Jane Marczewski’s parents: They’ve created a memorial fund in Jane’s honor

Jane Marczewski, the AGT contestant who reminded us that we are all a little lost and it’s alright, succumbed to her battle with cancer on 19th February 2022. Popularly known as Nightbirde, Jane offered hope in the face of adversity as she sang her hit song It’s OK to a stunned audience. 

Nightbirde’s rich vocals belied her struggle with cancer: doctors had given her a two percent chance of survival, but she refused to stay down. Jane eventually pulled out of AGT contention to focus on her health. By then, she was a global star, and her AGT song had peaked on Billboard and iTunes charts. 

Jane’s parents raised her in a religious setting in Ohio

Jane Marczewski was born on 29th December 1990 in Zanesville, Ohio, to Mitchell and Sharon Marczewski. She resided in California with her brother Mitchell Jr. when she passed. 

Mitchell and Sharon raised Jane in a religious setting. Jane attended a Christian academy and involved herself in youth ministry at Cornerstone Church in Licking County. She discovered her talent for music while leading worship at Christian events. 

“It was during this time when she cultivated her love for music and ministry,” a GoFundMe page set up by Mitchell reads. “During college she continued her love for music by becoming a prolific songwriter and performer. When she was not writing or singing, she shared Jesus with the unparented youngsters in her neighborhood while providing them snacks after school.”

Jane joined The Belonging Church after moving to Nashville, Tennessee, as a worship leader and youth camp counselor. “Many now know the Lord because of her evangelism and commitment to Christ,” the post continues. 

Nightbirde held on to the religion up to her death. She maintained a close bond with her brother Mitchell Jr., a pastor. “Her lasting legacy will be the gift of hope she gave to so many through her music and the strength she found in Jesus,” her family’s statement read. 

Marczewski’s family lauded her larger-than-life personality and sense of humor

Jane Marczewski remained positive even when her prospects appeared bleak; she possessed a unique personality that impressed her family and fans worldwide. 

“We, her family, are devastated by her passing and unimaginable loss,” her family said. “[She] inspired millions of people around the globe with her messages of faith and never giving up. Those who knew her, enjoyed her larger-than-life personality and sense of humor.”

“She had a witty joke for every occasion — even if the joke was on her.”

Katelyn Marczewski, Jane’s sister-in-law, wrote on Facebook that she had a thousand unanswered questions but didn’t doubt God’s grade. She revealed that Jane’s passing shocked her, but she knew death would come soon. 

Katelyn praised Jane’s legacy and expressed gratitude that Jane was no longer in pain. She wrote:

“[She left] the rest of use with the legacy she created. A legacy of hop, strength, and victory. Yes, Jane is victorious because she no longer feels the sting of death that taunted her for so long. She is healed. Her pain has been taken away. She is singing beautifully right now with no tumors in her lungs.”

Jane’s father has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for a memorial foundation in Jane’s honor. Proceeds from the foundation will go to cancer research and the support of less fortunate patients. 

“The proceeds from this fund will be used to honor Jane’s memory by allowing her dream and inspiration to impact millions of others,” the campaign reads.