Is Jason Genao gay? A Closer look at Jason’ sexuality

It’s rather sad that we won’t see Jason Genao or any of the core four on Netflix On My Block. The four friends took us on an emotional four-season ride that we won’t forget in a hurry. The series might be over, but Genao’s career is only just beginning. 

Genao took the conventional route to acting stardom, with minor parts in shows, before landing his breakout role in On My Block

The secretive Genao is a massive fan favorite who shares very little about his love life or sexuality. 

Jason is rumored to be gay due to his secretive nature

It’s become the norm for fans to label secretive male celebrities as gay. Jason Genao is no exception. 

There’s no evidence that Jason Genao is gay or straight. Therefore, we won’t conclude about Jason’s sexuality until he talks about it. 

Fans beg Jason to be more open about his life or at least have more Instagram posts. However, Jason stated that it’s against his nature to share his private life. He told Gadiel Del Orbe:

“I kind of want to create the aspect of what they get to see about me. And I kind of suck about it. But I promise I’m going to get better with it. I just want to build my own narrative.”