5 Functional Paper Core Products

Paper cores or tubes have numerous applications in the packaging, construction, textile, and printing industries. These products can be used in many industries because manufacturers can customize them to meet their needs. Here are some functional paper core products:

1. Cable and Wire Cores 

Paper cores are beneficial in the electrical industry as they provide a surface on which cable and wire manufacturers can wind their products. Winding cables and wires around these products offers structural support, facilitating easy transportation. It also allows wires and cables to maintain their integrity by preventing tangling during production or transport.

These cores enable easy storage as they hold long wires without taking up too much space. Some manufacturers also use them to protect wires and cables from physical damage resulting from environmental factors. Manufacturers can wind cables around a central core and package them within an outer paper tube.

2. Concrete Form Tubes

Concrete form tubes facilitate the construction of residential and commercial buildings. They serve as molds, into which contractors pour concrete to create support structures like posts and columns. Building contractors choose concrete form tubes because of their ease of use.

Post and column construction typically starts with determining the appropriate concrete form tube sizes. Commercial and industrial buildings need large-diameter tubes as they require thicker columns than residential buildings. Contractors position the tubes vertically where the posts or columns should stand, and pour concrete into them. They then allow the concrete to cure and remove the paper core, leaving sturdy and uniform concrete columns or posts. Concrete form tubes are a great choice because of their cost-efficiency. They’re typically cheaper than permanent formwork, making them suitable alternatives for small-scale projects with limited budgets.

3. Food Paper Tubes

Some food and snack producers use paper cores for packaging because they provide sufficient protection from external elements like moisture, which may compromise their products’ safety. Food paper tubes are also cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Food paper tubes differ from the rest because they must meet safety and hygiene standards before use. Manufacturers typically use adhesives and paperboard or cardboard tested for safety. Some add protective coatings to the paper tubes to enhance safety and increase their resistance to external elements. Some wine manufacturers package their products in telescopic paper tubes to protect them from breakage during storage or transport.

4. Fabric Rolls and Yarn Spools

Paper tubes are used to create rolls and spools in the textile industry. Textile manufactures wind fabrics on paper tubes for easy measuring, storage, and transport. Thread and yarn manufacturers wind their products on paper tubes to prevent tangling and facilitate easy storage. The tubes also make it easy for consumers to unwind fabrics and yarn whenever needed. They also make it easy for tailors to display fabric samples to clients.

Fabric rolls are typically larger than thread and yarn spools, as cloth is denser than yarn and thread. Be specific about your intended application to allow your paper tube manufacturer to produce the right size for your business.

5. Printing and Paper Rolls

Paper and printing rolls are made from paper tubes. Printing paper manufacturers use them to store and transport multiple reams of paper. The rolls facilitate efficient paper handling in environments that use a lot of paper, like offices and printing presses. Paper manufacturers use the rolls to wind products like tissue paper for easy use by consumers.

Printing and paper rolls can be customized to meet user needs. Companies looking to boost visibility can ask their paper core manufacturers to add graphics like logos on their orders. Manufacturers can also add liners or protective coatings to the paper tubes. This may be necessary if you plan to store sensitive products like paintings. The thicker your paper tubes are, the more protection they offer against external environmental elements.

Paper Cores Produce Numerous Products

Paper cores are a top choice for manufacturers in numerous industries because of their cost-efficiency, sustainability, and protection capabilities. They’re also lightweight, which makes them easy to handle and helps manage shipping costs for businesses that use them for packaging. With proper communication, a reliable paper core manufacturer can customize your order to meet your business needs regardless of your industry. Start your search for a quality paper core vendor today.