Should You Purchase a Ready-made Company in Serbia?

Ready-Made Companies in Serbia: What Makes Them a Wise Investment?

In the world of business that’s always changing, things can happen quickly and unexpectedly. Imagine being able to start a business without the usual wait to register and set it up. This is where ready-made or shelf companies come into play. These companies are already set up and have bank accounts ready to use. Below, we’ll look closely at these entities, explore the merits of ready-made company deals in Serbia, and show how they’re a simple solution for people who want to start a business fast.

Immediate business solutions right at hand

With ready-made companies, it’s all set up and you can start trading right away. The idea of a shelf company comes from keeping these companies on hand, like items on a store shelf, so you can easily get one.

Imagine you need to make a business deal the very same day, but don’t have your own company yet. That’s where a shelf company can help. It is already officially registered, with its own legal identity. It has a director based in Serbia and a bank account that’s active.

The purchase process involves finalizing an agreement with you to buy or sell the company, changing the company’s director (alternatively, you can keep the current one), and letting the bank know about any changes.

Purchasing a ready-made company in Serbia has clear advantages, mainly how fast it is. This means you can sign contracts using the company’s name right away.

Entrepreneur’s shortcut: fast-track business with bank account benefits

Just imagine the perks of choosing a ready-made company with a bank account in Serbia.

Indeed, they are undeniable. This streamlined approach, allowing access to a company within hours and a functioning bank account shortly after, is a unique advantage. With a Serbian shelf company, the ease of operation is enhanced by adhering to uncomplicated regulations. While the initial costs of acquiring a ready-made company in Serbia may be slightly higher than starting from scratch, the substantial time savings make it a wise choice for any businessperson. The prospect of an instant Serbian residence permit application with a ready-made company further elevates its appeal. Moreover, the affordable maintenance costs in Serbia, starting at approximately EUR 200 per month, underscore its fiscal prudence.

In a global context, Serbia’s enduring partnerships with diverse nations, including important affiliations with China, the USA, and Eastern European states, coupled with its aspirations for EU membership, reaffirm the country’s position as an appealing destination for business ventures. It stands as a highly developed business hub, offering abundant opportunities, extensive commercial expertise, favorable tax regulations, and government incentives to attract foreign investments. And the icing on the cake is that conducting business in Serbia comes at a relatively low cost!

Ownership options and bank accounts

In Serbia, local laws require that every business have a registered address, and naturally, each company must keep financial records.

Serbian companies are allowed to open bank accounts locally and in other countries. Any ready-made company in Serbia already has a multi-currency account with a Serbian bank. As a company owner, you are free to open other accounts for your Serbian company in different banks around the world.

If you want to own a ready-made company in Serbia, you have choices. You can visit Serbia and change the company’s registration to your name following official procedures. You can also use trustees to keep the ownership and instruct them to manage the company on your behalf. You get to decide what to do.

It’s very important to update the company’s information with the Serbian Trade Registry within a month. If you can’t manage to do everything in the time given, you have the option to pay a reasonable fee to extend the period of fiduciary management.

Once the ownership transfer is complete, you can start registering your shelf company for taxes in Serbia. Every active company in Serbia must pay taxes on the money they make. This is true whether you’re thinking about starting a new company or getting a company that’s already set up. Registering for taxes is important in both situations. The value added tax and corporate income tax are vital when it comes to taxes in Serbia.

Different people and groups, like entrepreneurs, investors from other countries, business owners, investment firms, new businesses, companies that want to grow, and individuals who want to live in Serbia, buy ready-made companies there. This way, they can quickly get into business, establish their presence, grow operations, have more variety in their investments, and even make it easier to get a residence permit in Serbia. All of this happens without the challenges of starting a completely new company.

Disadvantages to consider

While ready-made companies in Serbia come with definite advantages, it’s crucial to take into account their possible drawbacks.

These companies might carry undisclosed past activities, debts, legal issues, or obligations. They may lack the flexibility to adjust their structure or name according to your needs. The existing business activities might not align with your intended business model or target customers.

With ready-made companies in Serbia, their negative past activities could harm the company’s reputation, demanding efforts to rebuild it. Agreements or contracts from previous owners may introduce complexities. It might be more challenging to ensure compliance if past activities differ from your goals. Acquiring a ready-made company in Serbia involves expenses like purchasing and legal fees, along with potential responsibilities. Past decisions might limit your control over the company’s direction and operations. You may encounter integration challenges while trying to adapt the company to your strategies and requirements. Let alone, rebranding efforts might be necessary to enhance the company’s branding, name, or reputation.

With the above in mind, resorting to professional services is highly recommended if you want to buy a ready-made company in Serbia. At International Wealth, we will help you achieve it in a matter of days while avoiding all the related risks. Don’t wait to make your dream of doing business in Serbia a reality and contact us today!