35 Irresistible Short & Long Pixie Cuts

Are you looking for that perfect, irresistible pixie cut? A short or long pixie may be just the hairstyle that you’re looking for! You’ll love these 35 different effortlessly stylish and approachable hairstyles.

A long pixie cut is the ideal short haircut because hair is still easy to maintain but doesn’t come at the sacrifice of color or texture. Shorter pixies are can be more playful and show off a gorgeous face. Pixies can be an adorable way to keep hair styling to a minimum while still showing off curls, waves, or even dynamic color and highlights. Plus, without much length, it’s the perfect way to display your beautiful cheekbones.

Short And Long Pixie Cut Styles

Short and long pixie cuts magically makes the wearer look young and fresh. When chopping that perfect pixie cut, think about how you want to frame your face for the best slimming and enhancing effects. Decide how much daily styling you want to commit to and, most importantly, how you want to express yourself through your pixie cut!

Let’s see all of the beautiful long pixie cuts we have in store!

#1: Pixie for Straight Hair

The beauty of a pixie isn’t just in the swoop. The sweet style can work with any hair texture, especially if your hair is straight and sleek rather than textured.

Go with a choppier cut and experiment with short and stacked layers. Even without some playful mousse, this style is an effortless winner for straight hair.

#2: Gorgeous Layered Pixie

It’s easier than you think to rock a pixie cut while still maintaining length. A longer layered pixie is perfect for showing off any dimensional highlights.

Long, side swept bangs bring a layered pixie to life. Fortunately, all this style needs is a two-minute blowout to bring it to life!

#3: Perfectly Stacked Pixie

Bring out your inner Audrey Hepburn with a stacked pixie. High, short layers starting at the nape of your neck creates a beautiful stacked effect at the back of the head.

To avoid any bulky texture, a stacked long pixie works best on straight hair textures. The look works perfectly if you’re going for an air of glamour and sophistication.

#4: Retro Pixie for Textured Hair

If you’re looking for a fashionable way to wear your bob, consider soft, retro curls for a fun night out or special event. By adding waves at the temple, this retro pixie leans out rounder face shapes.

To achieve this retro look, give your hair a deep side part. Set your hair with small sponge or hot rollers and pin them while you’re doing your makeup. Before you head out, remove the pins, give them a quick brush through, and set with hairspray.

#5: Icy Purple Undercut

An undercut is the ultimate long pixie cut compromise. The hair on the sides of your head is shaved for easy maintenance while the top of your head can display any beautiful color or texture you’re working with.

This look is often for the playful and fearless gal, so don’t be afraid to try out a beautiful color like this smoky lavender. To keep hair silky and healthy, use a deep conditioner at least once a week.

#6: Feathered and Fabulous

Whoever said that fine hair couldn’t have volume has clearly never rocked a feathered pixie cut! High volume and high shine is what this look is all about.

To create this look, have your stylist part your hair to whichever side you prefer and create soft layers. It will add dimension to hair that doesn’t have highlights. This style can work with other hair types, but it adds appealing body to otherwise fine or thin hair.

#7: The Classic Bob

Bobs are the probably the most versatile of hairstyles, from shoulder-length to pixie cut. As a long pixie, the classic bob is as easy to manage as it is refreshing on the eyes.

Any hair texture can rock a pixie cut bob, but it’s a wonderful option if you have thin, fine, or straight hair. Keep it effortless with a chic side part and a light blow dry.

#8: Long and Textured Fringe

This raspberry ‘do is the pixie cut of dreams! The long fringe adds romance to an otherwise edgy look. You might prefer to keep your color natural, but these textured layers provide the perfect opportunity for colorful highlights.

If this pixie is for you, the textured fringe will soften your facial features and can balance out a longer face shape. A long pixie cut like this is simply divine.

#9: Shaved Asymmetrical Pixie

Show off your creative side with a longer pixie with a cute shaved detail. This look is especially bold on beautiful dark hair.

You can incorporate a shaved detail wherever your heart desires, from the sides of your face to brighten your look or all around for a ‘high and tight’ cut. Wherever you decide, you are sure to attract attention with this subtle and sexy ‘do.

#10: Spunky Pixie for Fine Hair

Thick hair doesn’t deserve all of the fun! There are plenty of ways to pump up the volume on fine hair, and this precious long pixie style provides the perfect opportunity.

This look is all about texture spray and body. Give yourself an off-center part and curl the pieces that sweep across your forehead and graze the bottom of your cheekbone. Don’t worry about perfection with this look; it’s all about bed-head beauty!

#11: Icy Pompadour

Pompadours are a fun and playful way to bump up the glam on your long pixie cut. Whether you keep the ends wispy and energetic or smoothed for a more polished appeal, the pompadour is as versatile as the pixie!

Any hair color will suit a pompadour style, but something about this icy blond is just stunning!

#12: Ultimate Volume

There is still plenty of room to play with a short pixie cut! Long layers on top provide ample opportunity for creating texture and volume regardless of your hair type.

To achieve this eye-catching style, apply a texturizing crème or pomade before you blow your hair out for gravity-defying lift.

#13: Wispy Pixie for Fine Hair

Whatever your hair may lack in body you can make up for in an amazing long pixie cut. If you hair is fine, consider this wispy style.

Sweeping and piece-y bangs across your forehead add interest to otherwise straight hair. Frame the other side of your gorgeous face with some cropped pieces stopping at the end of your cheekbones to polish up this chic cut.

#14: Edgy Bowl Cut

This cut isn’t your average bowl cut! The style gained popularity in the ‘90’s and is trendy today in a major comeback.

To achieve an edgy bowl cut, don’t worry about hair appearing too thick. This wispy style brings the cut into the modern age. The contrast between the darker toned shaved detail and the blonde makes this pixie hairstyle pop.

#15: Styled And Smoothed

Looking for a polished way to wear your longer pixie cut? This style is blown out and smoothed for an ultra lux feel that is great for everyday as well as special occasions.

If you have thick hair, you may want to rock this longer pixie cut. Create a beautiful swoop with a deep side part.

#16: Pin Curls

Pin curls have that amazing dual quality of looking retro yet modern all at once. It’s an excellent pixie cut option for coarse and curly hair.

If you’re looking to stand out, try a unique shade like this rusty auburn. When styling, don’t forget to moisturize these baby curls.

#17: Long To Short Fade

How beautiful is this pixie? This haircut gives you so much style without having to take any outrageous risks.

Ask your stylist to keep your hair long at the top of the head and subtly fade it to the nape of the neck. It works well on any hair color, too.

#18: Classic Pixie With Side Swept Bangs

This hairstyle is most often considered a classic pixie, and for good reason! The sweet style is easy to maintain and makes those cheekbones pop.

To take this look up a notch, have your stylist cut this pixie with a side part. Sweep the longer bangs to the side for instant sweet style.

#19: Half Long Half Shaved

Having a hard time choosing between a long and a short pixie haircut? Get the best of both worlds by shaving one part of your hair and leaving the other lovely and long.

Let the longer half of the hairstyle graze the hollow underneath the cheekbone. The look is rather feminine while still being fresh and fun.

#20: Soft Layers For Fine Hair

For a slightly mod look, try this pixie hairstyle. The soft layers work to create volume for thinner hair types.

Sweep bangs across the forehead and keep hair flush to the cheekbone in front of the ear. We love this light blonde hair color, but any hair color can suit this pixie cut for fine hair.

#21: Chocolate Pompadour

Spice up your rich brunette color with a pompadour pixie. Pompadours are a fabulous style for longer pixies. They can add class and flair to even the simplest of occasions.

Pompadours are great in any color, but are great for showing off lighter highlights like these. An artful shave detail brings out the best of this pixie style.

#22: Long Rounded Pixie

Hair can be long in a pixie, but it doesn’t have to be spiky or edgy. This pixie is soft and long and is cut on a rounded gradient to give it this nice shape.

To achieve this look, brush all of your hair back and secure with a styling crème and hairspray. Ask your stylist to cut your longer pixie this way to show off your beautiful face.

#23: Spiky Pixie With Pink Highlights

It’s easy to get artful with a pixie cut. Even though hair is short, there is so much room to be creative!

Aside from creating a gorgeous spiky shape like this one, consider adding a splash of colorful highlights for detail. Shaved sides really pull this funky look together.

#23: Curly Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are not only beautiful on women, but they are fun and easy to maintain! The look isn’t for everyone, but if you feel it’s the cut for you, you’re sure to look amazing.

If you want to take your buzz cut pixie to the next level, you may want to experiment with a fun color like a pastel or this orange color.

#25: French Braided Pixie

Who said that braids were just for long hair? You really only need a few inches to create a French braid and this platinum blonde pixie proves it!

To create this look, your hair will need some good grip. Get your hands on some strong hold hair spray and styling crème or gel.

#26: Spiky Bangs With Shaved Detail

It’s easy to play up a pretty pixie cut. If you’re looking to get creative, it’s a good idea to incorporate longer sections of hair with shaved details, just as this look shows.

For this styling, the longer portion of the hair should swoop forward into bangs. From there, separate the layers for this spiky look. As for the shaved detail, you can mimic this look or get as creative as you want.

#27: Long Pixie With Shaved Undercut

This style is classic with a hint of surprise. The long layers on top make
this pixie appear as if it was a short bob.

The shaved undercut detail, however, makes this pixie ultra modern and cool. We especially love this style when cut with longer side swept bangs.

#28: Silver Pompadour

Pixies are perfect for any age, and this cut proves it. Aging hair is easier to manage when cut short because gray and white hair grows coarser as it loses moisture.

So, whether you’re looking to rock that gray hair in a classy way, or you simply want to try out a silver color that is popular these days, consider styling hair in a pompadour like this one. The look is instantly youthful and is great for a special event.

#29: Colorful Contrast

Looking to make your pixie hairstyle stand out? Look no further than a playful colorful contrast. By only highlighting a portion of your hair in a funky color, you’re keeping your hairstyle grounded while still appearing playful.

We love this bright purple on darker hair, but pastels on blonde hair work just as well.

#30: Blonde Buzz

Show off a stunning face with a slightly grown out buzz cut look. This pixie is super easy to maintain and great for babes with naturally straight hair.

Add some dimension to your longer buzz by showing off some darker root growth. Give hair a tousle with some mousse and you’re good to go.

#31: Classic Pixie For Thick Hair

Thick hair can rock a pixie, too! It’s often hard to imagine if you’ve got loads of longer hair, but this cute crop proves that the look is absolutely perfect.

The key to achieving this pixie is getting lots of length on those bangs by setting the part far back on the head. To keep all of that body under control, cut the bangs with plenty of layers.

#32: Root Contrast

Root contrast first became popular in the early 2000’s. Today, the look is fresher than ever! If you’re feeling like you want an adventurous cropped cut, try this pixie style.

Have your stylist cut longer, edgy bangs to bring this look together. They look amazing when wispy and cut with a razor for some longer length at the temples.

#33: Tonal Fade

How amazing is this pixie hairstyle? Tonal color combination like this is such an inspiring way to wear your short pixie cut.

What really makes this look work is using different tones of the same color. This keeps the cut looking cool, not strange. The fade really helps to show it off without overpowering. Keep hair longest at the top of the head and the roots a deeper color than the length.

#34: Feathered Layers

If your hair is especially thin or fine, you’ll want to add texture and volume to your pixie cut. This cut may be short, but there is still plenty of room to add layers that take a regular pixie up a notch.

To pull it all together, create layers throughout the bangs so they fall into choppy pieces on the top of the forehead.

#35: Artful Auburn Pixie

There is nothing shy about this pixie! If your skin has warm undertones, you may want to consider this gorgeous auburn color.

To keep the look grounded, maintain the natural color of your roots. Achieving this funky style is easier than you think; create a tight faded shave around the ears. Hair should get longer as you move up to the head.

Finding The Perfect Pixie Cut

And there you have it! These beautiful short and long pixie cuts offer stunning versatility and style. There is a cut to suit every mood and personality, so which one will you choose?

There is no such thing as a basic pixie cut. Each style comes with its own look and feel. It’s only a matter of finding the cut that will suit your daily needs and your natural texture. Regardless of which pixie cut is your favorite you are sure to reveal your beautiful face underneath!