Things You Should Know About Joey King

Joey King is one talented young actress that the world needs to keep an eye on. She is quite young, but she already looks like a seasoned professional in front of the camera.

Joey’s rise to superstardom is no fluke. Her success is the result of hard work, tons of natural talent, and a willingness to grab any promising opportunity that comes her way. Joey’s story is a testament to the power of hard work and resilience.

Joey’s lovable character off-screen has earned her a lot of fans. She is charming, funny, and incredibly confident. Joey is also very mature in her interviews, and it’s clear that she is focused on making it to the top of the Hollywood ladder.

It would be unwise to bet against Joey King. Keep reading to discover more about her.

She landed her first acting role when she was four

Joey grew up close to Hollywood royalty in Simi Valley. Her parents weren’t interested in acting, but Joey and her siblings wanted to become actors. Joey has two sisters, Hunter King, and Kelli King, both of whom are actors.

Joey made her acting debut at the age of four when she landed a bit-part role in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. She then went on to appear in films such as Ramona and Beezus and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Joey also landed several voice roles in films such as Horton Hears a Who!, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and The Boxcar Children. Joey is grateful for the experience she got as a child, and she says that it helped shape the actor that she is today. She told Refinery29;

I’m very proud of the accomplishments I made when I was a young child, and I’m proud of the person I became for that.

Her first major role came when she played the role of Young Talia al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises. She then made an appearance in the series, Fargo. She later made appearances in several films and shows before landing a starring role in the film, The Kissing Booth. The film’s writer and director, Vince Marcello, based the film on a Beth Reekles’ book with the same title.

The film became a huge success, and Joey received critical acclaim for her acting. After The Kissing Booth, she went on to appear in movies such as Slender Man and The Lie. She also made appearances in shows such as The Act and Life in Pieces.

She had to shave her head to portray the role of Gypsy in The Act

Joey’s role in The Act gave her major global recognition. The show follows the story of Gypsy (Joey); a girl who conspired to kill her mother after many years of torture. Gypsy’s mom, Dee Dee, is diagnosed with a disease called Munchausen Syndrome.

The disease causes Dee Dee to imagine that Gypsy is sick. Gypsy is confined to a wheelchair, and she undergoes many pointless surgeries and procedures. To get rid of Dee Dee, Gypsy conspires with her boyfriend to eliminate her mom. The events on the show are based on a true story.

To be better prepared for her role, King did a lot of research. The real Gypsy is in prison for her role in the stabbing, but Joey wasn’t allowed to talk to her. Instead, she watched the HBO documentary on the murder and talked to writer, Michael Dean, about Gypsy’s story. Michael Dean wrote a BuzzFeed article on the murder, based on the conversations he had with Gypsy.

In addition to the research, Joey also had to transform physically for her role. The biggest change she went through was shaving her head. It wasn’t the first time that Joey was shaving her head for a role. Joey first shaved when she was 11 and then again when she was 14. Unfortunately, shaving attracted a lot of online abuse. However, she told Teen Vogue that the abuse made her stronger;

…I got so sad because people were so mean about it online, and it just got so disheartening. Then the second time I did it, when I was 14, I was like, ‘Screw it. I learned from last time. I’m not gonna let anyone bother me.’… ‘Why am I caring? I’m 14 years old. I have no hair. I look really freaking cool. And guess what? It’s gonna grow back.

Joey told Refinery29 that she wanted the role so badly that she would have done anything to get it. Joey shaved her hair, and she delivered an exceptional performance.

One crucial thing that stood out in the show was the relationship between Dee Dee (Arquette Patricia) and Gypsy. Dee Dee and Gypsy have a very toxic and abusive relationship. Joey talked to Refinery29 about her bond with Patricia;

I think our real bond developed when we started doing rehearsals together and realizing how deeply we had to dig ourselves to find these emotions, how vulnerable we had to be.

Joey learnt a lot from Patricia, and they have a great relationship off-screen. Joey told Variety;

I feel like a little bit of a different person, mostly because I worked with such lovely people and I had such a wonderful time getting to know Patricia. I feel like Patricia made me a better actor and a better person.

She wants to appear in many diverse roles

Joey hopes that she will get opportunities to act in many different roles. She wants to show the world that she can portray any role she takes on. Joey told Teen Vogue;

I just really want to show people that what I do is so important to me, no matter what kind of role it is…That I can take on anything and just go at it 110%. The biggest challenge in proving myself is being able to obtain roles and certain characters that really get to show the range that I have and want to show.

Joey is prepared to put in the effort to cement her status as one of the best actors in Hollywood. She has several films coming up, including The Kissing Booth 2. The movie is set to be released in 2020, but there is no official release date.

Joey told Refinery29 that her love for acting makes it easier to prosper in the industry. She said;

It always makes me sad when I hear people talk about how much they love the job, but they hate the industry.

Joey stated that all she has is love for the industry. She enjoys acting, and she is determined to make it to the top. The only thing that bothers her about being a celebrity is the lack of privacy. Like most actors, she hates the paparazzi that keep following her everywhere.

She is rumored to be in a relationship with The Act producer, Steven Piet

Joey is reportedly in a relationship with producer Steven Piet. Rumors about the relationship emerged when the couple was spotted together along with Joey’s sisters. The four of them were headed to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to watch a screening of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.

A source speaking to E! News stated that Steven and Joey looked very happy together. The source said;

They were very affectionate and were with her two sisters sitting watching the movie together. Joey and Steven cuddled the entire time and looked very happy together. They had snacks and drinks and were laughing with her sisters.

Steven is one of the executive producers of The Act. He also directed a couple of episodes of the hit show. Before dating Steven, Joey was in a relationship with The Kissing Booth co-star Jacob Elordi. Jacob played the role of Joey’s love interest in the film, and the couple extended their relationship to the real world after filming ended.

It all seemed to be going well until the couple decided to end the relationship in 2018. Jacob and Joey are still friends, and they will appear together in the sequel to The Kissing Booth.

She is vocal about politics and social issues

Joey is determined to make the world a better place, and she knows that one of the best ways to do so is through social media. She has a huge social media following, and she uses her various platforms to talk about politics and social issues. She told Schon Magazine;

Using your voice as much as your comfortable with is something I think is so important…I think it’s crucial that I also try and give my followers a point of view on certain topics and issues that they may not have otherwise had, or for the followers that maybe share the same beliefs as me, it shows them that they can hopefully rely on someone they respect to set an example they would like to set as well.

Some of the issues she’s talked about include voter registration and the benefits of adopting pets rather than buying them. She has also talked about the need to end human trafficking.