Inside Avani Gregg’s life, Including her parents and boyfriend

Avani Gregg is an American TikTok star who rose to fame because of her different approach to makeup. Gregg started experimenting with makeup before she joined social media. She gained followers on Instagram before creating her super popular TikTik account. Avani currently has 19.9 million followers on TikTok and 9.5 million followers on Instagram.

Gregg plans to make it big as a makeup artist, and she recently revealed that she dreams of doing Billie Eilish’s makeup. This piece will look at Gregg’s personal life. It will look at her family, her boyfriend, and how she deals with online trolls.

Everybody in Avani’s family is on TikTok

Avani was born on 23rd November 2002 in Indiana to Lewis and Anisha Gregg. Her dad is African-American while her mom is of Mongolian and Indian descent. Avani has two sisters, Shanti and Priya. Gregg revealed in an interview with Today that all members of her family are on TikTok, but they mainly use the app to support each other. On 11th May 2020, Avani posted a throwback photo of her family, and paid tribute to her mom in the caption which read:

“Happy Mother’s Day to the best momma in the entire world. I love you to the moon & back! You are the most supportive, loving, selfless woman I know, you are so strong & my best friend ever!! I love you!!”

Gregg is a member of The Hype House, but she doesn’t live there with the other members. She goes to the house to create content, then heads back to be with her family. She told Today that it would be difficult for her to concentrate on her studies if she lived with the other members of the House.

She is currently dating fellow content creator Anthony Reeves

Avani and Anthony set off relationship rumors in November 2019 when the couple attended the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival together. She was then spotted kissing Anthony on Mad Lewis’ New Year’s countdown. Avani posted many photos of the couple in January, and some of them included pictures the couple took during a vacation in Hawaii.

Anthony confirmed the relationship when he posted pictures of the couple on Valentine’s Day.

Avani has gotten tougher thanks to people who hate on her content

Most people enjoy Avani’s content, but some people continuously hate on her material. Early on in her career, Avani tried to ignore the haters, but she found herself replying to them. She stated in a Q&A video she posted on her channel on 31st July 2019:

“You learn to deal with the hate but it’s like really hard at the beginning and you wanna just quit social media because just one hate comment will bring you down… I still like to comment back on the hate… I’m getting better at not doing it…”

Avani is gradually getting tougher as her success grows. She is determined to ensure that online trolls will not bring her down.

She quit gymnastics after suffering a back injury

Before Avani became a social media star, she was a competitive gymnast. She got to level nine, but she had to quit because of a back injury. Avani stated in her Q&A video:

“I am a retired gymnast. I was level nine when I had to quit because my back… that’s a different story.”