20 Classic Undercut Hairstyles For Men

 Looking good has always been a huge bonus; regardless of the time and occasion. Compared to women, men have an easier time achieving any desired look especially with the right hairstyle- This is indisputable! 

Gents, it goes beyond rocking designer clothes and executive timepieces. Journey with us and discover 20 simple but outstanding undercut hairstyles that could improve your fashion arsenal. After this, you should be able to get the ideal haircut and transform your outward appearance.

Here we go!    

Undercut + Spiky

Like the fade, this stylish haircut is characterized by short sides and long hair on the top, like the common fade. The only difference between the two is that the latter is wavy and pointed in nature; making it quite hard to miss.

Besides that, it has a general all one-length design that starts very high on the sides. This undercut can be styled into a bold or edgy look, with short to medium hair on the sides. As a result, you would have complete command over your hair, enabling you to style a quiff, a crew cut or a short fringe.

As you would imagine, it is ideal for teens and young guys in general; Perfect for Summer and outdoor events. If you are looking for a more modest look, don’t worry, we have you covered. Read on!

Undercut + Brush back

The brush back, one of the most trending hairstyles for men over the past few years, has given birth to a refined level of class and fashion. Thanks to its high contrast structure, it would leave a remarkable impression.

If you have been around for long, then you know that the brush back technique didn’t start the other day, rather it hails from the fifties. This new undercut variation, however, gives this style the flair most hairstyles lack. Most people love its contemporary nature and vintage impression to increase distinction.

All the same, it demands pomade, wax, gel or any other preferred styling product to give its desired glossy shine. Contrary to most wavy and spiky hairstyles, the brush back is not limited to any age group. Get a classy outfit and rock any occasion with this sleek haircut!

Classic Undercut

The classic undercut has got to be one of the most popular male hairstyles of the century; not only because it originates from the ‘40s, but also because it can be implemented in numerous ways. Whether you are a young businessman, old retiree, a high school or college student, this could just be what you are looking for.

The disconnected undercut and slicked back mob-style are some of the popular ways of wearing the Classic undercut. Over the years, it has remained relevant and even managed to adapt to the current designs. With this, you can have the best of both worlds; a clean-cut by day and an unkempt jungle by night.

Otherwise, you can choose to either keep it straight or curly.

Curly Undercut

Naturally, curly hair can be quite frustrating to handle. If you fall under this category, have you considered trying the curly undercut? It can make your morning routine easier, whilst emphasizing your curls or waves.

People who have such hair are more advantaged because the curls can be incorporated into any undercut hairstyle. Such include: the messy curly undercut, skin fade curl with a beard, the wavy slicked back curly undercut and high undercut curled fringe.

Long or medium-length curls go hand in hand with a high contrast undercut, relieving you of any stylish attention. The uniqueness of this style goes a long way. You should try it out!

Slicked Back Undercut

The slicked back may not be the overall best haircut, but it is truly one of the most popular, especially for the middle-aged and elderly men. Contrary to the traditional undercut where the hair is normally parted, this cut brings out a stylistic twist, inspired by vintage outfits and official occasions. Because of the short sides, the only part that needs much attention is the top.

Ultimately, it works best with thin, thick, straight and wavy hair. As noted by many, it is easy to mistake the slicked back with the brush back. Regardless of the striking similarities, this one lays more emphasis on the natural finish, through a high-quality styling product.

Pomp Undercut

Originating from the king of rock and roll- Elvis Presley, the pompadour been an iconic style over the decades. Initially, it was prized by truck drivers only but has extensively dominated the haircut world. With different variations, it matches perfectly with an undercut, whilst still maintaining its high-volume nature.

That is not all. It goes well with nearly all hairstyles but demands products that enhance hold more than the spectacular glossy shine. Pomade would do the trick. Like most other undercuts, the pomp has mainly thrived through simplicity; long hair on top and short sides.

Undercut + Modern Pomp

With the increasing rate of professional stylists, the traditional pomp can now be transformed into a modern one. Not only does the trendy style maintain the key aspects of the pomade (long hair on top and short on the sides) but also brings an opportunity to rework various processes more efficiently.

In general, this style resembles the old school side part and slick back hence reflecting the more conservative styles of the previous generations. There is no subtle difference between the classic/traditional pompadour and the modern one, but the latter has shorter fade sides and appears to be more relaxed.

The only secret to maintaining healthy modern pomp is knowing how to style it and using the right products. Ensure it retains its height and hold all day long.

Pompadour Undercut

Gaining popularity from the ‘50s, this hairstyle has been adapted by many icons and movies such as the Peaky Blinders, proving to be quite high-class. Its all about focus, precision, and skill.

Whilst this cut has been widely accepted by the millennial generation, it is not for everyone; truth be told. Before thinking of getting it, it would be wise to first consider the shape of your head. Most pompadour haircuts bring out a circular effect on the head, which may look funny on people who already have a round head. Again, don’t forget; Having the right styling products means everything with the pomp undercut.

Classic Undercut

The classic undercut has been deemed an all-time favorite by many; thanks to its casual and smart effect on young businessmen and students. Based on the dapper styles of the ‘30s and ‘40s, the hairdo has been recreated in numerous ways.

Most of the modern go-to hairstyles are all categorized as classic undercuts. Despite having curly, straight, short or long hair, you can have your hair styled into a classic undercut. Whether an undercut quiff, a slick back or a pompadour undercut, any undercut qualifies to be a classic style.

All that matters is ensuring that it meets the required shape, size, and length.

Undercut + Long slicked back

The clean-cut enforces a sexy look for most men while blending modern and classic hair trends. Just like most undercut styles, the slick-back comes in different variations; either short, medium or long.

You can choose how long or how short you would like your hair to be swept back. As the name suggests, it runs a bit longer than the rest and is ideal for people who have problems controlling unruly hair.

Not only is it easy to achieve but is extremely versatile. You can slick it to either side, pull it forward, or brush it up and down. The choice is yours. We highly recommend that you try out different forms of this style to settle on the most ideal.

Undercut Side-swept

The undercut side swept is one of the most unique styles we have on our list today, majorly because it is sophisticated and not for everyone. Even with the right amount of hair and volume, not every barber can pull off this perfect symmetrical design.

If you desire to keep your long hair while still achieving a classic undercut, then this is your best shot. Additionally, the long hair on the top can be swept sideways, as far as the chin, or even past it. For a more unique look, you can wear it in a top knot to recreate a kind of a man bun.  

However, the bold look brought out by the long hair would not be the best option for the office setting. It also demands effective products for a heavy hold. You can also consider ideas such as the: afro disconnection, side brushed strands, skin fade, or even the wavy regulation cut. These are all ways of enhancing the undercut side-swept hairstyle.

Cool Undercut

Isn’t it amazing how a hairstyle that was fashionable since 1910 is still predominant among men? As you can see, this cut is almost similar to the pompadour undercut. Nevertheless, the emphasis here is on the level of contrast and the volume of the hair. An undercut, in general, can single-handedly change your entire outlook.

The width, length, and height of your top hair or pomp are all up to you. If you have achieved the right undercut, all else is subject to styling. The whole idea is to have short sides, the little taper on the back, and more length on top.

Undercut for Short Hair

Another diverse style is the short hair undercut which can be used as streetwear, classic wear or even for official purposes.

The medium-contrast variation on the picture above with the short laid-back hair is just one of the many ways you could wear it. Some may opt to put the pomp or a curly design. All we can advise is that you should be aware of what style suits you best. There are hundreds of undercut styles available today; don’t be left out.

Razor-Faded Undercut

Also known as the straight razor fade haircut, this work of art falls under the category of bald or skin taper fade. This means that it requires an up-close shave on the sides and the back. If you have been keen enough, you should notice that it resembles other undercut styles; but the difference lies in the process of creating it.

Barbers use clippers for a classic taper fade while finishing off with a straight razor. This is to taper it down to the scalp. You may choose to keep a low, medium or high fade to enhance versatility.

The coolest thing about it is that it can be combined with a variety of hairstyles. From a quiff or a comb-over to a slicked-back or apart, this razor hairstyle is limitless.

Slick Back Undercut

This great trademark has been transformative, not only in the Western world but in other areas as well. This is partly because of its dominance in the early times and its superior standards. The only trick to keep in mind when trying out the slick-back style is that your hair should maintain an undercut on the sides and back while keeping it long enough to slick it back.

Not only does the slick-back blend with the undercut, but it also ensures that the rest of the hair is sharp and polished enough.

Many businessmen and people in all kinds of profession have taken up this look. It matches with official wear, but can also look sassy in a casual outfit.

Long Undercut

The long undercut is undoubtedly one of the latest approaches adapted by most young people. It makes men appear younger, taller and gives off a sexy look on a much lighter note; compared to most hairstyles on our list. That being the case, we wouldn’t recommend it for the office environment.

You may have seen it worn mostly by hipsters, boy bands, musicians and social media influencers. Overall, it can be shaved into varying styles including the man bun, the messy undercut, the all-over length undercut, and even the curly undercut.

The only determinant here is having long hair. If you have long hair and would like to try out something new, this would be a great option.

Having a puffy beard would be a mega plus; it adds a little sophistication to the look.

Disconnected Undercut

This haircut is characterized by a disconnection of the hair on top and the short sides, which is sometimes emphasized by a shaved side part or a hard part.

The disconnected cut has evolved but always maintained the sharp contrast between the sides. Modern art has ensured that mohawks, pompadours, combovers, and messy natural looks have been blended with this all-timer.

Young people can now try out different variations with this style. Even so, it can still be worn by older men to give them a fresh young look.

Undercut + Mohawk

For many years, the mohawk has been insanely attractive, with an eccentric touch.

Adding the undercut to it makes it a whole lot better. The cool thing about it is: It can work for both long-haired and short-haired men. All it takes is the right barber and the required precision. Any extra hair on top only serves to add a rocker-vibe to the look. After the sides are buzzed into an impressive undercut, the mohawk can then be styled depending on the type of hair; either straight, curly or spiky.

Long hair Undercut

The wavy undercut above is just a majestic visual of what you could accomplish with a long hair undercut. By now, you should know that almost all types of undercuts can be customized. This style shows a clear distinction between the two layers, whilst still achieving a natural look.

The beard adds a manly tone to the overall appearance, enforcing the natural bit of it. You could opt to dye the top hair to give it a clear distinction, or even do an undercut fade. It’s all up to you. Your styling ability and creativity truly counts.

Crazy Spiky + Undercut

Compared to all other entries on our list, this is the craziest and most creative hairstyle; hands down! Most of you, however, would not be comfortable walking around in this, especially if you are middle-aged and above.

Whatever the case, this piece of art could look stunning on a 15-year old out there. If you feel like you could handle the attention that comes with this style, then you should try it out. The undercut is close to perfection; starting very high on the sides and ending trimmed in a one-length manner.

With the flexible spikes, you are free from any strict styling, hence giving you an easier time.

In summary,

A haircut serves as the foundation for your entire look. The undercut has proven to be timeless in so many ways. By adopting different styles, you stand a better chance at unveiling your true fashion potential and improving your standards in general.

Whatever the case, you must make sure that your barber can pull off most, if not all your desired styles. All things considered, understanding the need for a good hairdo will be a great stepping stone in your journey to perfection.