Adi Fishman and Emily Alexander’s relationship explained

Adi Fishman is a successful YouTuber who started his journey on YouTube with his brother Tal Fishman. Tal is more successful on YouTube that Adi, with his channel Reaction Time having 15 million subscribers. Adi’s YouTube channel currently has 1.66 million subscribers, and he specializes in posting comedic videos.

Emily Alexander is also a YouTube content creator. Her channel has 500K subscribers, and she specializes in prank videos. Emily is famous for being a talented creator, but she is mostly known for being Fishman’s girlfriend. Adi and Emily form quite the adorable couple. This piece will focus on the details about the couple’s relationship.

It took two years for Adi to realize that he liked Emily

Emily and Adi had been friends for a while before Emily realized in their freshman year of high school that she had deeper feelings for Adi. Unfortunately for her, Adi didn’t feel the same way. It took two years for Adi to realize that he also had deeper feelings for Emily. Adi stated in a video titled How I Met My Girlfriend:

“So, yeah, junior year. A little delay. Two-year delay. I saw you junior year and I was like, ‘Damn!’ And that was it.”

Adi introduced fans to Emily via a YouTube video posted on 14th October 2018.

It was reported that the couple had broken up in late 2019

In late 2019, it was reported that Adi and Emily had broken up. However, there was speculation that the couple was just fooling us, and that’s how it turned out.

Adi and Emily are still going strong. Fishman recently posted photos of the couple on Instagram while wishing Emily a happy birthday, “When you are stuck at home for your girlfriend’s birthday. Happy birthday to my beautiful baby.”