A detailed Break down of Nikita Dragun’s Relationship

Nikita Dragun (aka Mama Dragun) is an American YouTuber, model, and make-up artist. Dragun gained fame for being candid about her sexuality. She is transgender, and she detailed her transformation on YouTube for her followers to see. Nikita is an advocate for body positivity, open sexuality, and self-discovery.

Dragun is also a talented make-up artist, and some of the looks she creates are legendary. Her make up line, Dragun Beauty usually sells out within minutes after she releases a new set. Nikita is one of the trendsetters in the beauty and fashion industry. She is set to make her docuseries debut in the Snapchat Docuseries titled Nikita Unfiltered.

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Nikita has been involved in plenty of drama since her online career started. Part of that drama has involved her relationships. This piece will break down Nikita’s relationships.

She claims to have been in a relationship with model and reality star Michael Yerger

Nikita’s relationship with Michael started when she hired him to act as her boyfriend in an October 2018 video. After that video was posted, the pair started to appear together on social media. Michael and Nikita looked like a real couple, and in March 2019, Nikita confirmed in a Q&A video that she and Michael were dating.

Dragun revealed that she was guarded about getting into a relationship because she had never been in a relationship before. She stated in the video that she felt that Michael truly loved her when the relationship got physical. Nikita stated:

“It was the first time in my transition or womanhood that I had a guy that I really liked and just a guy in general tell me that he liked me…”

Nikita seemed happy, but in July 2019, Nikita dropped the bombshell in a video titled I got my heart broken. Dragun stated that Michael had been using their relationship as a means of advancing his career and that he never truly loved her. She also stated that Michael cheated on her, and she felt that the relationship had to end. Nikita stated in the video:

“It really threw me because I never experienced that pain like that inner heartbreak. The thing is, I’ve experienced pain on all degrees. My fucking life is pain. I have gotten eight hour surgeries. I’ve got this, I’ve got that. Nip, tuck, pulled, and whatever. Nothing could amount to the pain that I felt when this all happened.”

Michael Yerger responded by stating that the relationship between him and Nikita was contractual

Michael Yerger responded to Nikita by claiming that he was never in a consensual relationship with her. He stated in a lengthy Instagram Stories post that he was hired by Nikita through his modeling company to act as her boyfriend. Michael stated that his association with Nikita helped his career, but he never asked for any of it. He wrote:

“Let it be known that my life was changing for the better at this point. A few tags from her and she was opening doors for me left and right. I pretty much got brought out of the woodwork from her ‘fake boyfriend idea… I don’t know Hollywood well at this point and I assume that this is a normal thing to do to find success in the industry and I thought nothing of it.”

Yerger claimed that he started getting uncomfortable when the videos he had to do with Nikita started getting more explicit. He stated that the boyfriend Q&A video was tough to do because he had to lie about the details of their fake relationship. Michael wanted to get out, but he was immersed in the life that Dragun offered him.

He tried as much as possible not to get into a real relationship with Nikita, and he created excuses to avoid being alone with her. Nikita claimed that Michael cheated when they were together during Coachella. Michael refuted her claim by stating that their appearance together at Coachella was another commercial transaction, and he wasn’t obligated to stay loyal to her. He wrote:

“I was forced to give her a fantasy in person and on camera as I continued to say yes to the opportunities. The pain I inflicted was never intentional, but rather innocent and haphazard… I just wanted to quit feeling like I was living a lie and being forced into a lifestyle and a scene that I didn’t know if I ever understood or even wanted.”

Nikita is rumored to be dating Chase Stobbe but she doesn’t seem to have gotten over Michael

In early July 2020, Nikita posted a photo of herself vacationing alongside a mystery man in Miami. She used emojis to hide the man’s face, but it was soon confirmed to be social media star Chase Stobbe. Chase fueled the rumors when he posted a photo of himself and Nikita relaxing by the pool.

A couple of weeks before Nikita posted the photo alongside Chase, she courted controversy when she attacked Michael Yerger and his girlfriend Daisy Keech via a tweet posted on 15th June. “I ain’t even mad when I see my ex with another girl,” Nikita wrote. “Like u about to be just as embarrassed as I was when u find out what he’s really about.”

Michael responded by referring to his past relationship with Nikita as a hoax. “You still love using that word ‘ex’ lmfaoo it’s been far too long to keep bugging about an old hoax. Wish you the best Nikita,” Michael replied.

Although Nikita’s appeared to direct her comments at Michael, Daisy weighed in with a reply. She quoted Nikita’s tweet and wrote, “Nikita, whatever happened is in the past. There’s no need to tear others down. I hope you can move on and be happy. We truly wish you the best.”