Is Kane Lim gay? Fans think he might be

Bling Empire viewers aren’t loving season 3 Kane Lim. Kane started the series as a fan favorite because he didn’t cause unnecessary drama. However, in season 3, the real estate developer from Singapore is the source of the craziness – and fans aren’t happy. They’ve accused him of being manipulative and gaslighting other cast members. 

For instance, in episode 1, Lim manipulated events to get Christine Chiu and Jaime Xie to fight. Reality shows thrive on drama, but viewers aren’t loving the seemingly forced nature of the controversy in Bling Empire

The displeasure with Kane Lim has fueled discussions about the model’s sexuality. 

Kane hasn’t addressed his sexuality, but many fans believe he is gay

Kane Lim’s dating life and sexuality are closely guarded secrets: he hasn’t sparked a romance with anyone on Bling Empire or given any love-life hints on social media. Therefore, we aren’t sure whether Kane Lim is gay. 

Some fans, however, opine that he is a closeted gay, saying he gives off a gay ‘vibe’. Netizens also pointed to his ‘flirtation’ with Kevin as evidence of his sexuality. ]

Michael J. Stern, an opinion columnist for USA Today and a former federal prosecutor, tweeted:

“Because of my admission that I love the Real Housewives, someone recommended I watch #BlingEmpire. I cannot figure out why Kane Lim, the guy who started the show, has no romantic storyline and appears to be closeted gay.”