Who is Nailea Devora dating? A Closer look at Nailea’s love life

Nailea Devora is an American social media star who shot to fame for posting humorous videos on YouTube. Devora’s channel only has a handful of videos, but it has attracted close to 2.2 million subscribers. Nailea’s charming personality and skillful editing have made her a star on YouTube and TikTok.

Devora commands a following of close to 4 million on the dancing and lip-syncing app. Nailea’s following grew exponentially after she moved to California during the coronavirus pandemic. The move allowed Nailea to collaborate with established social media stars, thus driving up her following.

This piece will look at Nailea’s love life. She is currently single.

Nailea sparked speculation about her secretive dating life after posting a pregnancy video alongside Larray

On 1st March 2021, Nailea posted a video on her channel titled being PREGNANT for 24 HRS ft. Larray. The video became an instant hit, garnering over 2 million views in two days.

Nailea and Larray promoted the video via series of couply Instagram posts. Larray captioned his post: “Who wanna come to the wedding?” The posts and the video sparked fan interest in Nailea Devora’s dating life.

We are certain that Larray and Nailea aren’t dating as Larray is in a relationship with long-term boyfriend Brady Potter. The couple occasionally displays their love via social media.

Nailea, on the other hand, is much more secretive about her dating life. She rarely addresses her love life in her YouTube videos, and her Instagram page reveals no clues as to who she might be dating. Therefore, the logical conclusion is that Nailea Devora is single.

Part of the reason why Nailea moved to California is that her high school crush moved out of her hometown

Nailea Devora always harbored dreams of moving to Santa Barbara, California, for college. Devora said that her friends made the move easier by leaving her hometown before her. Nailea also revealed that her high school crush also moved away.

“And plus the fucking guy that I liked in high school – the guy that I low-key had a crush on – he fucking left too,” Nailea stated in a video posted on 26th September 2020. Devora had a seamless move to California, but she suffered several uncomfortable nights after she gave her number to a stranger.