All about Sissy Sheridan and her relationship with Miles Despair

Sissy Sheridan is an American actor, musician, and social media star who gained fame for playing the role of Angie in the web series Chicken Girls. She starred alongside Jonah Hill and Emma Stone in Netflix’s Maniac and is the host of Nickelodeon’s DIY with Me. Sheridan has also appeared in several independent movies, including Homeless Bound, The Catcher, and For Hope.

Sheridan made her singing debut when she made a cover of Hailee Steinfeld’s hit song Most Girls. She later released her debut single, who me? Sissy is a massive star on TikTok, with 2.9 million followers.  

This piece will look at Sissy’s acting and music careers, her experience with online hate, her relationships, and a recent botched piercing. 

Sissy’s mom recognized her potential early on and sent her to acting camp

Sissy was born on 15th June 2004 in Washington, D.C. She was a hyperactive child who was always singing, wearing costumes, dancing, and trying to entertain people whenever she got the chance. Sissy’s mom recognized her potential and sent Sissy to acting camp. Sheridan told Naluda Magazine that she fell in love with acting immediately. She said:

“When I was 6 my mom signed me up for summer drama camp… It was a 3 week camp with singing, dancing, and acting lessons over a 7 hr. day. I was hooked from day 1. I literally could not stop talking about it in the car on the way home, at home, at dinner, before bed, brushing teeth etc.”

Sissy played her first role at the age of six in a play written by her drama camp director. She displayed her love for acting when she chose the role with the most lines. As the years rolled on, Sissy’s work ethic and commitment landed her more theatre roles, and she gained valuable experience.

Sheridan told Naluda Magazine that a piece from advice she got from a former director gave her an added edge during auditions. She explained:

“Your audition begins the moment you step out of the car/uber/ subway. This advice given to me by my former director, Jennifer Kessler, has stuck with me for years as you need to be professional and composed the minute you arrive at the audition. You never know who is going to be observing you as a potential hire.”

Sissy landed her breakout role in Chicken Girls while vacationing in the Cayman Islands with her family. She hopes that by the time she’s done with college, she’ll be living in LA with consistent work in film or television.

She started her music career in musical theatre

Sissy credits musical theatre for helping grow her work ethic. “Musical theatre really helps me with decision-making because it’s live, and you have to think fast and improvise,” she told Carrie’s Chronicles. “It should look easy when you see someone performing onstage, but it sure does take a lot to act, sing, and dance eight times a week!”

Musical theatre also gave Sissy the chance to work on her music. Acting was always her number one priority, but she also wanted to make it as a musician. We first got a listen of Sissy’s vocal range when she released a cover of Hailee Steinfeld’s Most Girls. She chose Most Girls because she wanted to put out a song with a strong message.

She added a twist to the vocals, and also emphasized the message via the cover’s video. Sissy explained, “Overall, there are 6 looks in the video that I believe girls can relate to. Each look is met with a positive response from my friends, confirming that however you choose to express yourself, there is always something positive that can be said about your style, no matter how different you look from someone else.”

She followed up Most Girls with her debut single, who me? She told Celeb Secrets that her online interactions inspired the song’s lyrics.

She initially found it difficult to deal with the toxic social media environment

In a late 2018 interview with Naluda Magazine, Sissy stated that she wanted to use social media to make a positive impact on the world. At the time, she didn’t have the following that she has today, and she hadn’t been exposed to social media trolls.

As time went by and her fame grew, Sheridan started to experience the toxic side of social media. Initially, Sissy came out raw and unfiltered on social media, and people embraced her for it. However, she started to shy away when people started attacking her for her authenticity.

It was difficult to deal with, but she now claims that she had developed thick skin. She stated in a recent YouTube video, “I’m a lot lot better at it. I’ve finally started listening to my mom, and my team, and my friends about not replying to it. Of course, it still gets to me. The hardest part probably for me is when it’s other influencers… It’s been hard, especially being so young.”

Sheridan is now careful about what she posts on social media. For instance, she rarely posts videos of herself crying. “I cannot posts a video of me crying unless it’s a point of view, and even then, I’m still hesitant about that,” she explained. “I don’t want to give anyone the opportunity to hate on me.”

Sheridan is currently dating social media star Miles Despair

Sheridan has been quite secretive about her love life since she became a celebrity. 

She recently let us know who she is dating when she wished her beau a happy birthday on Instagram. Sheridan posted a series of photos and videos of social media star Miles Despair and added the caption, “Happy bday bae.”

She recently had her mask pierced into her ear

Sheridan recently posted an emotional video on her TikTok page in which she told her followers that an employee at Icing by Claire’s pierced her mask into her ear. Sissy told BuzzFeed News that she went into the store with her mother and a close friend to get a third piercing on each ear. As a precaution, she wore two masks to protect herself against a potential COVID-19 infection.

Sissy explained that the employee pierced part of the mask into her ear. She told the publication, “She does the first one, which is the right ear, and that was the one [she got] the mask stuck in. I had no idea. I’m just sitting in the chair. I didn’t feel anything, There was no sign the mask had been punctured in the ear.”

Sheridan’s mom cut the mask around the piercing, but Sissy explained that she will have to wait a few days for the swelling to go down before she removes the earring. Sissy had a traumatizing experience, but the silver lining is that it has given her more publicity. She recently posted a video on TikTok encouraging her fans to read the BuzzFeed article.