6 Facts to Keep in Mind When Buying Pearl Jewelry

When you are buying your pearl jewellery, getting information for a better understanding of this classic jewellery is very important to help you make the right choice. What makes the pearls stand out from all other gemstones isn’t just their beauty; it is the long, rich history and symbolism which they carry. Whether you’re purchasing a pearl necklace, earrings, or bracelet, here are seven crucial facts to consider before making your purchase.

Pearl Types Matter

No two pearls are the same; that is what makes them so unique. However, when you are out shopping for pearls, you have to consider the type of pearls you want, their unique characteristics as well as the price range and how they fit your personal budget. Some of the common types of pearls you are very likely to find when pearls shopping are Akoya, Freshwater, South Sea, and Tahitian pearls

Akoya Pearls

These pearls are well-known for their soft glow and classic white colour, and they make a really good choice when used as jewellery because of their elegant allure. If you are going for this pearl jewellery, you have to be careful because they are a little delicate.

Freshwater Pearls

As the name suggests, the farming of these pearls is carried out from freshwater and rivers. They come in a variety of colours and shapes for you to choose from, and like all the other pearls, are more affordable. Because of the variety of colours, they are very versatile and can be worn with any outfit.

South Sea Pearls

To know the South Sea pearls, you just have to look for a large pearl. These pearls have an exquisite appeal, which makes them a very attractive choice for your apparel. They are mostly found in the waters around Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines area.

Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls are mainly known for their rich, exotic, dark colours and come in colours like black, green, and peacock blue. They are a lot larger than the rest of the pearls on this list and give your entire outfit a bold look.

The Importance of Lustre

When you are shopping for pearl jewellery, an important quality to look out for is the lustre and glow. These are the main characteristics that you can use to evaluate the quality of pearls. Lustre is the glow or shine that appears on the surface of the pearls when light reflects on them. To know if your pearls are quality, you will notice they have a mirror-like lustre that makes them appear to glow.

Check The Surface Quality

Although the lustre of a pearl gemstone plays a really vital role in determining its quality, that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the surface quality of the pearls. Though flaws are common in pearls, too much of them can ruin the overall beauty of the jewellery. When you are out shopping for pearl jewellery, whether for a family member, friend, or yourself, closely examine the surface for any imperfections or blemishes that may ruin the beauty of the jewellery.

Consider Pearl Size

The size of the pearl should be considered when buying pearl jewellery, whether it is a pearl necklace, earrings, or bracelet, as it significantly affects how you appear. Pearls are usually measured in millimetres, and they come in a variety of sizes. If you are looking to create a bold statement with your style, a larger pearl is perfect for the look. However, for a simple and delicate style, you will have to choose smaller pearls.

Your Budget

This is the most important thing that you should have in mind when you are out shopping for your pearl jewellery. Before you go out shopping, you should calculate your budget to be sure you have enough to cover the cost of the purchase. You have to understand that buying pearls is more than just buying a piece of jewellery, it is an actual investment. With that in mind, you know it won’t be coming in cheap. The more you budget for your purchase, the better the quality of what you will get.


When you are shopping for pearl jewellery, the brand you are buying the jewellery from plays a really big role if you want to get something quality. An advice I will give you when you are shopping is to buy your pearl jewellery from a brand or seller that is trusted and certified. You shouldn’t forget to ask for the certificate of authenticity to verify the quality of the product further.