Is Frankie LaPenna real? All about the green screen man

The coronavirus pandemic made Zoom meetings ubiquitous in homes globally. The new form of conducting meetings was exciting, but as the world gradually started opening up, people began loathing Zoom, wishing they could be anywhere else other than in front of a camera staring at coworkers who also wanted to be somewhere else.

Frankie LaPenna provided an ingenious solution: take the meeting with you to wherever you want to go – the bar, sky-diving, an NFL game – and use a green screen to simulate your surroundings, making it seem you were still at home. 

LaPenna aims to transition from the corporate world to full-time influencing

Frankie LaPenna launched his career as a freelance videographer before enrolling in Grand Valley State University to study cinematography and video production. 

In October 2017, he landed a part-time gig in Los Angeles editing vehicles for Parker Nirenstein of Vehicle Virgins. In June 2018, Frankie moved to Calabasas, California, to shoot and edit Parker’s content full-time. 

“During this period, I learned how a large-scale YouTube influencer operates on a personal level,” Frankie writes on LinkedIn. “In total, I edited well over 150 videos for Vehicle Virgins.”

In April 2019, he worked as an archivist at the LaPenna Group Inc., restoring, preserving, and organizing old 1940s photographs. Three months later, he became a Video Director at Point O’Pines Camp Girls For Girls. 

LaPenna taught video classes and edited daily videos that featured in the hour-long recap of the summer camp experience. Frankie graduated in 2020 and secured a part-time gig as the Director of Photography at Launch Kit – a position he still holds in August 2022. 

However, he doesn’t plan to stay at Launch Kit for much longer: he’s started his transition from the corporate world to full-time influencing. Parker told the 98 Rock Radio Station:

“I’m in a transition right now from doing corporate video work. I have a degree in filming video and I was doing client video on a long level, not these short form videos. I’m transitioning from that to being a full-time influencer.”

LaPenna signed a deal with NFL team, The Baltimore Ravens where he helped create some social media content.

The partnership proved to be a huge success as he went on to also strike a similar deal with the NFL.

His posts became the number 1 Post All-Time on NFL Reels (29.3M views) and  #1 post All-Time on Ravens TikTok (17M views).

This success saw him become very sought-after as top operators latched on to the train by using him to promote some of their top NFL offers.

Frankie doesn’t monetize the content he places on social media

Frankie LaPenna attracts tons of views but doesn’t earn from social media sites as he hasn’t monetized his content. LaPenna stunned his interviewers, telling them he hadn’t made a dime directly from social media. 

However, he earns money from brand collaborations. Frankie said he hadn’t monetized his videos because he cared more about the comedy than the money. 

LaPenna said he’d monetize his content after fully transitioning to social media creation. He continued:

“There is a lot more monetary value in these TikToks, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and my time is much more valuable spent making them. I have a fantastic portfolio and videos that are extremely, extremely, high performing. This past month across my YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, I’ve done over 300 million views.”

LaPenna’s girlfriend also works in the videography industry

Frankie LaPenna was born on 21st September 1997 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Per Sportskeeda, Frankie lost a brother named Joey, who would have turned 26 in February 2022. 

LaPenna is dating a producer and director named Kayla Lewicki, who’s also from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is a producer for Ozone Films, which was a finalist for 2021’s ‘Most Creative Business’ award in Grand Rapids. In October 2021, Lewicki wrote on Instagram:

“We are incredibly honored!! Ozone is a crew of the most authentic, passionate, driven individuals and I could not be more proud of all that we have accomplished this past year. I appreciate the Ozone family and we, Ozone, appreciate YOU! Cheers to future greatness!”

Kayla and Frankie often post photos of each other on social media. 

Frankie’s body is real but his exaggerated ass is fake

In mid-2021, Frankie debuted a khaki-wearing character with an exaggerated ass. The character doesn’t chat; he simply walks around surrounded by bodyguards.

The exaggerated ass is fake. It’s evident that Frankie works out, but no amount of hip thrusts or squats can yield such magnificent results that quickly.

Fans are often disappointed after learning the ‘dump truck’ worn by ‘bubble butt Frankie’ – the fan-appointed moniker of the character – is fake.