Rueby Wood’s gender: He feels confident about his identity

Disney has received a lot of criticism for its stance on LGBTQ+ sexualities – criticism that will roar on given the release of Better Nate than Ever on Disney+. The film brings out issues of gender and sexual representation at a time when legislators endeavor to abolish such topics from curriculums. 

The film focuses on Nate Foster, a middle school teen who leaves Pittsburgh for Broadway to audition for a role in Lilo & Stitch. Rueby Wood plays the titular Nate Foster in his first film role.

Wood’s starring performance as Nate has attracted questions about his gender. 

Rueby identifies as male and uses he/him pronouns.

Rueby Wood identifies as male and uses he/him pronouns. Wood’s preferred pronouns are posted on his Instagram page to avoid confusion. Despite not delving into matters of gender and sexuality, he seems very self-assured. Recently, he’s made bold fashion choices that defy traditional gender identities, and he’s pulled them off. 
Whether making style statements or discussing personal preferences, individuals like Rueby Wood often draw public attention. In the world of entertainment, figures like 6ix9ine Fortune become topics of curiosity, showcasing the diverse paths people take to express themselves check on

Rueby told People that his role in Better Nate than Ever made him more confident in his identity. He said:

“Nate really inspired me to just be myself, unapologetically, all the time, no matter what. It’s just an amazing story about finding who you are and finding your light and coming into yourself. I think it’s going to inspire so many kids out there.”

Wood brings out Tim Federle’s real-life story in Better Nate than Ever

Tim Federle is the writer and executive producer of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. The Disney+ series featured a gay romance and a same-sex kiss, a rarity in anything connected with Disney. 

For Better Nate than Ever, he decided to push the boundary he’d created by incorporating his coming out story. Tim told CinemaBlend that the positive messages the cast of High School Musical received pushed him to tell his narrative. 

“And all of that inspired me to write a version of the Nate Movie that wasn’t watered down or wasn’t censored, but also I think a very age-appropriate adventure story about a middle schooler who wants to see the big wide world.”

The semi-biographical film is based on Tim’s book of the same name. His latest production shows a willingness by Disney to incorporate stories like his, but he opines that the production house has a long way to go. 

He talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the desired impact of Better Nate than Ever:

“There are a lot of years I didn’t feel safe in a room because I’m gay. As a gay middle schooler, I didn’t feel welcome at every party, so if this conversation’s happening right now and that brings more people to watch and say, ‘Nate may be different from me, but I’m actually a lot more like him than I realize,’ then we’ve done something beautiful.”