Timeless 60 Haircuts For Men

Choosing a new haircut isn’t as simple as finding another necktie or pair of socks. It’s challenging and time-consuming because of the too many hairstyle collections to find online.

That’s why we’re here to help! In the following, we’ve listed and described 60 of the coolest haircuts for men that you must check out and then try for yourself.

#1: Side Part

Most guys like keeping their hair short, but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice showing off body and texture. This cut is perfect for the fella who has lots of hair that is easy to maintain.

Contrast beautiful texture with a strong side part. Fades are trendy these days and this detail not only highlights definition on the face but helps show off gorgeous locks on top of the head.

#2: Hard Part

This hairstyle isn’t for every man, but it’s sure to make whoever does wear it stand out! Hard parts are a major trend for guys these days and can be incorporated into nearly every hairstyle.

If a funkier option is for you, ask your stylist to play with multiple lengths on your bangs and throughout the top of the head. Let your creativity run wild!

#3: Combover

A combover is truly timeless, but this cut comes with an edge! Take your part even farther to one side for a modern vibe.

Skin fades on both sides of the head give the classic combover look loads of style. When creating any combover, it’s important to keep hair precisely placed for that polished feel.

#4: Texture Crop With Side Part

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle to show off your moody, edgy side, then this textured crop may be for you. The side part is definitely modern while the texture at the top of the head leaves you some length for experimentation.

Have your stylist cut angular bangs with a little extra length. This will help you create those parted funky spikes.

#5: Messy Quiff

It’s amazing how your hairstyle can affect your overall appearance. This messy quiff is not only dignified but shows off nice cheekbones and a handsome jawline.

While the beautiful swoop of this quiff defines facial structure, be sure not to go too wide with the quiff. As for height, play around as your heart desires.

#6: Skin Fade With Part

It’s easy to contrast gorgeously thick hair with an edgy skin fade. The elements of a French crop create soft roundedness while the hard part and fade lend that perfect touch of modern.

As for the top of the head, cut hair into subtle layers so that styling is easy to accomplish.

#7: Cool Spiky

A spiky hairstyle is awesome for men who want to show off an edgy side without the full commitment. When hair is cut with lots of short, choppy layers, it’s easy to spike it up into peaks for this kind of effect.

This hairstyle can be overwhelming if you’re working with too much hair, however. A buzz that grows gradually longer as you move up the sides of the head makes this spiky look feel pulled together.

#8: Undercut

Straight or fine haired men, have no fear! This beautiful undercut style is perfect for hair that lacks natural texture or body.

The key to this style is contrast. Creating this undercut is all about a close buzz all around the head and straight, gorgeous locks on top. Be sure to lift at the root for this elegant height.

#9: Free Texture

For a touch of length on a short crop, try growing out hair solely at the top of the head. With a few more inches, you can play with texture and style.

To create this look, have your stylist cut your sides short and the top of your head with choppy layers. Create an organic shaped spike over the forehead for a touch of cool.

#10: Single Braid

Braids make the perfect hairstyle for men because of their no-fuss nature. They protect natural hair, show off personal flair, and look undoubtedly cool.

These small, single braids cover the entire top of the head as a beautiful buzz cut peeks through underneath. The sharpness of the short buzzed bangs at the forehead defines an otherwise playful hairstyle.

#11: Crop + Mid Fade

It’s going to be a bright and sunshiny day for men who wear this classic but trendy look that gives them the freedom to wash and wear, style or not, and what else not. The choice is theirs!

The mid fade crop is laidback and fit for the busy bees who still want to show off how charming they are without styling too much.

This haircut defines the facial structure and shape and gives its best assets a better appeal.

#12: Classic Quiff

If you’re a fan of classic movies, you might have tried one of the quiff hairstyles before, but have you ever had this classic hairstyle in the photo?

We truly believe it is a must-try for men that want to give their quiff a different take on what it means to be fashionable while keeping things looking casual and comfortable.

This hairstyle matches any outfit, formal or non-formal, or whatever you want. Just don’t forget to use a hairstyling product for a gentle or firm hold.

#13: Side Part

What do you remember about this hairstyle? Yes, the side part is pretty common because it’s a style that never runs out of fashion.

There is nothing quite like flaunting this haircut in the midday or at the beach. It is just so versatile that it can be your all-season hairstyle, too.

Just don’t miss on the maintenance and trimming to keep the shape on top. This haircut just needs a little styling on top, as the sides are too short for a bit more modification.

#14: Drop Skin Fade

The drop skin fade gives me the impression of a man who wants to keep it clean and sleek all day long. Its sides are short and so is its top.

It can be a wash-and-wear hairstyle for men who don’t have the extra time to do more styling. Just a bit of combing will do.

If you’re ready to steal the look, don’t think twice but check out the hairstyle and ask your barber about shaping on the sides.

#15:Clean Cut + Line up

This is not just a summer haircut for men because it has more to offer. The clean cut makes it a trendy hairstyle that fits that modern man. You don’t need to do a lot to style it up.

Perhaps, a pair of fashionable glasses, white shirt, khaki shorts and everyday sneakers will do to complete your day’s ensemble.

#16: Crop + Buzz Cut

Wow! What else can we say about this crop plus buzz cut? It makes this man manlier.

He does not have to speak but those expressive eyes and macho haircut will do much of the trick to impress his woman.

If you’re ever thinking of styling it up and adding more expression, you can also have that side design. Just be sure that an expert barber will do it.

#17: Clean Mid Drop Fade

Okay, we’re in for some statement here. The mid drop fade is yours if you would like to keep that clean haircut but with a twist of style at the sides or the back.

The middle drop fade is also nice with beard, but don’t stress if you don’t have it. You can just play up the top with hairstyling products for a bit of hold.

But on some days you don’t feel like using any men’s wax or gel, you can just leave this haircut as is provided it’s maintained and trimmed.

#18: Wedge Fade

The wedge fade is perfect for those who want to keep it short on top and have a simple and ready-to-go haircut.

You don’t need much styling product choosing the wedge fade because it’s really short on top, sides and back.

All you have to do is to wash and comb it even with your fingers. Keep it soft and flowing with a hair conditioner.

#19: Classic Cut + Crop

Achieve a military or corporate look with the classic cut plus crop. The really short top defines the forehead and emphasizes on the eye of the person wearing the haircut.

If you don’t want to spend lots of time to style your hair while keeping it stylish and perfect for any outfit, you should try out the cut.

For a bit of a drama, you can also ask your stylist about a design on the sides, either a straight line or something else. The choice is yours!

#20: Hard Part

The hard part with a side design is a cool hairstyle to try! It is for men who dare to be bold and different.

You surely deserve this especially if you already have that full beard or living the bearded life.

The hard part can also give your hair a significant styling, with the sideburns giving that subtle styling between the beard and the hairstyle.

#21: Sharp Fade

Whether you got a colored hair or not, you can check out the sharp fade hairstyle that emphasizes on the top design of the haircut along with the sharp fade that gives your facial assets a better definition.

If you would like to flaunt this style, you should not think twice. Ask your local barber about it and some styling suggestions with hairstyling gel or wax.

#22: Curly + Beard Part

Do you have a naturally wavy or curly hair? If you do, you might want to get the curly style. It is low maintenance and does not need frequent styling. However, you should keep it trimmed and maintained to achieve the original shape.

What is good about this style is that it adds to the appeal of the wearer. Flaunting it also highlights the brows and the eyes of this man.

#23: Spiky + Mid Fade

The spiky plus fade haircut is yours to flaunt a neck tattoo just as this man did. It also fits men with hair color and even those with none.

The style is just stylish and trendy and does emphasize on that fierce look. So if you want to experiment and try new hairstyles, you definitely should check it out.

#24: Mid Drop Fade

The fade reminds me of a man of few words. Fierce and silent, a man full of action yet has a soft heart for his woman.

This fade never goes out of style! You can wear it on any given day and occasion. Try this haircut if you would like to try something new with your thick hair in particular.

#25: Long Quiff

If you have an oblong or diamond shaped face, you might want to try the long quiff hairstyle. Choose to have your hair colored or not. The choice is yours!

But then of course, the long quiff could be made more interesting with a touch of grey or blonde hair color plus a really manly beard. Try this haircut, but be sure to get it maintained to keep the shape on top for easier styling.

#26: Mide Fade + Cool Beard

The mide fade with a cool beard is the look to steal for men that want an equally cool change to their traditional hairstyle.

What’s even nicer is that you can style up your brow just like this model to achieve a fiercer appearance.

#27: Curly Hair

On a hot summer or cold winter, the curly hairstyle is an all-season style that never goes out of fashion.

After all, the curly hairstyle is also easy to style. There can be days when you can just leave it as is and others when you can just style it up in the way you want it. It is simple yet sleek and classy.

If you’re looking to try a new haircut that requires low maintenance, you can have it by choosing this hairstyle.

#28: Classic Undercut

The classic undercut is yours for a simple and trendy haircut that you can experiment on the style that you want. This model has his with a spiky shaped top, giving the undercut a more fashionable look.

The style also emphasizes his shapely brows and long lashes, giving him that pop star look that’s finished with an earring.

#29: Sharp Fade + Side Part

This man nails it with the sharp fade with side part, which defines the style and takes it to the next level.

It does have that shape to give the man a clean hairstyle always maintained. The modern yet classy appearance is perfect for all occasions.

The sharp fade and side part can be worn on a formal gathering, corporate function and casual party. You will just not go out of style!

#30: Fade + Platinum

It looks futuristic and simply outstanding, not requiring much maintenance at all.

#31: Awesome Mide Fade

The haircut is a unique style for men that dare to be different. It has spikes in just one direction. If you love the look, you can choose to have your hair colored or not, depending on your personal preference.

This haircut is yours if you want a new style that can make you look trendier and fashionable. What do you think?

#32: Classic Slicked Back

The slicked back hairstyle has continued to evolve through the years. You can choose to get your hair dyed or not and flaunt this hairstyle.

This haircut is perfect for office wear and occasions because of some hints of a formal hairstyle. Check out the hairstyle if you want to try something else other than the fade or quiff men’s haircut.

#33: Texture

The texture hairstyle is for men that want to show off their best facial features. It can be yours to show confidence in yourself and your creative side.

The haircut can improve your style and emphasize on any you already have like a tattoo or one or two earrings.

Whether you’re the rock star or the boy-next-door in the group, you can steal the look and show them that you have more to show other than your pretty face.

The texture hairstyle can be styled with spikes especially it has a long top. Its short sides, however, must be trimmed from time to time to maintain the shape of the haircut.

#34: Afro Hawk Fade

The Afro hairstyle has been around since the nth time. It’s still here for a reason – it’s timeless. In the mid-1960s, this style became more known because the somehow huge hairstyle has become famous among both men and women.

Today, it just keeps evolving! Like in this Afro hawk fade style, the Afro haircut has gone through many changes and for the better.

The hawk style for this Afro made this look even fiercer but with low maintenance needed.

#35: Classic Design

Do you want to try something else because you’re tired of your usual haircut? Worry no more! Try out the classic design hairstyle that has design on the sides.

You can choose to have it at the back or sides, whichever you think that would enhance the style.

#36: Clean Fade

The fade hairstyle has been around for a while. It’s chosen by men that want more function and style in their haircut. This haircut can be styled in a specific direction to show off your personal style for the day.

#37: Fade Undercut

The fade undercut is for all seasons- winter, spring, summer or fall. It is also for men of all ages because it can be styled in a way that suits your preference and style.

#38: Classic Spiky

Have you always wanted that spiky? Now is the time! If you have grown your hair long and you want a new haircut, you can opt for the spiky.

The classic spike is with a quite long top, allowing you to be more versatile in terms of the thickness and number of spikes you want.

To make the look even more fashionable, you can get it dyed with grey, blond, red or any color you prefer. If you ran out of idea, ask your barber for an advice.

#39: Medium Length Cut

Are you that serious or funny man? No matter your vibe, you can flaunt the nice medium length cut that features your best assets including the eyes and brows.

The medium length fits a summer hairstyle, too. It can be worn with your favorite beach getup.

#40: High Fade

The High Fade is what you need for a super style! The style is very sleek and clean. It can be your haircut if you are looking for an easy to wear and style hairstyle.

You can be experimental with the design of the spikes based on your personality. With a beard, the look can be enhanced further.

#41: Layered + Stubble Beard

Who says a layered haircut is only for women? The layered style has gone a long way. Now, it is also a famous hairstyle among men.

The style plus a stubble beard is a great choice if you want to flaunt your face’s best features. The structuring and subtle styling of the sideburns, beard and haircut all come together for a superb appeal.

#42: Slicked Back

If you’ve always thought about a new haircut for the winter, go ahead and check out slicked back!

Particularly for men who love using their favorite styling products, they can experiment with more for choosing slicked back haircut.

To keep its shape and style, make sure of choosing a hairstyling product that matches your hair type. You can also ask your favorite hairstylist about it.

#43: Takken inspired Cut

If you’re ever been thinking about showing off a Takken-inspired haircut for men, you should try this one. The spikes are really creative! Even if you might have to spend some time to achieve it, you would love the results.

The sides of the haircut are short, leaving plenty of room for an optional hair design of your choice. The top is quite long, giving you much opportunity to experiment with the spikes of the hairstyle.

#44: Clean Mid Fade

We’re excited adding the clean mid fade on the list because we know not all of you are into long haircuts. Whether you have a round or a square face shape, you can choose the clean mid fade. It has the modern look yet not compromising on function.

The haircut is for all occasions on any given day. It can be matched with a casual attire or formal ensemble.

#45: Textured + Crop Edge

The crop edge with a texture is good for an everyday office wear that never fades. It does not require much maintenance as others do because it is cut short on top and sides.

If you’re looking to improve your look and try something different, you can try the textured haircut with a clean crop edge.

#46: Electric

Are you that brave and daring man who wants to show your fierce personality? If you have what it takes to flaunt the brave electric style, you should not think twice but flaunt the hairstyle.

The top is cut very short, almost no room for spikes, but then the style is augmented with the lightning bolt-like side shapes created.

Completing the look, you can choose to or not to have tattoo and beard. But of course, you can try if you want to show another artistic expression.

#47: Heavy Spiky + Hard Part

Young boys and professionals who are always dreaming of achieving a heavy spiky can try the haircut. It also has a subtle styling on the sides, which you can opt to have or not to have. Its hard part makes the hairstyle even more exciting.

But then, make sure that you get it trimmed once in a while and use the right hairstyling product for a gentle, medium to strong hold, depending on your preference.

#48: Spike + Mid Drop Fade

Are you looking for that perfect combo? Try the spike with mid drop fade and beard.

The look is for men of all ages, too. It can be worn by anyone who’s unafraid to achieve a new haircut that might be another take on his conventional cut.

#49: Fade + Curly Hair

Fade with curly hair is the perfect school haircut. It flows and looks just easy! It requires not much maintenance.

But then, there can be some days you can dress it up a bit with wax, pomade or gel. It depends on you! Regardless, the haircut for the curly haired boys can be maintained with just the right hair conditioner.

#50: Spiky Up

The spike haircut is minimal but striking. It does not have lots to show, but it leaves a great impact. You might want to check it out if you are into a new hairstyle with spikes and a few designs on the sides. The cross tattoo just makes it more strikingly gorgeous.

#51: Texture Crop

It looks like a messy haircut, but it may not be. It is just the texture crop with a little twist. It has some subtle styling on the sides and messy spikes on top.

The seemingly unplanned hairstyle just looks like an imperfect perfection! It is stylish and classic, too!

#52: Side Part + High Fade

Phenomenal, it is! The side part with a high fade is a gorgeous hairstyle, yet it doesn’t require high maintenance at all.

The style is for men who want to get a bit more definition on their forehead area and make way to draw people’s attention to expressive eyes.

#53: Side Part + Low Fade

The side part plus low fade is another hairstyle to check out by men who dare to be different! It is a bold and brave yet organized haircut for men who want to show off their equally bold personality and style.

The beard and subtle sideburn styling makes the side part and low fade haircut even better.

#54: Low Fade

Okay, here we go with the low fade haircut. The styling on top and sides make the style even trendier, yet it does not miss on the details like the very clean cut.

#55: Low Fade + Side swept

Low fade with side swept is for men who want to try something different for a summer or winter haircut. The haircut is also for all occasions, making it one of the most versatile around.

It is easy to style and maintain, too; however, make sure to get regular trimmings to ensure it keeps the shape and design.

#56: Hard Part + High Volume

The hard part plus high volume is not only for male models but also for corporate people, students and young professionals who are sick of their old haircuts!

But then, see to it that you’d use the right hairstyling products for a bit of hold and an extra shine.

#57: High Fade + Curly

If you have a naturally curly hair, you might want to try this one.

#58: Low Fade + Waves

Another not to miss on the list is the low fade plus waves. It is clean and sleek and requires little to no maintenance at all. The haircut is amazingly effective in bringing out that youthful look.

#59: Hard Part + Spiky hair

The hard part plus spiky hair is fashionable especially with a beard. It does flaunt your personality and shows off your creative side, leaving a great first impression.

Which among these haircuts for men is your favorite? Would you want to help someone choose his perfect hairstyle? Spread the word and share this post on social media today!