22 Inspiring Bob Braids Hairstyles

Box braids are the protective hairstyle every girl needs. Wearing braids in a bob hairstyle is beyond adorable. Plus, this stylish look will help you stand out in a crowd. Sure, you can wear beautiful braids however you choose, but bob braids are a coveted style all their own. The bob braided style is also amazing for a short hair option that stays out of your way while still looking chic.

Why Choose Bob Braids?

Choosing to wear a braided hairstyle is easy, but you might be wondering, why a bob braid hairstyle? Well, the shorter length of a bob means less pull and irritation on the scalp. Bob-length braids are playful, stylish, and let you wear a vibrant color in a non-dramatic way. Finally, bobs have amazing face-framing effects. Now that we have you convinced, let’s take a look at some of the most modern and inspiring looks out there today.

#1: Box Braids

Box braids are the most popular braid hairstyle today, without question. Alongside triangle braids and knotless braids, these square shaped braids are the best for creating your perfect bob hairstyle.

A center part is pretty, but slight side parts are typically easier to wear for most girls. They help to create more movement throughout the braids as well.

#2: Gold Tassels

Women have been rocking braid accessories for some time now. Tassels are a part of a newer trend, however.

In a gold color like this, gold tassels make box braids look chic and pulled together. Ask your stylist to add in this accessory the next time you go to the salon for braids.

#3: Cornrow Side Part

Box braids provide the perfect opportunity to play with your part using cornrows. It proves that short hair can be interesting, too!

Ask your stylist for a side part the next time you’re at the salon. Don’t forget to get creative!

#4: Brunette Box Braids

This bob hairstyle with box braids may be simple, but the rich chocolate color will set you apart. If you’re interested in another all-over color, try this gorgeous one or a trendy gray.

You can always weave in several chocolate strands with your natural black for a dimensional highlight look.

#5: Half- Up Bob

Half-up styles have that perfect combination of sexy and cute. By pulling box braids up, they are out of your face, yet hair still runs down the back of the head and neck for a feminine feel.

Plus, pulling up braids helps to give them longer life and varies your styling options.

#6: Bohemian Bob

Bohemian is a popular box braids style, but on a bob, it becomes an even more unique style. To recreate this look, consider a soft side part for a more laid back, whimsical mood.

As for the details, get as creative as you’d like. Leave some pieces of hair out of the braids, add a few artful beads, and wrap several braids with golden twine.

#7: Asymmetrical Braids

Do you want your bob braids to look sophisticated and elevated? An asymmetrical bob oozes style and shows that the wearer is confident.

By keeping one side of the hair longer than the other, you’ll lend balance to a round face shape. The tips of the hair help to frame the face.

#8: Side Corn Rows

Center parts are beautiful and side parts too, but we especially love a side part detail. These beautiful cornrows emphasize the beauty of your box braids.

If you’re looking to make your bob braids stand out, consider a subtle cornrow side part. Adding a few beads for details doesn’t hurt, either.

#9: Red Auburn

How gorgeous is this deep auburn color? Colorful bob braids are so beautiful on the creative and adventurous babe. By braiding them into your darker color, you’ll give off a natural highlights vibe that is interesting and fun.

We love the way this style is curled under at the ends, though your braids can easily be worn straight.

#10: Strawberry Swirl

Box braided bobs are awesome because of the options that come along with them. This strawberry pink color is not only gorgeous, but paired against natural jet-black root color, it absolutely pops!

To create this beautiful swirl, ask your stylist to begin braids at different sections of the head in a cornrow style. It’s best to work off of a unique side part.

#11: Long Bob + Middle Part

Bob braids can be versatile in their length. You can try a closely cropped one that falls just under the ears or go for a longer version that ends at the base of the neck, like this one.

A center part is tricky if you have a round face like this beautiful babe’s, but the long length works in your favor. It draws the eyes downwards while a shorter bob would cup the cheeks, enhancing any fullness.

#12: Chunky Braids + Beads

The size of your box braids is also something to consider. Thicker braids usually means more weight and tension on the scalp, but this short style takes off any pressure.

For a fuller, bolder look, get your bob braids a little thicker the next time you head to the salon. We love how this look not only has accessories but layers for added texture.

#13: Bold Red

If your skin has pink or yellow undertones and you’re interested in a bold color, try this stunning red style.

We love how this bob has a look that matches its bold color. Add beads at the tips of the hair and create a gorgeous and unique side part with cornrow details.

#14: Orange + Tassels

Orange is probably a color you wouldn’t normally consider for a bold colored bob braid style, but you have to admit it’s inviting! It looks absolutely gorgeous on deeper skin tones.

For a little bit of flair, knot braids at the ends and leave a bit of fringe leftover. This style is not only trendy but also creates fullness all throughout the hairstyle.

#15: Center Part Blonde

Just in case you were wondering, blondes do have more fun and your bob braid is here to prove it! These box braids have a golden hue, which is perfect for standing out.

As you can see, this center part works with a square jawline because of the roundness of the ends of the bob. They cup the chin, cutting off any harsh lines. Swipe on a complimentary shimmer blue eye shadow and you’re good to go!

#16: Midnight Blue

Another surprisingly stunning color to try on your bob braids is this midnight blue nameshype color. At first glance, these braids appear black but upon closer inspection, the deep blue color is undeniable.

Go for solid blue or try weaving it in with another color or your own natural root color.

#17: Half- Up Face-Framing Braids

Just because your bob is shorter than most hair doesn’t mean you only have to wear it down. We love a half-up style because it’s cute, easy to wear, and very trendy right now.

The next time you feel like wearing your braids in a half-up style, tie braids into a bun at the top back portion of the head. Leave two braids down to frame your face. This is great for calling attention to your beautiful eyes.

#18: Gold Tips

In the mood for bringing out your inner goddess? This gorgeous gold-tipped braided bob is all the inspiration you need for creating your own accessorized look.

This bob rests at chin length, though you can take it all the way down to the base of the neck for a lob style if that suits you better.

#19: Burgundy Bob

A purplish burgundy hue is such a classy way to rock your bob braids. The color is hardly bright but far from ordinary.

It would look great with a center part, but we can’t help but love the side part with curled under ends.

#20: Golden + Cornrow Detail

Utilizing more than one color for your bob braids is very trendy right now. It looks unique and shows that you have a creative side.

A bold color like this rich golden caramel is the perfect way to incorporate the two-toned trend. Side cornrow details also set this look apart from the rest.

#21: Black + Auburn Combo

You can mix different colors into each individual box braid or you can add solid Naa Songs colored braids into your bob. The look works especially well if the colors you choose are earthy and muted.

On the right babe, however, colorful styles can be totally cool.

#22: Beaded Ends

Don’t forget, you can rock your bob braids in a slicked back style. All you need are some beautiful cornrows to pull hair back in an interesting way.

As for the ends of your braids, you can leave them plain or you can add an array of beads that inspire and add interest to your hair. We love this black, white, and clear combination.