Inside Franny Arrieta’s life and her relationship with Daniel Seavey

Franny Arrieta is an American social media star who gained fame by posting vlogs and makeup videos on her self-titled YouTube channel. Arrieta launched her channel on 10th July 2014, and so far, she has amassed 602K subscribers. Franny’s Instagram page mostly contains personal posts, but you will also find the occasional modeling snap.

Arrieta’s popularity has soared over the past couple of years due to her music career. Franny made a splash in the music industry following the release of her emotional single Let Me Live. Many thought that her instant success in music would motivate her to leave the influencer life behind, but Franny has been ever-present on social media. She commits to posting at least a video a week on her YouTube channel.

This piece will look at Franny’s YouTube career, her music, and her love life.

Franny Arrieta struggled financially after moving to Los Angeles, but her situation improved after she started her YouTube career

Franny Arrieta was born on 27th March 1997 in New Jersey. Arrieta has featured her family members, including her mom Angela, on YouTube and Instagram. Franny Arrieta has Colombian roots.

Arrieta moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles for college. Life in LA was tough for her as she didn’t have enough money. The idea to start a YouTube channel came after Franny moved in with four members of the influencer community. With their help and motivation, Franny worked out a schedule and launched her YouTube career. In an interview with 102.7KISSFM, Franny said:

“It was by accident… I had mutual friends – friends that did YouTube but that was never my intention. I ended up living in a house with four other YouTubers. I lived with KC, Kian, Corey, and Bobby, and they were like, ‘Franny, just start doing YouTube videos,” and I was like, ‘Are you sure?’ And they were like, ‘Yeah, do it. We are all here we’ll help.’ And that’s how it started.”

Over her six-year YouTube career, Franny has accrued more than 600K subscribers on her channel. It’s an impressive feat for a person who previously didn’t view social media as a viable career. The earnings she got from social media improved her financial situation and provided enough money to fund her music career.

Social media has its benefits, but it can also be a toxic environment for influencers. It’s almost a guarantee that you will find hate comments on posts by popular users. However, Franny’s social media following has proven to be different. She regularly talks about the overwhelming support she gets from fans. Franny told StarryMag:

“I think I have the best fans in the entire world! I honestly don’t know what I did to have gotten such a strong support system. Social media lets me connect with them at a very strong personal level. I take them with me on almost everything I do!”

Franny’s hit single Let Me Live was a message to her significant other urging him to trust her

Franny always had a passion for music, and she regularly demonstrated that she had the talent to match. As a young girl, she performed in carnivals and talent shows. Her focus turned to sports when she joined high school, and after graduation, she didn’t have enough money to launch her music career.

YouTube changed everything as it gave her funds to sponsor her music and a loyal fan base willing to listen to anything Franny put out. Franny started by posting song covers before focusing on producing original content. After several low-key releases, Franny caught the world’s attention with Let Me Live.

Songwriter John Luis introduced her to the song during a studio session in Miami. She loved the song because the lyrics described what she and most of her friends had gone through. Franny tweaked some of the lyrics to fit with her situation before releasing the hit. Through the song, she urged her significant other not to fret about Franny’s loyalty as she is trustworthy. Franny told CLASH:

“Sometimes your significant other can be a little too controlling and you just need them to take a step back and give you the space that’s needed… But for me it’s basically telling a boy to take a step back and trust me, that he has nothing to worry about, I’m his and no one else’s, but you gotta let me live to keep whatever we got going smoothly.”

Franny’s other singles include Lie to Me, Crazy, and Caught Up. She told StarryMag that we should expect a full EP or an album in the near future. According to Franny, she is in advantageous situation as being an independent artist gives her full control over music production. “Since I am independent artist, I do have a big say when it comes to creating my music,” she said. “It’s actually really nice because I get the sound and song exactly the way I want without any restriction.”

Franny is currently dating long-time friend Daniel Seavey and she previously dated Corey La Barrie

Over the years, Franny has faced a myriad of rumors concerning her love life. She has been linked with most of the YouTubers she collaborates with. Franny has rarely commented on the rumors, but in mid-2018, she revealed that she dated Corey La Barrie for a couple of months. On 4th May 2018, Corey posted a video on his channel explaining that the couple decided that they were better off as friends. Corey and Franny explained:

“I was like, ‘Oh shit! Now we have to explain it.’ It was beginning of December through January. We were kind of talking before that, in like November leading up to December, and like we dated for a little bit. She kind of went to New Jersey and came back and then we kind of talked about it, and I felt like we were better of as friends.”

Sadly, Corey passed away in a car crash on his 25th birthday. Thankfully, his memory lives on via Franny’s relationship with Daniel Seavey. On Valentine’s Day, Daniel revealed via Instagram that Corey advised him to wait a while longer before pursuing a relationship with Franny, and it turned out to be the right advice. Seavey wrote:

“A year before we started dating, we kissed. Corey pulled me aside and said, ‘Not her. Not now. She’s special, and you’re not ready’… and he was right. I didn’t want to date, or believe in dating for a long time. She changed that. We were both at the scene of Corey together. And fell in love through it all. Franny, I was in the darkest place in my life and you were the light that healed it for me.”