23 Short Spiky Haircuts For Women

Short spiky hairstyles are both edgy and fun. If you’re looking to go short and want to show off your personality, then this cut is definitely for you! You don’t always have to go bold, however. There are sweet, classic, and modern styles as well as funky ones to choose from when it comes to short spiky haircuts. We have all of the short spiky styles you can possible imagine, so let us inspire you!

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Hairstyles For Short Spiky Hair

Super short hairstyles are beloved for their easy maintenance and versatility. Regardless of which style you choose, keep in mind how much day to day styling you’re willing to commit to and which parts of your face shape you want to highlight. Otherwise, get creative and have some fun! See which short spiky haircut is calling your name!

Fade With Golden Tips

Beautiful color accentuates this short spiky hairstyle. The energy of this cut moves upward from a tight fade at the temples into mahogany colored roots.

Finally, the golden tips of the hair are coiffed for movement. The effect of this spiky hairstyle is grounded yet vibrant.

Full Spiky Mohawk

Mohawks are such a rad way to make a statement with your hairstyle. The look is undoubtedly punk, but you can still pull off an approachable vibe by maintaining length on the sides of your head.

You’ll need to grab the gel or contouring mousse to mimic this Mohawk. Pull this spiky hairstyle together by smoothing hair at the sideburns.

Faux hawk

A Faux hawk is a fun and playful way to wear a spiky hairstyle without the full commitment of a Mohawk. We love this look for a more elegant occasion.

This faux hawk spiky hairstyle is also great for showing off any highlights or dimensional roots.

Chunky Spikes

The chunkier pieces of this spiky hairstyle are anything but shy. A style like this is perfect for relaxed or straighter hair with body.

Don’t be afraid to play with the width and placement of each spike. Chunky spikes are playful and stylish, after all!

Spiky Hair With Dark Roots

Roots are all the rage these days, so flaunt them with your short spiky haircut. To make the effect look natural, let your darker roots extend into the coiffed spikes.

A tight buzz around the ears help polish the look. We love the contrast of this bold spiky hairstyle.

Side Swept Faux Hawk

Don’t be afraid to add some movement to that faux hawk! A side swept spiky hairstyle like this is sexy and shows off your spirited side.

For this look, it’s important to style your faux hawk whichever way you feel inspired. Keep the texture piece-y for the most natural appeal.

Short Spiky Shag

This creative cut proves that shags aren’t just for longer hair. A short, choppy fringe and spiked out hair in front of the ears give this short shag flair.

We love the way the hair on each end of the fringe is slighter longer. When it comes to this ‘do, the spikier, the better!

Multi Textured Chop

Layers contribute to the spiky texture of this haircut. If you love this short spiky hairstyle, ask your stylist to really get it in there and chop layers with a razor.

Because this multi textured cut has face framing layers and a side part, we love it for a rounder face shape.

Spiky Side Bangs

These edgy spiky bangs are great for any age. If your face shape is oval, then you may want to try a side part and sweep bangs to either side. This style throws off the symmetry of an otherwise balanced face.

To achieve this spiky cut, ask your stylist to keep your bangs choppy and light. Layers look cool when cut longer jut over the eyebrow.

Spiky Cut for Fine Hair

When fine hair is cut short, it often stands straight up. This provides great natural texture for styling spikes! The key to this short spiky hairstyle is accentuating those tips.

Twist the ends of the short layers with gel for this ultimate spiky look for finer hair types.

Spiky Buzz For Short Hair

A spiky buzz is a sexy, trendy way to wear super short hair. We love the organic design of this buzz! If you’re up for it and trust your stylist, ask them to be creative when they pull the razor out. The shorter you go the more hair will stick straight up all on its own.

This look is definitely laidback, so expect minimal styling on a day-to-day basis. It’s also a rockin’ way to show off dimensional roots.

Choppy Layers

This spiky cut is all about the chop! Cut chunky layers in an organic pattern to create a spiky hairstyle like this one. The look is better with more solid hair color.

With lots of highlights or dynamic color combos, these choppy layers can make hair look too busy. A very subtle balayage on the tips of hair at the front of the head adds just enough detail.

Spiky Color Melt

Your cut can definitely show off your uniqueness and personality, but so can your color! Take advantage of a cool cut and use a cool coloring technique like color melt. We love this strawberry color, but color melts can be achieved with any hair color you desire.

To truly show off the amazing dimensions of a color melt, keep your short spiky cut slightly longer at the top of your head. Swoop your bangs forward to really wow.

Edgy Pixie For Coarse Hair

Coarse hair texture can really help great styling hold. We love this cut for a mature woman, too, because of the natural incorporation of gray hair.

To achieve this amazing spiky style, keep hair piece-y, not solid. This look is for the undoubtedly chic babe with an edge.

Spiky With Accessories

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this dreamy spiky hairstyle. The coif is sky high with a beautiful shave underneath. Plus, how perfect is this light blonde color! What really sets this look apart are the sparkle accents. This is a great way to add accessories or dress up short spiky hair for a special event, party, or festival.

If this adventurous spiky ‘do is for you, ask your stylist to get creative when apply sparkles, gemstones, or small beads.

Gorgeous Gray For Longer Hair

Gray is a great color for short spiky hair because it is not only for the mature woman, but is a trendy color regardless of your age. This spiky cut works well with a little more length.

The front is swept up and to one side while the entire back of this look is spiked straight out. This gray spiky hairstyle is playful yet perfect for a more sophisticated occasion.

Spiky Bedhead

If you’re going for effortless when it comes to a short spiky haircut, then the bedhead look is for you. The goal here is beautiful style with a rolled out of bed vibe.

Fine hair works well here for an airy appeal. Keep the hair around the forehead and temples smoothed down while giving the back and top of the head maximum spiky lift.

Short Spiky Brunette Pixie

The beauty of this short spiky cut is its versatility. When cut with enough layers and length, this pretty brunette pixie can be worn naturally air-dried or styled for ultimate texture and dimension.

Here, bangs brush the middle of the forehead and hair is kept slightly longer in front of the ears. We love the way they are slightly brushed forward for movement while a few hairs stand up on the back of the head.

Spiky With Shaved Temples

A spiky hairstyle looks perfectly groomed and cropped with shaved temple details. To recreate this vibe, smooth hair down just above the nape of the neck to work seamlessly with the shaved temples. As for the coif on top, create as much volume as your heart desires.

We love this pastel pink color, but this hairstyle can absolutely work with any hair color.

Shaved Mohawk

A shaved Mohawk makes a statement and this Mohawk demonstrates elegance with style. The length at the top of the head and sweeping front pieces lend versatility to an otherwise buzzed cut.

A razor is the best way to achieve these choppy, messier layers.

Totally Funky Spiky Hair

This spiky cut is for the bold babe. If color and ultimate style are your thing, consider this two-toned colored cut with shaved details.

A short spiky haircut like this lets you be as creative as you want. Take advantage and have some fun!

Finding Your Perfect Short Spiky Haircut

Who knew that short spiky haircuts could be so versatile with such little length? It’s good to consider your hair color, texture and face shape when deciding on a spiky cut. Other than that, let your imagination run wild! Short spiky cuts are for making statements in a beautiful and creative way. What do you want your short spiky cut to say?