Sun-Powered Vibes: Load with Solar Power Banks and Get the House Party Started

The party scene across Oz has always been very energetic, but nowadays, with the next generation of partygoers entering the fray, the party landscape is shifting somewhat. Nights on the town in expensive clubs and bars are out, and house parties, or even parties in the Outback, are in. This is where a solar power bank can be so useful.  

These devices allow you to harness the power of the sun, store it, and use said energy to power various electronic devices such as phones, laptops, DJ decks, photobooths, lights, music systems, and much more. 

But how are Jackery products helping people to relax, unwind, have fun, and forget their troubles as they party the night away? Let’s find out. 

Popular House Party Themes in Australia

Here in Australia, young adults and experienced partygoers alike are moving out of the cities and into homes and backyards and becoming increasingly innovative with their party ideas. 

The reason why a solar power bank is so useful for partying is down to the creativity of those hosting the events. Gone are the days of cheap plastic decorations and banners. The youth of today are far more creative than that, and it shows in the theming of their parties. 

If you’re hosting your own party and are looking for a sustainable and, indeed, affordable source of energy, here’s a look at how solar power bank products can help keep the party going. Check out these popular house party themes, and you’ll see why these devices are so useful. 

  • Mystical Masquerade Ball 

Mystical masquerade ball party themes have become very popular amongst youngsters here in Oz, and that trend doesn’t look set to end anytime soon. Whereas masquerade balls have been popular for centuries upon centuries, partygoers across Australia are putting their own unique spin on things. 

As soon as the sun sets, why not break out your solar power bank, get some blue/purple mood lighting going, and fire up the sound system with some classic waltz? Don’t forget that photo booth, complete with vibrant masks and moody lighting, so guests remember what an amazing night they had.  

  • Time-Traveller’s Soiree 

Another popular party theme amongst young adults here in Australia is a almostfamouscast time-traveller’s soiree. The great thing about this particular theme is the fact that you can choose whichever period in time you like, or you can really go leftfield and mix and match, as it were, combining different time periods together. 

A solar power bank is ideal for this particular party theme because there are so many possibilities. You may simply choose to power some solar candles and recreate a banquet or dinner party from the 16th century, or you may wish to go with a futuristic theme, complete with lasers, smoke machines, strobe lighting, and the works. 

  • Enchanted Garden Gathering

If you and your guests are big into your fantasy epics, an enchanted garden gathering is the perfect party theme to opt for. By harnessing the power of the sun, thanks to Jackery, you can bring a fantasy world to life right in your very own garden. Think fairies, elves, pixies, dragons, wizards, sorceresses, warriors, taverns, and heaps more. Besides, you can use whichever elements you like to create a stunning party right in your own backyard. 

Want some bard music to create your very own tavern or inn where journey-worn, battle-hardened warriors can seek refuge from a storm and enjoy a tankard of ale or a horn of mead? No problem. Find your chosen playlist, plug your sound system into a solar power bank, and you’re ready to go.  

  • Futuristic Cyberpunk Bash 

Cyberpunk is a dystopian, futuristic sub-genre of sci-fi that focuses on human interaction with computers and technology. Because of its futuristic themes, bright flashing neon lights, and the popularity of cyberpunk in a pop-culture sense, it’s easy to see why cyberpunk house parties are so widespread. If you need a solar power bank for any of the party themes we’re looking at today, a cyberpunk bash is surely going to benefit the most. From digital invites and synth-heavy techno/electro music to neon lighting, glowing DJ decks, and a vibrant photo booth, cyberpunk parties are fantastic for those looking to add a little, or a lot, of colour to their lives. 

  • Tropical Luau 

Here in Australia, we’re fortunate enough to have some of the most stunning beaches on the planet, and if you and your friends are looking for a way to party during the warm summer nights, a tropical luau party right here on the beach is the way to go. During the day, you can charge your solar power bank in the sun as you swim in the sea or soak up some rays, and as soon as the sun begins to set, it’s party time! 

You can go with vibrant flower garlands, pineapple paper lanterns, neon palm trees, hula hooping, a tiki bar photo booth, and, of course, plenty of tropical cocktails. Don’t forget the Hawaiian luau music to really get your guests into the party mood. 

Even if you don’t have access to a beach, you can almostfamouss easily create a tropical Hawaiian paradise in your own backyard and power your entertainment using nothing but energy from our own sun. 

How Can a Solar Power Bank Support Your House Party?

Suppose you have opted for a futuristic cyberpunk bash for your next garden party. That’s all well and good, but what do you do when you don’t have a generator for house parties and an endless supply of outdoor sockets to power those neon lights that have become synonymous with cyberpunk? Well, the solution lies in a solar power bank. 

Here are several ways in which these fantastic portable power sources can help bring your cyberpunk garden party to life. 

  • Sustainable Energy for High-Tech Gadgets 

Cyberpunk is all about futuristic technology, and as a result, high-tech gadgets such as tablets, lasers, DJ decks, computers, and other gadgets and gizmos are all often used in this setting. 

To help you ensure any gadgets and gizmos you use during your party can operate at their best without having to worry about them losing power, a power bank powered by solar is ideal. These power banks can provide hours upon hours of power and can easily power multiple devices at once with no issues at all. 

  • Mobile Cyberpunk Stations 

Of course, no party is complete without music, and if you’re looking to really create a cyberpunk environment, you want to go with a mobile cyberpunk station. To get power to these devices so that your guests can enjoy the sounds of the future, a solar power bank will work wonders.  vefeast

  • Solarpunk Lighting Extravaganza 

At a cyberpunk party, the general rule of thumb is that you can never have too much neon light. Cyberpunk is all about vibrant neon pinks, blues, greens, reds, and purples, and of course, to power these lights, you need a power bank. A power bank from Jackery can easily power multiple neon lighting devices, signs, and accessories for hours on end with no issues in the slightest.  

  • Solar DJ Booth and Soundscapes 

Every good party needs a DJ, and a DJ needs a DJ booth. One of the main reasons why these power banks have proved so popular for cyberpunk house parties is the fact that they can easily run complex DJ booths and soundscapes. 

With mixing decks, complex speaker systems, docking stations, lights, lasers, and much more besides, if you are planning on a DJ booth for your cyberpunk party, make sure you invest in a quality solar power bank. 

  • Solar-Infused Photo Booths 

Finally, once guests have had a few drinks and are really letting loose, what better way to help them remember what an epic party you hosted than with a cyberpunk-themed photo booth powered by solar? A power bank for your photo booth is fantastic as you can help set the mood with neon signs, glow-in-the-dark accessories, ambient lighting, and perhaps even special effects, all powered by this handy, portable device that will give you more than enough power all night long. 

Common Solar Power Misconceptions

As fantastic as a solar power bank can be, some people are still hesitant to make the switch to portable solar power due to a series of common myths and misconceptions. 

To help show you the true potential of the sun and why sustainable energy is the future, here are some common misconceptions about solar power. 

  • Misconception 1: Solar Power Stations are Expensive and Not Cost-Effective 

This is simply not the case. A solar power station is a very versatile tool and can be used in a wide range of different ways. For example, they can be used as an emergency generator for home during power outages or simply to save a few bucks. 

Best of all is the fact that they are very affordable, as once you’ve purchased the device itself, you are essentially getting free energy from the sun. These devices will quickly pay for themselves and save you heaps of money on mains-powered electricity in the future. 

  • Misconception 2: Solar Power Stations Require a Lot of Maintenance

Again, this is simply not true. The great thing about these devices is the fact that they are durable and hardy and are therefore ideal for parties anywhere, including the seaside, where they’ll be exposed to sand and salty sea air. 

  • Misconception 3: Solar Power Stations Can Only Be Charged by Solar Power 

Another reason why people are hesitant to buy solar power stations is that they believe they can only be charged by solar power. 

We know we can’t always rely on the weather, even here in Australia, which is why you can also charge your power bank via the mains. 

  • Misconception 4: Solar Power Stations are Hard to Monitor 

People assume that these power banks need a lot of monitoring and maintenance, when in reality, once you’re charged, switched on, and have your electronics plugged in, that’s it. 

That means that whether you’re using it for an emergency generator for power outage situations or during a garden party, you can kick back, relax and enjoy a worry-free party, as there is very little monitoring required.

Popular Jackery Solar Power Banks

Before we leave you to get ready to throw the most epic house party ever seen, we’re going to look at a couple of popular solar power bank products from Jackery. 

This power station provides a lightweight design, ultra-fast charging, and incredibly high efficiency. With 6* SolarSaga 100W solar panels, it can be recharged in only 6 hours. It has a capacity of 2042.8Wh, and its AC output reaches 3000W max, making it fantastic for running virtually all household devices, as well as plenty of commercial ones. Key features of it include:

  • Powerful: Expandable capacity of up to 13A/638.4Ah for up to a week of off-grid living.
  • Long-lasting: LiFePO4 battery with a 10-year lifespan.
  • Ultra-safe: High FCC/CE and UL certifications, innovative ChargeShield Technology with 62 forms of protection.
  • Sustainable: Whisper-quiet operation, emission-free
  • Rapid solar charging via IBC panels
  • Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station 

Up next, we have the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station. Offering a 2 hour recharging rate, a capacity of 2160Wh, a sleek, portable, lightweight design, this device can power virtually every household device and appliance imaginable, as well as several commercial gadgets and tools in the process. Key features of it include: 

  • Quick AC Charging in as little as 2 Hours
  • 2160Wh Capacity, 2200 W (4400W Peak) Output
  • Weekly Use for 10+ Years
  • Compact, Durable & High-performance
  • Durable 
  • 3 Ways to Recharge
  • 5-Year Warranty: A 3-year warranty on regular purchases, plus an additional 2-year extension on your warranty if you order from the official Jackery website 


Whether you’re hosting a complex garden party or simply relaxing in the garden listening to some music, these solar-powered stations are just what you need to get the party started anywhere, at any time. Explore more solar power banks on Jackery’s website now; then, let’s get the party started!