Why Should You Add Collagen Supplements For Your Skin Today

Collagen is one of the most essential components of producing healthy cells in your body. While your body naturally produces it, you can increase its levels through proper diet and protein surplus. However, eating foods may not be enough for others, mainly if you aim to improve your skin’s health.From

That said, look below and see how to promote a healthy life, starting with understanding what collagen is.

What is Collagen

Collagen is an amino acid naturally produced by vitamins and proteins, responsible for most of the rejuvenation and recovery processes in various body parts. Additionally, it supports various mobility functions and body parts like bones and muscles, especially in physically intensive activities.

As for skin health, collagen brings the power of rejuvenation to replace dead skin cells and heal wounded ones. That said, this could be a good start to discover the benefits of collagen moisturiser for your skin.

But collagen is not just one amino acid; it primarily has 28 types of collagen variants, specializing in different parts of your body. But, we’re going to focus on four common types of collagen.

Type 1: Most common collagen, found in most connective tissues

Type 2: Found in muscle joints and your spine’s shock discs

Type 3: The best collagen for skin health and the main component of reticular fibers

Type 4: Collagen found in kidneys, eyes and ears.

Today, collagen supplements have their mixes and combinations of various nutrients and collagen types. With that in mind, let’s discover how collagen can contribute to your skin.

Easy to Digest, Easy to Promote

Your body uses much energy to digest meat and convert it to valuable proteins. Still, for those with digestive conditions, it may be hard for them to get quality meals, especially if their condition prohibits them from eating heavy chunks of meat.

Fortunately, newer variants of collagen pills or drinks are hydrolyzed, meaning the collagen is already broken down on their tablet/pill forms, making absorption easier for your digestive tract. Even if you don’t have any issue digesting, the faster hydrolyzing process means your body can get a collagen surplus faster while making it relatively easy to consume daily.

And the more collagen you get across your body, the more it translates to better skin, on top of the responsibilities collagen covers, as stated earlier.

discover the benefits of collagen moisturiser for your skin

They Help Replace Aging Cells

As early as 30, your body starts to age and lose cells. However, the effects become much more prominent as you get older. Using collagen supplements allows your body to have a surplus of collagen to minimize aging and quickly replace cells.

You need to understand that even collagen loses its effectiveness as you grow older, and recovering it to high amounts can eventually support your body and effectively slow down the effects of aging on your health. In hindsight, we may not stop reaching our 60s, but we don’t need to look like one, right?

Collagen Improves Hydration

Being an amino acid, collagen does more than just rejuvenate; it also retains essential components of your body, especially your skin.

Specifically, collagen has hydroxyproline, a neutral heterocyclic protein amino acid responsible for the collagen’s effectiveness and elasticity. That said, hydroxyproline also translates to better water retention in your skin and discourages fine lines and wrinkles. With ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food, you’re not just getting collagen; you’re getting a comprehensive solution that supports collagen hydration and overall skin health, helping you maintain a radiant and youthful complexion.

Regulation of Melanin Levels

Another benefit of collagen supplements is they promote even skin tones by regulating hormonal and cell balance, in which melanin is included.

Melanin is an essential part of your body, but sometimes it can be too much and accumulate in specific areas of your skin, like stress and many more. With that concentration level, collagen does its job by spreading or removing it, resulting in an even skin tone and removal of dark spots in your eyes and other body parts.

Promotes Better Blood Flow

Blood carries oxygen to your body, and your skin needs a consistent oxygen level to promote health and produce skin cells. And as you might have guessed, collagen promotes healthy blood flow.

Keeping with its critical function of rejuvenation and cell restoration, collagen empowers red blood cells. It keeps them healthy enough to bring a good quality of oxygen through your skin, resulting in a much fairer, healthier skin tone and resistance to dirt and the environment.

Decreases Anxiety, Promotes Mental Health

A healthy body translates to a healthier mind, and with the added benefits of collagen to your skin, you can expect happiness and a better look that inspires confidence and better mental health.

While collagen does not directly improve your mental health, its power of rejuvenation promotes a healthier body, which is a crucial factor in improving your mental health.

Final Thoughts

Collagen is integral to our health. Our body relies so much on it daily. That’s why a proper surplus of supplements gives up many benefits from blood flow, digestion, and overall mental health.

With our inherent drive to keep our bodies and minds healthy, we must know what cells and resources our body needs. With collagen supplements in our system, we can expect a much fairer, healthier, and livelier you.