Is Carrot Top gay? A closer look at Carrot’ sexuality and dating life

Carrot Top (real name Scott Thompson) is one of the best at prop comedy. He has several television appearances but is best known for his standup comedy routines. It’s hard not to love Top with his curly red hair and eccentric personality that attracts thousands of comedy lovers to his regular shows at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

Top has always been somewhat secretive about his private life, preferring to give bits of information rather than give concrete details about it. During a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast, Carrot casually stated that he was ‘seeing somebody,’ sparking interest in his relationship status and sexuality. 

Carrot regularly makes fun of rumors that he is gay

Carrot’s secrecy has sparked several rumors about his private life, including that he is gay. Top has responded by making fun of the rumors. 

“I make fun of the fact that we care so much about the gay stuff,” Carrot told The Tampa Bay Times. “We spend months on that, instead of going after real issues that could be of importance.”

Fan rumors have made Top the perfect prop by providing the comedian with endless comedy material. In one of his shows, he joked about being gay by showing a picture of him and Lance Bass and saying, “And I’m the one wearing the mesh tank top,” (per Esquire).

Despite this, he has hinted that the rumors about his personal life hurt. He may make fun of the false reports, but Carrot is still human. Top told Las Vegas Magazine:

“People say, ‘Carrot Top is gay’ or ‘Carrot Top got a facelift.’ Would I look better with a facelift? Or ‘Carrot Top does drugs.’ It’s so absurd and people say to me, ‘That hurts your feelings, right?’ Some of it does. But I’m a big fan of self-deprecating humor; that’s my whole thing.”

Carrot Top’s real name, Scott Thompson, doesn’t help him avoid gay rumors: another US comedian named Scott Thompson is openly gay. Some fans attribute gay sexuality to the wrong Scott. 

Carrot has dated Amanda Hogan for about six years

Carrot and Amanda first appeared together on social media in March 2015. Hogan’s Instagram page shows that she is a caterer based in Las Vegas.

She used to share personal pictures on her Instagram page, but she seems to have converted the page to a business account. Top rarely posts about Hogan, though he has mentioned her a couple of times on Twitter. 

The relationship has raised eyebrows due to the alleged age difference between the pair. Hogan is reportedly 38 years old, and Carrot is 56, making him 18 years older than Hogan.