What is Stunna Girl’s ethnicity? The rapper’s Californian upbringing

Stunna Girl’s dream is to become the biggest artist of all time, she told XXL. However, Stunna’s past is proving to be an unwelcome nuisance. The rapper spent a significant chunk of her teens in corrections facilities. Stunna claims she’s put her criminal past behind her, dodging allegations that she and Dallas rapper Cuban Doll kidnapped Rockey Badd. 

Stunna Girl is African American; her father introduced her to music

Stunna Girl (real name: Suzanne Brown) was born in Sacramento, California. She is African American. 

She grew up listening to R&B music by the likes of Jodeci, Sade, and Donnell Jones. “It was soulful, very catchy,” Stunna said. “My mom used to stay blasting that shit.” Stunna grew up in a musical household – her father was a rapper, and her mom sang. The rapper recorded her first song in her father’s home studio. She told Office Magazine:

“I first got into rapping, honestly, when I was eight. My dad had a studio closet, and he told me to record. I was already singing for my family and stuff. But ever since that one day, I always knew how to rap. It’s kinda weird. He showed me the recording process, and how to do my ad libs. I just never forgot it. So that one studio session stuck with me.”

Stunna honed her skills in prison. She spent three years in a penitentiary for robbery, assault, and using fake IDs. The rapper told FLAUNT:

“Actually when I was incarcerated really. We had to do these career plans. Every day in my cell, I’d be rapping and singing to myself. It was therapy. When I’d come out, everyone would say ‘wow you have talent’. I already knew that because prior to that situation, I was already going viral on Facebook and in my city. I knew I had talent, but I didn’t know what I’d do when I got out.”