Josh Brueckner and Katie Betzing’s relationship explained

Josh Brueckner and Katie Betzing form one of the most entertaining couples on YouTube. Katie has been a YouTuber for quite a while now. She gained popularity on the internet for posting makeup tutorials and DIY tips on her channel. Her self-titled YouTube channel currently has 1.32 million subscribers.

Brueckner started his internet journey after starting a relationship with Katie. Josh is a professional MMA fighter and personal trainer. Josh and Katie run a joint YouTube channel titled Jatie Vlogs. The pair posts storytime videos, pranks, Q&A videos, and all manner of entertaining videos. This piece will focus on the details about Josh and Katie’s relationship.

Josh proposed to Katie after winning his first professional boxing match

10th November 2019 was a special day for Josh. He made his professional boxing debut and proposed to the love of his life. Josh made his debut against Tyler Smith and won the match via a unanimous decision. After the match, Josh took the microphone and called Katie on stage.

In an unexpected move, he went down on one knee and proposed to Katie. Thankfully for him, Katie said yes. The couple was overwhelmed by emotion as they celebrated their engagement at the Staples Center. Josh posted a video about his preparations for the proposal. The video titled Proposing to my girlfriend in front of millions of people I cried has the following description:

“A year and a half ago our worlds collided. I was a Pro MMA fighter and she was a You-tuber. I met Katie B at a boxing gym and now it’s time to ask her to marry me when YouTube and boxing collide at the staples center, just like our worlds had collided. Katie B I love you so much and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you! WE’RE ENGAGED!”

They recently posted a video in which they pretended to break up

Josh and Katie are no strangers to pranking each other and in a recent video titled We broke up… we’re not moving in together anymore, the couple decided to team up and play a prank on their fans. The couple stated that they had been faking a relationship on camera, and they had grown tired of it.

They stated that they would be taking a break from the relationship, and they hoped that they would get back together. Josh stated that Katie would stay in the new house that they’d just bought. For 24 hours, the world knew that Josh and Katie had broken up. Josh and Katie revealed that it was a prank via a subsequent video titled We’re Sorry.

The couple explained that the breakup was fake, and they showed how they managed to fake their emotions in the breakup video. Unfortunately for the couple, rumors claiming that all is not well between them continue to circulate. Josh stated in a video titled Why We Aren’t Getting Along…:

“We posted a video like about a week ago about us breaking up. It was a fake prank… but now, speculations are coming and people think that we are actually beefing like low-key, we actually fight off-camera, living in the new house is going to be stressful for us. People think this.”

As far as we can tell, Katie and Josh’s relationship is as strong as ever.