21 Beautiful Natural Hairstyles

Natural hair offers so much texture and versatility that it can be hard to settle on just one style. Maybe you want to enhance your natural texture and curls or you’d rather twist and braid your hair into a highly creative style. Either way, there are so many different ways to wear natural hair that will look good and make you feel great!

The Most Beautiful Natural Hairstyles

These days, black women are choosing stunning natural texture over chemically treated and straightened hair- and we couldn’t be happier! Loads of texture may require more care, but it’s gentler and absolutely healthier for your hair. With a natural hairstyle, your hair can be at its very best version and show off your personality. We have 21 of the very best natural hairstyles out there, so let’s take a peek!

#1: Braided Topknot

If you’re looking for an up-do for your natural hair, then consider rocking a beautiful braided topknot. Topknots are very trendy these days. By incorporating a braided style into the look, your hair will look more unique.

The key to this style is a subtle braid at the side of the head and wrapped around the hair in the topknot.

#2: Large Buns Up-do

This natural hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous. Incorporating multiple large buns into this hairstyle is such a cool, edgy take on a more classic up-do.
You can easily play with the placement of each bun, but this Mohawk-

inspired ‘do takes on a more elegant vibe. Cross two gold bobby pins at the side of the head for a touch of glamour.

#3: Chunky Curls With Bangs

Afros are a truly iconic natural hairstyle. If your hair has larger ringlets than most, you can still rock this cut with as much style as the rest of them!

When it comes to Afros, it’s all about creating a circular shape. To break it up and to feel more natural, add bangs with a few curly tendrils.

#4: Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are probably the most inventive of hairstyles for natural hair. The look is about creating beautiful patterns and styles with braids of varying widths.

Have your stylist create cornrows in a special pattern that expresses your unique personality. The overall look is always polished, cool, and sleek.

#5: Funky Mohawk

Feel like showing off your edgy side? Get your hands on a razor and create a beautiful shape with your natural hair. A funky Mohawk is the perfect way to appear both classy and fun.

A fade side detail in the shape of a lightning bolt is an excellent highlight. Have your stylist bring your Mohawk slightly over the forehead to bring the curve of the Mohawk to life.

#6: Afro Side Bun

Show off the incredible texture of your natural hair with an avant garde side bun. This style is pulled up and polished, making it perfect for a big, statement-making event.

A similar effect is achieved by pulling hair straight up, but coiffing hair to the side has an extra special flair.

#7: Braid Crown

For a feminine, ethereal vibe, braid your natural hair into a beautiful crown. This way, your hair is your accessory! We love this crown because of the two twists behind the braids that add depth.

To mimic this braid crown, part hair down the center and braid out from each side. A part adds structure to an otherwise soft hairstyle.

#8: Short Parted Bob

A short hairstyle is a great way to show off your natural texture as well as your beautiful face. This bob is classic, but the dynamic part helps to open up the face and let your gorgeous curls create some enviable height.

The left side of the cut is all about volume but the right helps ground and balance the look. Cut layers for a triangular shape with loads of style.

#9: Braided Low Bun

This is the elegant low bun you never knew you needed! Beautiful braids make this look stand out and are a lovely way to show off your natural hair.

This style is great because it is truly versatile if you already have box braids or prefer to keep your hair braided. Twist it at the nape of the neck into a chignon for a classier occasion.

#10: Long Box Braids

Box braids are great for protecting your natural hair. They can be worn at whatever length you desire, but this extra long hairstyle is feminine and fun.

Your box braids can be worn straight down or pulled into a cute half up top knot, as seen here. It’s a great option for keeping your hair out of your face while still looking cute.

#11: Pony Tail With Braid Out

For a playful yet romantic vibe, try out this natural hairstyle. The ponytail is all about showing off your natural texture while the slicked back top shows off your gorgeous face.

The braid detail at the crown of the head gives this up-do the romantic, ethereal mood.

#12: Long And Voluminous

What better way to show off your curly, natural hair than with long, luscious locks? Long hair is beautiful if you have plenty of volume.

To keep texture under control, have your stylist cut subtle layers throughout the length of the hair. This way hair won’t feel weighed down but have plenty of movement.

#13: High Puff Up-do

Hair puff up-dos are totally cute! We love them on babes of all ages because they are simple yet show off your natural texture.

To create this high puff up-do, pull slick and tight hair into a ponytail on the front portion of your forehead. You’ll want part of the puff to skim the top of your forehead. Tease it up and you’re good to go!

#14: Flat Twist Up-do

If you’re looking to encourage your natural hair to grow, give it a rest with flat twist braids all over the head. The overall effect is sleek and clean.

To show off the beautiful braids at your scalp, pull braids into a topknot that is polished and precise. This look is great for everyday or can be accessorized for an important event.

#15: Tapered Afro

Do you prefer your natural hair when it’s short and sweet? We always love a cropped pixie. This tapered Afro is not only stylish, but its modern and sexy.

To create this tapered look on your natural hair, have your stylist keep your hair shorter on the sides of the head. Create volume on top with moisturized twists springing but slightly higher lengths.

#16: Braided Ponytail

A braided ponytail makes for a perfect up-do for natural hair. A ponytail, rather than a bun, shows off gorgeous curls. Braids on the scalp work for two reasons. They make hair manageable while having tons of style.

Set your ponytail at the top of the back of the head. For extra detail, add rings and hair jewelry.

#17: Bantu Buns

You’ve seen Rihanna famously rock them and now it’s your turn! Bantu buns are playful, funky, and undoubtedly cool. If you’re up for it, Bantu buns are the style for you.

To create this hairstyle with your natural hair, work hair into a minimum of five sections. Create braids and tie each section into a bun or keep them smooth for a bubble effect.

#18: Space Buns

Like their sibling hairstyle, Bantu buns, space buns offer a funky, playful vibe to whoever wears them. Perhaps it’s your next favorite hairstyle!

We also love space buns for your natural hair because they are so easy to create. Simply divide hair into two sections and create two ponytails on the top of each side of your head. Braid and twist into buns for an out of this world creation!

#19: Half Down With Buns

Half up half down hairstyles provide the best of both worlds for your natural hair. You can show off natural curls with plenty of length while still rocking a trendy hairstyle.

Pull hair into a ponytail, topknot, or try double space buns. Adding accessories will make this hairstyle fun.

#20: Curly Texture With Fade Detail

A clean cut can still have loads of texture! If you’re thinking of cutting your hair super short but want to maintain length for the sake of texture, consider this stunning hairstyle.

The curls on top make this style feminine while the short sides are easy to maintain. Create a part detail on the side for extra pizzazz.

#21: Natural Afro

The Afro is one of the most iconic hairstyles of all time. If you’re looking for a totally timeless way to wear your natural hair, then maybe it’s time to try a stunning Afro.

The length of your Afro is totally up to you, though the longer your curly hair gets, the more it will cover your face, so keep that aspect in mind. A few lovely locks on the forehead add freshness to the style.