The truth about Azlia Williams’ life and ex-boyfriend

Azlia Williams is an American social media star with 611K subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel. The North Carolina native began posting videos on YouTube in 2014, and she has steadily grown her following since then. Williams has a 152K followers on her official Instagram account and 114K followers on what she refers to as her spam account.

Williams posts a wide range of content on her YouTube channel, including fitness and makeup videos, dieting videos, Q&As, and challenge videos. The YouTube star details everything about her life on her channel. This piece will look at Azlia’s ex-boyfriend, her passion for fitness, and her family.

She and her ex-boyfriend Tito met after one of her friends went missing

Azlia and Tito met after her friend and frequent collaborator Lee went missing. Tito is Lee’s cousin, and Azlia contacted him to find out whether he knew where Lee was. It turned out that Lee had challenged himself to go without answering his phone for 24 hours. Tito explained to the challenge to Azlia, and after that, they started talking.

The connection was instant after they started communicating via FaceTime. Unfortunately, Tito lived in Texas while Azlia resided in North Carolina, and so it took a while before they met in person. After finally meeting, sparks flew, and they knew that they were right for one another. They had mutual interests and were both physically attracted to each other. Azlia stated in a Q&A video she did with Tito:

“We clicked. I’ve never talked to someone for the first time and it felt like I’ve literally known him literally forever. You know what I’m saying? It was something that we didn’t really have to talk about. It was just kind of there. He literally like the male version of me. It’s literally effortless… Literally everything’s perfect.”

The couple stated that they built their relationship on trust and effective communication. Within the first couple of months, Tito met Azlia’s parents and family. The couple even talked about how many children they wanted in the future. It certainly seemed like a match made in heaven. Azlia continued in her video:

“I think that’s one the main things that drew us to each other is that we are literally the same person and we have so much in common. Even the way we think and the way we like view things is super similar on a lot of levels like with a lot of different things. So once again, literally effortless.”

Azlia ex-boyfriend cheated on her for a while before she found out

Azlia and Tito grew closer, and he started to appear in most of her videos. Tito even moved in with Azlia in her house in North Carolina. All was fine between the couple until Azlia had a gut feeling that her perfect boyfriend was cheating on her. Azlia’s instincts turned out to be accurate, and she found out that Tito was unfaithful.

A week after she found out about Tito’s infidelity, Azlia posted a video on her YouTube channel titled, I got cheated on. She took a week before posting the video because she didn’t want her emotions to cloud what she wanted to reveal. Azlia explained:

“There is not one video in this house that you guys have seen of us together where another female was not in the picture. Whenever something like this happens, you literally have so many questions… It’s just scary to think that someone can have a completely different side to themselves that you had no idea about, never sensed…”

Things were perfect in Azlia’s relationship. Tito treated her well and supported her career, but she now thinks that it was part of a plan to keep her in the relationship for as long as possible. Azlia continued:

“I was complimented every day, had helped with everything. Things were so good and I felt like I was being treated so well. But, of course, after this happened, I feel like the majority was just done for me to feel like everything was perfect, for me not to have any questions, for this to keep going on, and me never question anything… He had me fooled and I know he had you guys fooled too.”

Azlia is healing with the help of friends and family. She stated in the video that the incident made her doubt herself, but she knows her worth, and is confident that the experience will make her stronger.

She is a believer in fitness and healthy eating

Azlia is a firm believer in staying fit and eating healthy. Her Instagram photos reveal that she has an incredibly fit body.

Williams shares most of her tips with her followers on YouTube. There are videos on the right food to eat when exercising and the different exercises you can do to gain muscle or lose weight.

She is super close to her parents and siblings

Azlia has a great relationship with her parents, her three brothers Michael, Simi, and Kobe, and her younger sister. Williams and her siblings have filmed a lot of content together.

She has done one on one videos with Michael, Simi, and Kobe, while her younger sister has appeared in sibling Q&A videos. The latest video she did with a family member was one she posted in January 2020 in which she helped twist Kobe’s hair.