Is Bo Burnham gay? He is not gay though his family thinks he’s queer

Bo Burnham’s evolution from a YouTuber to a critically acclaimed comedian has been impressive to behold. In 2021, Netflix released perhaps Bo’s best work Bo Burnham: Inside, an honest yet funny chronicle of the year 2020, made entirely by Bo. 

Burnham touches on his personal life in his comedy specials, but other than that, he is rather secretive about the subject. Some speculate that he hides that he is gay. However, those speculators are wrong. 

Bo Burnham is not gay. He is in a relationship with Lorene Scafaria. 

Despite Bo’s insistence that he is not gay, his family still thinks that he is queer

“My whole family thinks I’m queer/ that’s all I ever hear,” Bo once said on stage

Bo’s family thinks that he is queer, but he is as straight as they come. “But I’ve been straight as a ramp if you don’t count Bible camp.”

Burnham has supported the LGBTQ+ community, but he has clashed with it due to some odd jokes about sexuality. Bo landed in trouble for using the word ‘faggot’ in one of his shows. 

Bo told Rolling Stone that he understood the anger directed towards him. “But you know, I have an explanation for it,” he said. “I don’t even use it; the show literally calls me that. It’s more just, like, what it truly feels like to live online.”

Bo and his girlfriend Lorene Scafaria don’t seem to mind their 12-year age gap

Bo and Hustlers’ director Lorene Scafaria have been dating since 2013. They’ve kept the intimate details of their relationship secret. 

Burnham is 12 years younger than his boo, but the pair don’t seem to mind as they approach a decade together. 

You might have missed Bo’s tribute to his girlfriend at the end of Bo Burnham: Inside.

The words ‘for lor, for everything’ appeared near the end of the credits. Lor refers to his girlfriend, Lorene. 

Scafaria and Bo’s secretive relationship seems to be as strong as ever.