Georgina Rodriguez’s parents: Her father’s death caused a rift between her and Cristiano

Georgina Rodriguez is a model who’s famous for being Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner. Rodriguez and Cristiano started dating after he broke up with his former girlfriend, Irina Shayk, in January 2015. The pair met at a Gucci store in Madrid, where Georgina worked as a shop assistant.

Rodriguez and Ronaldo share one child, Alana Martina, and are expecting twins. She is also the step-mom to Cristiano’s other children: Eva Maria, Mateo, and Cristiano Jr. 

Georgina Rodriguez is the subject of a Netflix documentary titled I Am Georgina. It looks at the behind-the-scenes life of the model. 

Georgina’s father’s death caused a rift between her and Cristiano

Georgina was born on 27th January 1994 to Jorge Eduardo Rodriguez and Ana Maria Hernandez. Little is known about Ana Maria. 

Jorge Eduardo was a professional footballer, and coach turned drug trafficker. In 2003, he was sentenced to 11 years in prison for attempting to smuggle cocaine worth over 100,000 Euros from Spain to France. 

After Jorge went to prison, Georgina’s uncle, Jesus Hernandez, raised Georgina and her sister. Jorge was released in 2008 but was soon rearrested for helping smuggle cannabis resin worth 1 million Euros from Morocco to Spain. 

Authorities released him after two years. 

Eduardo suffered a stroke in 2016 and died three years later due to complications. The death caused a brief separation between Georgina and Cristiano.

“It was sudden,” Cristiano said in I Am Georgina. “It took a bit, perhaps a couple of months, because during that time we kind of stopped seeing each other.”

“Cristiano had a lot of games, the thing with my father also happened then,” Georgina said. “For a bit I was a little absent, well I was sad. And one day we ran into each other at another events and he asked me for dinner and I thought ‘finally, my chance has come.’”

Rodriguez’s family accused her of neglecting them after starting a relationship with Ronaldo

Before the release of I Am Georgina, Rodriguez’s family spoke to The Sun, accusing her of neglect. Georgina’s uncle, Jesus Hernandez, criticized Rodriguez for turning her back on him after he labored to raise her and her sister.

“She may feel ashamed of us and consider she’s better than us because we don’t live with her luxury,” Jesus said. “I’ve never asked her for anything. She has only rung once or twice since I found out she was dating Ronaldo.”

Hernandez claims that Georgina never informed the family that her father had passed away. “I don’t know why Georgina didn’t tell us,” he said. 

“I’ve written on Cristiano’s Facebook ‘You’ve got the most evil woman at your side’ and ‘if you want to know contact me and I will tell you,’” Jesus added. 

Georgina’s half-sister, Patricia Rodriguez, claimed that Georgina refused to obtain a signed shirt from Ronaldo for Patricia’s son. “When it was my son’s birthday, I asked if she could ask Cristiano to sign a shirt for my boy and she said ‘no,’ that she wasn’t going to bother him as he was on holiday,” she said.