Who is Chayce Beckham’s girlfriend? Dating life explored

Chayce Beckham is an American singer who emerged victorious in the 19th season of American Idol. “I can’t wait for it to hit me, though, because I’ve wanted this my whole life and here I am,” Beckham told USA TODAY hours after his victory. The stubborn Beckham might not have participated in the competition absent the urging of mother and stepfather.

The audition before Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie marked the start of a journey that would lead to victory. The win represents an incredible turnaround for Chayce, who had almost lost his life following a DUI crash.

Chayce’s Facebook page states that he is in a relationship, but there is no evidence to support the claim

Chayce Beckham’s Facebook page states that he is ‘in a relationship’, but there is little else on social media to suggest that he is dating.

His Instagram page shows nothing to convince us that he is dating anyone. We, therefore, conclude that Chayce Beckham is single.

Chayce lost his ex-girlfriend following his near-fatal DUI crash

Chayce Beckham was fortunate to escape with his life following a DUI crash that left his car wrecked. The crash motivated him to alter the course of his life, but before he could do so, he lost his ex-girlfriend, house, and dog. He told The Sun:

“I was all, like, down and out. I had gotten in my car wreck, my DUI and whatnot. A lot of stuff had been going great for me, but that all kind of got taken away from me… And then losing my house and my girlfriend and my dog, getting in trouble with the law and having to have your mama come pick you up from jail and stuff, kind of puts you in a weird headspace.”