23 Lovely Short Haircuts for Older Women

Getting older comes with its own set of beauty challenges, especially when it comes to hair. Aside from turning gray, aging hair is subject to thinning and dryness as melanin and oil production slows. However, short haircuts offer the perfect solution for women as they age.

Benefits of Short Hair on Older Women

Minimizing the appearance of brittle and wiry hair is easier with short hair, and it’s easier to keep healthy, too. Short hair is also quick to style, making it perfect for a busy lifestyle. Finally, short hair makes the face appear more youthful as it lifts the lines of the face and draws the eyes upward. Convinced yet? Perhaps the following 24 hairstyles will do the trick!

#1: Short Pixie With Side Bangs

The short pixie is tidy and has plenty of height, thanks to several choppy layers at the back top point of the head.

Side bangs on one side of the face and a choppy sideburn on the other help to frame the face and make cheekbones appear full and pop. Plus, we love the tiny streaks of silver running through charcoal black color.

#2: Sleek Bob

Sleek bobs are much easier to manage than long, straight hair. A side part is best for a softening effect on virtually every face shape.

All that’s left is choosing your length. If your face shape is square, for instance, cut your bob to chin length and conceal harsh jawlines.

#3: Textured Pixie Bob With Side Bangs

When a hairstyle has more length than a classic pixie but isn’t long enough to be considered a bob, you’ve got a pixie bob, and they are perfect on older women.

Longer layers give you dimension while short, choppy layers up top give the appearance of fullness on hair that has thinned over time.

#4: Rounded Curly Bob

Aging curly hair is lucky, as it’s easier to conceal hair loss with naturally voluminous texture. You’ll still want to shorten it, however.

Though they started in the 80s, round bobs are trendy now, even on older babes. The shape is generous to luscious ringlets, but jaw-length ends make it manageable.

#5: Choppy Pixie With Razor Cut Layers

Adding interest to thin, aging hair is key, but feathery, fluffy layers aren’t for everyone. If that’s the case for you, choppy layers with razor-cut ends keep you looking cool.

If you prefer bangs, sweep them to one side, but cut them short on one and choppy on the other. The offset look will restore balance and fullness to your face.

#6: Sassy Feathered Style

Feathered layers seem to never go out of vogue. This sassy hairstyle should be cut in a forward motion and culminate into layered, side swept bangs.

A razor cut helps to feather hair out around the ears, which defines the chin and jaw. After a quick blow dry, this style is all yours.

#7: Feathered Long Bob

Finding long hair hard to give up? Shoulder-length styles are still age-appropriate and add fullness to the face.

Lots of layers define this look. By making the ends appear thicker, the whole hairstyle gains volume. Feathered bangs are great for older hair.

#8: Layered Blonde Pixie

It may seem counterintuitive, but choppy layers add softness to the face. For older women, short layers add height to make hair appear fuller than it actually is.

These side swept bangs are rounded across the forehead to lend a youthful expression and frame the face.

#9: Stacked Pixie For Thick, Coarse Hair

Hair might thin as we age, but not all aging hair is thin. In fact, managing thick hair can become a challenge, as moisture is lost and coarseness takes over.

Stacked styles make coarse hair manageable and give it a deliciously stylish shape. Let your thick, wavy locks do all of the rest.

#10: Silver Inverted Bob

The best way to add roundness to face shapes that have grown long and thin is with an inverted bob. These styles are cut with slight layers at the back of the head. The ends of hair grow from short to long as you surround the face.

The difference in length between the front and the back is up to you, but we find than an inch or two is the most subtle and chic.

#11: Messy Red Bob

Mature hairstyles don’t have to be restrained. This messy red bob has tons of energy, which is perfect for the young at heart.

Tousled, textured layers on the sides of the head look balanced with straight, blunt cut bangs.

#12: Stacked + Wavy Pixie Bob

Loose, wavy texture is pretty popular these days. Tastefully incorporate it into your mature hairstyle by cutting hair into a stacked bob.

The shape of this bob moves forward to round out the face for a youthful glow. The back of the stacked pixie can add shape to thin hair.

#13: Finger Waves

Tasteful and elegant, finger waves are an old-fashioned style that has come back around today. They work especially well on black women who regularly enhance their look with beautiful edges.

Finger waves feel special, so they are perfect for an important event, but work as an everyday style as well.

#14: Wispy Spiky Pixie

Thinning, aging hair looks full and fabulous in a spiky pixie. Short, choppy layers can be teased to epic heights that add a sense of body where it’s needed most.

Keep sideburns slightly longer in front of the ears to continue the voluminous illusion. We love these cuts in all colors, but especially with roots.

#15: Short + Stacked Layers

Thanks to their versatility, older women can truly never go wrong with short and stacked layers on a pixie cut. Layers can be thinned and manipulated to add height and volume whichever way you choose.

Side bangs are pretty much essential. However, how long you want to keep them is up to you.

#16: Layered Bob

Cut in the right way, layers give your hairstyle movement. This is perfect for cultivating a youthful feel for your bob as hair ages.

This one takes on an overall rounded shape, which is a safe go-to, regardless of your season in life.

#17: Curly Pixie

Maintaining gorgeous, curly locks is actually easy with a pixie haircut. Focus the bulk of height on the top of the head and trim the undercut portion of the hair, close to the head.

This way, you’ll be able to display plenty of curl and get ready easily each day. No brittle breakage here!

#18: Wavy Gray Lob

A surefire way to appear confident as you age is to maintain your natural gray hair with chic style. This wavy lob with a side part is trendy among younger women, but becomes age-appropriate as gray grows in.

A lob is about as short as aging hair should go, before it starts to appear too brittle.

#19: Round Bob

A great way to add fullness to a bob hairstyle is to round under the edges when blow-drying. These large, soft lines will add the youthful fullness your face has been missing.

This bob in particular is cut at a slight angle to give it even more dimension and shape. A slight stack at the nape of the neck bolsters the whole style.

#20: Feathered Top Layers for Thin Hair

If you needed any proof that short layers on the top of the head add fullness and height to aging hair, simply look at this side-by-side photo.

A few short, feathered layers make your hair appear twice as thick and, in turn, more youthful.

#21: Flipped Out Silver Bob

If your mature hair still has plenty of body, keeping it longer than a pixie cut is relatively easy. This hair is beautifully smooth and straight, but once styled, the look can last for several days.

Give your hair a little flair and a break from rounded styles by flipping out those ends.

#22: Razor Layers With Undercut

Really short hair doesn’t have to be short everywhere! A buzzed undercut that sits at the nape of the neck is incredibly easy to manage, while long, tiered layers up top create volume and length.

This style is subtler with one solid color, but root growth makes two-toned hair more interesting.

#23: Silver Bob + Soft Layers

Not everyone wants loads of dimension, as much as short or stacked layers are nice.

Ladies who prefer a more sophisticated look can try this soft bob with just a few subtle and delicate layers on the outer edge of the hair.