blonde looking for an ashier toned style, consider this soft silver balayage look. Don’t forget to keep your locks hydrated with a deep conditioner.

#6: Subtle Silver Bronde

Besides silver highlights, bronde highlights are another popular color that lots of people are loving lately. The amazing thing is, though, you can incorporate silver into your bronde highlights pretty seamlessly for a cool effect.

The key is to make the lightest tone in the silver family an icy platinum and work your way back. Ask your stylist to blend, blend, blend to avoid any harshness.

#7: Silver Bob With Layers

This silver bob is the perfect inspiration for naturally graying hair. The base color is a darker gray while the lightest highlights exist in a silver realm. This brings a lightness and style to gray hair that is actually enviable!

Ask your stylist for some layers to show off the silver highlight dimensions. This style is not only easy because it’s short, but because the highlights will grow out easily for better long-term management.

#8: Natural Color With Silver Highlights

Silver can be subtle. With this hairstyle, it looks as if this silver put a gentle frost over the brunette color. The feel is modern and is much cooler than any red based brunette.

The straightness of this sharp bob haircut really lets the subtle silver highlights work their magic!

#9: Ice Silver Blonde

Silver highlights are beneficial in taking a blonde from sunny to platinum. This icy, cooler toned blonde is all the rage lately, so take advantage of it with some stunning silver highlights.

Your stylist doesn’t have to be shy when it comes to blending in those silver highlights. Don’t worry about being liberal with the white and silver highlights if you aren’t afraid of going ultra-blonde.

#10: Silver For Warmer Blondes

Amazingly, silver highlights can work on warmer toned blondes, too. The silver will help to cool down any brassy tones.

You’ll want to invest in a great purple shampoo to maintain this silvery hue for as long as possible.

#11: Sleek Streaks

It’s always easy to spot amazing highlights when hair blends perfectly in a pin straight style.

These gorgeous highlights are accentuated by subtle soft layers cut throughout the length of the hair. This style works perfectly if your hair is on the thinner side.

#12: Lavender + Silver Sparkle

Lavender is another modern color that is ultra trendy lately. Blend it with icy silver highlights and you’ll have the coolest hairstyle in town- literally.

This color is pretty seamless, though there is some contrast focused just at the ends of the hair.

#13: Balanced Silver

As you can see, this babe’s hair is going gray and it’s coming through at the roots. The gray is beautiful, but the placement needs to be cohesive for an intentional yet stylish effect.

By bringing the gray streaks throughout the hair in a balanced way, gray hair suddenly becomes trendy and intentional.

#14: Silver Pixie + Thick Fringe

For a young, fresh feeling, chop our silver hair into a mushroom shaped pixie cut. Wispy, fluffy bangs feel ethereal and new in this bright silver color.

The balayage effect is subtle here, but feel free to bump up the contrast even more.

#15: Gorgeous Gunmetal

Darker brunette babes, your silver highlights inspiration is here! It’s amazing to see how light your hair can get in certain areas while still staying true to your natural root color.

Ask your stylist for this stunning balayage to transform your look to icy cool.

#16: Icy Balayage Blend

Deeper and darker brunette hues can reside in a cooler, bluish silver tone. This balayage fade is absolutely stunning and perfect for the dark brunette who wants to take on the silver trend.

For a less risky version of this look, have some of your natural color run throughout the entire length of the hair.

#17: Amethyst Choppy Pixie

Shorter hairstyles like pixies are great for aging hair. Short lengths help create volume and are easier to for keeping brittle hair soft.

Choppy layers help show off this darker gunmetal color that has taken on a near amethyst hue.

#18: Stylish Silver Pixie

Sassy pixies are perfect for showing off dimensional highlights (and a stunning pair of baby blues)! Longer bangs are the perfect way to display the contrast between the lighter highlights and the darker base color.

For the best effect on the face, the lighter silver highlights should surround the face and forehead. Feel free to bump up hair in the back for a look that is as stylish as those silver highlights!

#19: Deep Gray

These silver highlights are working their magic on this brunette-based hair! There is a perfect balance between the highlights that gives off a cool, modern effect!

We love this color combo on longer locks, though an overall deep gray effect can be subtly achieved on shorter hair.

#20: Vanilla Ice

This vanilla ice hue is such a beautiful and modern way to update your blonde hair. Here, the silver highlights are a lot cooler than the rest of the blonde but are highly blended for a seamless effect.

Have your stylist keep some root growth at the top of the head so it all grows out in a subtle, even way.

#21: Silver With Brunette Underneath

Pixies are such a fun hairstyle that it’s easy to get adventurous with your silver highlights. This look offers a peek of natural brunette color underneath. It looks great with a shaved detail and sleek gray long bangs on top.

For a cohesive feel, take the root color a few shades lighter and blend it with the length of the light silver highlights on the top of the head.