Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli’s relationship, explained

Lucas Dobre is an American YouTuber who forms one-half of the Dobre twins. Lucas and his brother Marcus are immensely popular on YouTube, with 19.9 million followers. The brothers became famous for posting challenges and prank videos. Their YouTube success has facilitated their venture into music and they recently released a single alongside rapper Lil Pump.

Ivanita Lomeli is also a YouTube star, but she launched her online career on Instagram. Lomeli’s rise on YouTube has been incredible. She posted her first video in July 2018, and she already has 4.02 million followers. Lomeli and Lucas form quite a cute couple. This piece will provide details about their relationship.

Lucas and Ivanita met when he was challenged to kiss a stranger at the grocery store

Lucas met Ivanita after Marcus challenged him to kiss a stranger at the grocery store. The stranger that Lucas kissed was Ivanita. Lucas and his brother did that challenge again on a later date at the mall, and Lucas bumped into Ivanita again. Marcus took the two random meetings as a sign, and he arranged a blind date between Lucas and Lomeli.

A year later, Lucas officially asked Lomeli to be his girlfriend, and she said yes. The couple became official in March 2018, but a month later, Lucas posted a video in which he claimed to break up with Lomeli. Thankfully, at the end of the video, Lucas revealed that it was a prank.

The couple broke up in October 2018 but soon got back together

In October 2018, Lucas posted another break-up video. In this video. Lucas stated that he and Ivanita were breaking up for real. He stated in the video that the couple’s conflicting schedules made it difficult for them to stay together. Lucas said:

“The reason why is because we just feel like it was a lot of commitment in both our lives again and it’s really busy. She still has to finish her school and she might have more years of school and it’s not really possible. And especially with me, like how I’m on tour and I’m doing all these videos and stuff, it’s difficult for both of us.”

The couple broke up in October, but they seemed to resolve their issues hastily. They are currently in a healthy relationship, and they regularly post cute pictures on their Instagram pages.