27 Creative Crochet Hairstyles

It’s one thing to be born with amazing hair; it’s another to have the freedom to style your hair however you choose! Thanks to crochet hairstyles, you can choose your hairstyle and how you want to express yourself to the world. Crochet braids and styles give you endless options and though they take time to apply, they last a long time and are well worth the wait.

What Are Crochet Hairstyles?

Sometimes referred to as latch hook braids, crochet hairstyles are created by cornrowing your hair and using a crochet needle to loop hair into braids. Crochet styles are typically made from synthetic hair extensions looped through your natural hair. Once you’ve decided to crochet your hair, though, the fun part begins! There are hundreds of ways to style your hair, whether you want jumbo twists, Senegalese twists, long and flowing locks, or even bohemian braids. Let’s take a look at some crochet inspiration!

#1: Passion Twists

When goddess locs and Senegalese twists get together, passion twists are born! These two strand twists emulate naturally springy ringlets.

Keep in mind that the smaller the twists, the longer they last, so choose colors that you truly love, like this chocolate brown and caramel combination.

#2: Short + Curly

Craving a sweet ‘do as your next crochet hairstyle? This short and curly style is universally flattering.

If you’re considering these jumpy curls, have your stylist create them on the thicker side. Polish the look with a pretty side part.

#3: Jumbo Twists

Jumbo twists are the crochet style that proves bigger is better! This style looks great short or long, but we can’t help but love these ultra long jumbo braids.

For a sleek look, stick a solid color like this beautiful jet-black and a strong center part.

#4: Head Scarf Up Do

Crochet braids can last for months, but sometimes you’ll need to pin them up for function or to show off an up-do style.

Headscarves are a gorgeous accessory that serves you and serves your look, too. Try piling your braids on the top of your head and securing the scarf around the crown.

#5: Short + Layered With Auburn Tips

Create a dimensional look with your crochet braids by adding lots of layers. A style like this one is especially great for a symmetrical, oval shaped face.

Make your crochet braids stand out by adding auburn red tips. In fact, any color you desire will do.

#6: Boho Senegal Twist

It’s trendy today to wear the ends of braids loose. This look is a combination of a two-strand twist with loose, curly ends.

The overall effect is bohemian while the combination of twists and curly ends means possibilities for color are truly endless.

#7: Half Up Top Knot

To show off your braids and your beautiful face, tons of babes favor a half-up style.

Take the trend a step further and tie the front portion of hair into a chic topknot instead of a ponytail.

#8: Goddess Locs

Similar to box braids and Senegalese twists, goddess locs mimic the open-ended locs favored by bohemian beauty Lisa Bonet.

Instead of crochet hair that is twisted to its ends, these locs are left curly and flowing at their ends for a natural, feminine effect.

#9: Loose Waves + Braids

Who said you had to choose just one style for your next crochet look? This babe has beautiful cornrow goddess braids at the scalp, loose, flowing waves at the back of the head and chunky braids adorned with shells framing the face.

Tip: keep your color monochrome to avoid an overly busy look.

#10: Lace Braided Crochet Mohawk

Maybe you’d love to finally rock a Mohawk for your next crochet hairstyle. Keep it unique by exposing beautiful braids along the sides of the head.

Any color will do for a Mohawk, but this white blonde color sure is fun.

#11: Large Curly Up Do

Pinning up your crochet style is not only protective but can also make the style last longer. Plus, it’s the perfect way to show off some voluminous curls.

Give the illusion of a faux fringe by pulling hair on the top of the head and letting curls far forward onto your forehead.

#12: Total Volume

If you have a hard time growing out your own hair, then crochet styles are the perfect option. Now you can have the gorgeous, voluminous Afro you’ve always wanted!

Create a round shape or consider a lovely side part. Feel free to give that kinky texture extra tease.

#13: Braided Part

Long crochet curls don’t have to be boring. A braided part is the perfect detail that doesn’t take away from your overall look but rather adds a little something extra.

Show off as much or as little cornrow braids along your part as you’d like.

#14: Yarn Braids

More and more babes are choosing to wear yarn braids for their crochet hairstyles. The look is playful, so why not amp it up with a vibrant color like this baby pink?

Add in chunky braid, as seen here, for interest and texture.

#15: Large Dreadlocks

This gorgeous large dreadlocks style is for the classic babe. Here, ends are closed, as opposed to flowing goddess locs.

Add a few hair accessories for a formal occasion or touch of whimsy.

#16: Light Brunette Waves

If braids, locs, or twists aren’t your thing, try a loose, wavy crochet hairstyle. This stunning brunette color is a winner

We love how this crochet hairstyle has light brown balayage highlights for added dimension.

#17: Marley Twists

Marley twists are two-strand twists using coarse, natural-looking Marley hair. It’s loved for its resemblance to kinky, African-American hair.

These twists are gorgeous at any length. Try wispy ends like these for your next crochet hairstyle.

#18: Curly Pixie

Craving a sassy short hairstyle? This curly pixie is polished yet packed with personality.

Create a style that has a side part with side bangs that show off those gorgeous tendrils.

#19: Kinky Straight Texture

The modern hair movement is all about embracing natural textures. Who says you have to straighten kinky hair for a smooth look?

This crochet hairstyle is about emulating a straight look that utilizes kinky texture for volume. A little frizz never looked so chic!

#20: Crochet Box Braids

Because crochet braids refer to the way in which they are applied, they can be added to existing cornrows, like these. Crochet hairstyles are great for at-home application, saving you hundreds of dollars at the salon.

Try this classic box braids look for a sleek yet fashionable vibe.

#21: Purple Crochet Locks

Seeking some colorful inspiration for your crochet hairstyle? This deep eggplant purple is subdued enough to wear for a long period of time.

Sometimes all you need are a few hair beads as accessories to add creativity to your locks.

#22: Ultra Long Braids

The length in which you choose to take your braids is up to you, so why not try something extra long and extra fun?

Long braids take more care and patience to manage, but the effect is feminine yet powerful on whoever chooses to wear them. Just remember, the longer the hair, the more tension is created on the scalp.

#23: Loose Wavy Bob

Sometimes, a babe just needs a chic bob! If you’re looking for a crochet look that is easy to style and maintain, then perhaps a loose, wavy bob is for you.

Side bangs and a side part add interest to the look, though a middle part will work just fine on round face and especially square face shapes.

#24: Curly Balayage

Beautiful, voluminous hair deserves special highlights! This ultra curly ‘do really benefits from the light brown balayage highlights that bring this crochet style to life.

For thick, curly styles, layers help to break up volume and make styling much easier.

#25: Bohemian Braids

To achieve a bohemian look, you’ll want to incorporate at least two different crochet styles. This hairstyle utilizes nu locs and curls to lend a varied, texturized look.

Bohemian looks don’t require beads or accessories, but we love the way they brighten up this babe’s vibe.

#26: Twist Up + Crochet Curls

Looking to turn heads with your crochet hairstyle? This twisted up-do is perfect if you prefer to wear your hair up or need to for a formal occasion.

We love how these swooping braids add interest while lovely crochet curls frame the face and add a touch of femininity.

#27: Braidless Crochet Waves

Crochet hairstyles are typically looped in to cornrow braids, but the trend of braidless crochet hair is growing. It’s important to have it done at a salon or to follow a detailed and credible Youtube video.

As for the results, these loose medium-length waves are not only stunning but also versatile.