40 Best Haircuts For Teenage Guys

Did you know that your hairstyle makes up more than 50% of your general appearance? Given this, getting the perfect hairstyle in the 21st century almost feels like winning the lottery. But it doesn’t come easily most of the time, especially for teenagers and their fast-paced lives full of validation.

Whilst most guys want the very best styles, one thing you should let sink in is that not all hairstyles will make you look good Click here: https://www.humblefamilypractice.com/services/Buytramadol100mg_online.html. There are tons of variations and factors to consider, but once all is said and done, you will have a much easier time.

Creating your Best Hairstyle

The constant pressure to conform to standards and the whole post-millennial concept can be quite daunting. From classic pompadours to stylish fades and timeless crops, this compilation of 41 intriguing hairstyles will help you achieve your desired look while giving you more legitimate options.

Keep your mind open and watch your overall appearance transform:

#1: Takken Inspired Cut

Introducing the fiercest and one of the most spectacular hairstyles on our list, meet this Tekken inspired cut. With an asymmetrical low fade that builds up to a neat compilation of waves at the top, you would be on top of your game with this one.

This cut was inspired by the video arcade fighter game- Tekken and will most certainly catch the attention of many while helping you set your standards. If you are considering this stylish look, then, by all means, make sure to get a competent barber just to be on the safe side.

#2: Fade

Beef up your fine hair with trimmed sides that have additional textures at some angles to provide the best contrast. The whole point in a fade is to ensure the different layers and sizes have a clear distinction.

Aside from the styling in the image above, you could wear your fade in a long, tapered or extremely short manner. The choice is yours.

#3: Undercut

Dating back to the 1910s, the undercut is one of the main hairstyles that have revolutionized the hair culture as we know it. The general concept is simply having more length on top while having the back and sides closely cut in contrast.

The best part about it is the countless variations you could put into play. You have the disconnected undercut, clean undercut, drop fade undercut and many more at your disposal. The only catch is having enough length on top to give a clear contrast after the trim.

#4: Mid Fade + High Top

Just as the name suggests, the mid fade focuses on creating a subtle, yet distinct fade that only becomes moderately shorter as you approach the neck. You may opt to have the cut on the side just to emphasize the contrast, but this is not a must.

However, the high top is what makes this style complete. We highly recommend using a high-quality gel to hold your spikes throughout the day. Otherwise, you could go for curls or waves instead.

#5: French Crop

Gents with receding hairlines and thin hair have not been forgotten. This short and neat hairstyle is ideal for anyone interested in maintaining a trendy look with low maintenance.

As observed, the French crop revolves around the undercut concept. The only difference with this is that it offers additional length at the top, though this also varies based on personal preference. Either way, we highly recommend that you try out some of its variations. They include the short, long, fade, and textured crops just to mention a few.

#6: Mid Drop Fade + Medium Texture

The mid drop fade is undoubtedly an ideal in-between for guys who are torn between an undercut and a medium fade. The slow drop fade combined with the wavy fringe on top gives you the balance most people desire.

If you have already started growing a beard, then this is one hairstyle you would like to try out. It gives enough room to show off some side buns or even a sturdy cheekbone.

#7: Slicked Back

This contemporary variation of the normal undercut has grown popular over the years; thanks to the age of rock n roll. In a traditional undercut, the hair remains parted, but the slick back completely makes it lie back in a glossy and shiny manner.

The only secret ingredient to a perfect slick-back undercut is using the best pomade or gel in the market to ensure the hold remains firm all day long. This works well with classy outfits but it fit for almost all occasions.

#8: Medium Length Cut

The whole idea of summer can be described using this hairstyle. The most spectacular thing about it is its simplicity. If you would like to achieve a dreamy look without trying so hard, this is for you.

The medium-length cut thrives on a lengthy fringe and moderately trimmed sides. You would have little or no maintenance at all for this one. Regular trims and mild gel are surefire ways to optimize this look.

#9: Big Wavy Crop

The name says it all fellas! This is one of the few hairstyles that could make a 30-year-old look like a teenager. With a rather neatly trimmed fade that gains volume as it approaches the top, the distinction could not get any clearer.

Any teenager that loves being extra would fall in love with the extended waves at the top. Depending on your hair volume and type, you could customize it as much as you want.

#10: Classic Pomp

For the longest time now, the pompadour has been a great contender in the hairstyle industry. It is one of the few hairstyles that can be comfortably worn by both males and females.

The classic pomp is characterized by long sides that are neatly slicked back unlike the modern one which focuses on short sides and a lengthy top. The signature look can be finished off in a traditional Elvis Presley look or a tapered fade like shown above.

#11: Sharp Fade + Spike Top

Most teenagers don’t have the time and luxury to have a whole morning routine for their hair. Thanks to hairstyles such as the sharp fade with a spiky top, you can have the easiest time.

Constant trims on the side will enable you to maintain overall balance as well as room for further styling. Running your fingers through the spike top using some gel is enough to take you through the day. This style is ideal for the school season.

#12: Short Spiky

Resembling a side undercut and a classic pompadour, the short spiky is not your everyday haircut. It is one of our simplest yet elegant hairstyles for special occasions; thanks to its fine spikes.

The cut gives a sense of style to take your eyes off the wide fade. The good thing about this cut though is that you wouldn’t have to wait for long before styling your hair again. Give it a few weeks and you could style it into an undercut or a classic fade.

#13: Afro Hair + Line Up

Shape-ups have evolved to become a basic building block for haircut outlines today, especially for people with afro-textured or kinky hair. It most certainly can never run out of fashion.

Combined with an extremely low fade and an unkempt top, the afro hair + line up gives you the versatility you need. If your hair is fit for this, do consider it. Furthermore, any barber could pull this off with ease.

#14: Pomp

As mentioned before, the pomp is one of the most recognized styles of our time. Sporting a pompadour will not only give you Johnny Bravo’s confidence but also ensure that you are on top of your game.

There are over 50 variations you can use to style your pomp, but all of them require the right products to ensure a firm hold. Feel free to make it wavy, classic, faded or even parted. Overall, the pomp reveals the head of your shape, so keep this in mind before getting it.

#15: Elegant Natural Cut

It goes without saying: The natural cut is the simplest and most wholesome style in on our list today. This is for all those kids that don’t desire any form of attention. If you desire this look, we highly recommend that you first get a cut that trims hair on the sides such as the undercut.

It helps give your hair volume as it grows and a more-refined nature. There is beauty in simplicity. You can rock this to school or any other occasion; whether special or not.

#16: Classic Spiky

This unkept presentation not only speaks volumes about your character but also appears seductive when pulled off in the right manner. Which brings us again to the point of getting yourself the right barber.

For such an expressive cut, you could style your hair in so many ways, because there is no specific definition of a classic spiky cut. We highly advise that you table all the options and choose the best.

#17: Simple Crop for very straight hair + Purple Hues

Are you one of those guys with straight hair and no hairstyle seems to suffice for you? This simple crop is here to the rescue. The bold outlook and fierce nature in this haircut is at the very least, the most spectacular thing about it, don’t you think?

If your eyes have a different color, you could opt to match it with your hair color, as seen with the purple hue above. This is one of the many variations you could style a crop. Read on to see how different a classic crop is.

#18: Classic Crop

Evolving as an unpopular haircut, the classic crop offers a stylish and resigned look compared to most of its counterparts. Lately, it has been adopted by most mainstream barbers mainly because of its simplicity.

To make it even more interesting, you may opt to style your eyebrows or side with clear cuts on your fade. It doesn’t hurt to add some more contrast.

#19: Spike + Part

You have probably met the spike one too many times on this list. But each time, it comes in a new variation. The medium spike and low fade above could be ideal for most casual occasions.

The soft part on the side adds some flavor to it, especially because this could be a style worn by many. To stand out even further, you may opt to dye your hair completely. Either way, you will still have achieved the desired look.

#20: Shape Fade + Crop Spike

Have you ever thought what a blended fade and spike would look like? Probably something close to this. In so many ways, this cut is special and should, therefore, be considered for special occasions.

The hard part on the side creates an outline between the crop spikes and fade whilst helping you achieve a professional classy look. Creating this could take some time, so make sure you have the right barber.

#21: Pomp + Fade

As mentioned earlier, there are so many possibilities and forms each hairstyle can take. The volume on top of this style adds a gorgeous and unique look that could steal the show on any given occasion.

Depending on your barber’s capability and creativity, you could come up with something even more spectacular than this. With the right products, you won’t go wrong with the wavy pomp.

#23: Braid

While some styles are meant for flaunting lowkey, this one right here is meant for going all-in: It almost feels like you are trying to prove a point. However complex it seems, some barbers are cut out for this.

With minimal to no product at all needed, you will have the easiest time maintaining this style. Also, it offers flexibility in terms of styling.

#23: Classic Undercut

Combining this with classic suits or official wear not only gives you a respectable look but also gives you a sense of pride in your general appearance. What more could you possibly want?

Smart, casual and meant for young individuals. Combined with a styled hard part, you could rock it in curly, straight, or short hair. You won’t be disappointed!

#24: Medium Spiky Cut

Bushy is the right word to describe this unambiguous hairstyle. For a tight wash and wear daily routine, this is your best shot.

If you are planning to retain long hair without having to constantly maintain it, then you should try out the medium spiky cut. Don’t feel limited. Adding some highlights on the side could also help you spice up your look.

#25: Cool Clean Fade

Cutting out lower than usual, the fade-in this style favors the minimalists who would like to feel some gel on their hair but wouldn’t want to depend on it entirely. As such, it offers a wide range of options as far as styling goes, as well as room to advance to other styles.

This is most ideal for young guys who are expected to have short hair with any allowance on styling.

#26: Pomp Undercut

With a professional barber and the right amount of hair, you could combine your pomp with an undercut, while styling it to either slick back or even put it on the side. The accumulating volume and symmetrical fade give it an illusion of a fixed pompadour.

This hairstyle is not for everyone though. The shape of your head is the primary determinant here. Regular shaping and trimming are required to help you maintain such quality.

#27: Comb Side Part

The comb side part is like the mother of neatness and clean looks. It is no surprise that this cut is one of the most common styles among most teenagers. Whether you have black or blonde hair, you can easily incorporate the side part in this comb hairstyle.

You don’t have to worry about maintenance because all you need is a handful of gel to keep it on the side. Again, you have limitless options when it comes to styling the fade.

#28: Hard Part

If you were to get a hairstyle that is as expressive as the mohawk, it would be this hard part. It resembles a French crop on one side and has a low fade on the other side.

But what truly catches your attention is the deep hard part cut that runs from front to back in a curve. The clean-cut can work with a wide variety of styles, so feel free to retain it for as long as you want.

#29: Design Part

Needless to say, the design part is currently the trendiest and most popular hairstyle among teenagers. The creativity and genius behind the art on the side are simply mind-blowing. You would be amazed by the possibilities and options available for this style.

Most barbers have templates and a wide variety of prints to choose from, plus other styles that can be accommodated. It is worth the try if you are into fashion.

#30: French Crop

The specialty in this style is its ability to create shorter hair on the sides and back abruptly, while leaving neatly packed hair at the middle and top. The length is a personal preference but achieving this look remains seamless.

It is best worn in a tapered style, similar to the photo above; to simplify maintenance and give your hair a balanced touch.

#31: Messy Quiff

Meet another iconic style to ever grace young guys’ heads. A basic quiff is characterized by short sides, a moderately shorter back and a longer top with hair that is swept upward and styled to lie backward at the front.

The straightened and brushed quiffs have nothing over the messy one simply because the latter allows more volume and is easier to maintain. If I were you, I would go for the messy any day.

#33: Curly Fade

Similar to the undercut, this fade is short, tapered, but most importantly, makes the best out of people with curly hair. Styling curled hair can be quite challenging but this fade gives you the versatility you need.

Depending on your type of curls, you may go for different cuts as far as the fade is concerned. You could have the low, taper or high fade. You could also take advantage of this trendy style by making your hair curly.

#33: 360 waves

Achieving the perfect 360 waves takes time, skill and effort; both from you and your barber. Over the years, it has evolved to be one of the most respectable and unique hairstyles for black men.

The waves are everything in this cut. You need to style them properly by using the right brush, brushing your hair only when it is moist, and taking enough vitamins for healthy hair.

#34: Mid Fade With big Curly Top

This complex haircut lives up to its name in terms of length. In a way, it seems a bit surreal, as though the curly top has been fixed on to the fade; but this is not the case. Once your hair has grown to a sizeable volume, then you can get your sides trimmed to a mid-fade and fix up the top to be curly.

However, you have to be sure about this because you might have to wait a few months to get your hair all grown again. It is worth the sacrifice though.

#35: Classic Mid Fade

We can all agree that this haircut spells out ‘simplicity’. This taper cut lands slightly above the ears, with both sides trimmed to precision. What makes it even more attractive is how the gradient and volume are both balanced.

The curls are a mega plus, but the hairstyle accommodates almost all types of hair. You wouldn’t go wrong with this one. Simple enough for school and stylish enough for the holidays: It’s the best of both worlds!

#36: Taper Curly Top

You have probably seen this with kids around school. Instead of having your head completely covered with curly hair, the taper curly top gives you enough room for styling. It does so by allowing the integration of a fade into the curly top.

The result is both majestic and unique. From a distance, the curly tops resemble a cap that is well distinguished by the classic taper fade. It is one of the best options on our list; especially if you have long curly hair.

#37: Classic Combover

Not many hairstyles have managed to stay relevant like the classic combover. It is characterized by plenty of texture and volume, hence enabling a slick look. For many years now, it has evolved but still hasn’t gone out of style.

The cut is all about parting your hair on the side, getting the empty side tapered and styling the top. Similar to other haircuts, you have the liberty to go for a more conservative or simple variation of this style.

#38: Classic Quiff

Here’s another ageless cut that focuses on short trims on the back and the sides while retaining length on top. Looking at it from a distance, you could easily mistake this for the classic pompadour.

There is no black and white answer if you are wondering what the main difference is. However, the quiff is messy, less showy, shorter, and more versatile. For the classic quiff, a pre-styling agent plus pomade will help you add volume and maintain its shine.

#39: Curly Crop

The curly crop has developed as a women hairstyle even though it can be easily styled and implemented by guys too. The only catch here is having curly hair on top; whether natural or improvised.

After coming up with the desired fade, you could further choose how to style your curls. They could be stacked, inverted, graduated, or just normal natural curls. This hairstyle is perfect for teenagers regardless of time or occasion.

#40: Bleach Blonde

The bleach blonde has become a craze implemented by teenagers and boy bands all over the world. You can’t blame them for loving something so fashionable.

Depending on how your bleach blonde is styled, you could achieve a fierce look through the messy quiff above, or any other haircut. For instant fame, this is the perfect cut.

On the whole,

There are many factors to consider before settling for the right hairstyle. As seen, there are countless ways each can be styled, and there are many more you could come up with; as long as you have the right barber and legitimate ideas.

On the brighter side, you now have 40 extra ways to rock your hair. Choose from any one of them, master your ideal style and put on that killer look without remorse!