6 Rules for Mastering Timeless Style

The wonderful thing about style is that it’s available to all. Each individual has a unique personality and presence, and the way you dress can define your look all year long. The best way to do this is by learning to create a wardrobe that’s seasonably appropriate. In other words, have pieces that can be worn as you transition your clothing throughout any season. There are in-between-seasonal garments that look fashion-forward and can keep you comfy no matter how the temperatures may fluctuate.

1. Invest in High-Quality Basics

Having a versatile wardrobe that reflects your personal style goals is the key to mastering timeless fashion, and having great fundamental pieces is crucial to this. A chic blouse or staple tee can become the ultimate wardrobe transition item that offers a lot of versatility. Look for cute tops with interesting textures, details, colors, etc. An elegant top can deliver a polished appearance to your ensemble and look fab with jeans, skirts, blazers, and more. It’s a timeless piece and fantastic for layering when the weather begins to change.

2. Classic Denim Jeans

Think about investing in some cute denim in both casual and chic styles, too. Choose from retro wide-leg jeans to cropped lengths and dark or light washes. A great pair of pants is another versatile garment that expands your fashion wardrobe. Jeans come in various styles, including:

  • Wide Leg
  • Straight
  • Boot cut
  • Flare
  • Skinny

You may also consider styling your jeans with a long and loosely fitted shirt or blouse to accommodate the changing seasons. In the autumn, white, ivory, red, rust orange, and brown are excellent complementary colors for your skirts, pants, or denim.

3. Don’t Put the Maxi Dress Away

The maxi dress is a summertime favorite because it is flowy, comfy, and versatile. It goes well with a variety of footwear. You don’t have to abandon this beautiful garment in the back of your closet, though. The way to achieve a pulled-together fall look while keeping yourself comfortable is by layering your maxi dress. Try wearing a jacket or blazer or soft cardigan over it or belting your maxi dress.

4. Pay Attention to Seasonal Colors

When many people think of summer, they visualize light fabrics in pastel colors (light blue, light pink, light green, etc.) and white, ivory, and tan neutrals. To transition into autumn, use the color wheel and opt for richer and more saturated hues. You can also find these darker shades in summer clothing to ease you into fall.

Maybe you have a top in burgundy that looked too heavy or too deep a color to wear in July. Yet, when September rolls around, that burgundy top is starting to “fit” into the feeling in the air. Autumn is a gorgeous time of the year, and you have a number of colorful decisions you can make for your personal fall color palette.

5. Switch Your Shoe Rotation

Not everyone pays attention to your footwear, but it’s one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe—after all, shoes get you around everywhere, from summer beach days to fall picnics. If you’re still in flip-flops in October, it’s time to make a change. Switch up your shoe rotation with at least a little more coverage. Peep-toe styles are chic and fun and still allow you to enjoy the warm-ish weather.

Also, pay attention to the footwear colors you’re choosing. You don’t have to begin wearing black or dark brown shoes. They may seem too heavy and out of place for the moment. Tan or taupe shoes can still work with your outfits that have brighter colors or lighter fabrics. Suede is another footwear favorite that will complement your outfits in booties or loafers.

6. Incorporate Seasonal Accessories

Again, you don’t have to immediately bring out your black handbag or tote, for instance. Just because summer is on the way out doesn’t mean you can’t compromise with fashion. The straw bag is one you can place into the closet until next year, but for those in-between summer to fall moments, accessories in taupe or tan look amazing. Bags with more structure also signal that autumn is on its way.

A lightweight scarf or shawl is another ideal transitional item you can start wearing. It adds a bit of warmth during a chilly temperature change and style to your ensemble.

Don’t forget a hat to complete your look. The straw beauty with the big brim can now be retired for the season. You could wear a bucket hat or a felt fedora Panama-style. Find one in wine red or olive green to usher in autumn. Alternately, if the majority of your outfit falls into that autumnal palette, try using something brighter to give a pop of color and take a last bit of summer with you into the changing seasons.

Fashion Doesn’t Have to Be So Difficult

If you’ve ever stood before your closet with indecision, you’re not alone. Fashion shouldn’t have to be mind-boggling. Timeless style makes you appear put-together and confident, and can drastically help you with your relationship with your closet. Follow the guide above to practice developing your core fashion sense, and step into those fluctuating temperatures with ease, confidence, and style.