Unusual Causes Of Drain Clogs In East London

Clogged drains are a common household problem. We’ve all dealt with debris and food leftovers causing kitchen sink problems. We’re talking about the odours and gurgling sounds that accompany this issue. Then, having to call in the drainage experts to sort it out. Collectively, we all promise to change our ways and prevent it from happening again.

Well, there are some unusual causes of drain clogs that you might not be aware of. They happen from time to time in East London. So, if you live in the area, you want to know about these examples to prevent drainage blockages from happening to you. Let’s get started.

Tree Roots Intrusion

Have you ever thought a tree could be why your sink won’t drain? Well, sometimes they are. Tree roots are notorious for seeking moisture; your underground pipes can become their new water source. This is definitely bad news if this is the case. They can cause a variety of issues and not just a blockage.

Signs of Tree Root Clogs

There are going to be some classic signs that indicate tree root problems. Inside your home, you are going to experience slow-draining sinks and toilets. Then, you have the gurgling noises from your plumbing. You might find that you have repeat blockages, but you can’t figure out the initial cause. If you have large trees outside your home and you think their roots could be spreading, this is a reason to explore whether this is the problem.


If you suspect tree root intrusion, consult a professional drainage company. They have the equipment necessary to clear the blockage. For instance, FS Drainage are East London drain unblockers that you can use specialised equipment to see what’s going on in the pipes and the best way to tackle the problem. If tree roots are the problem, there are people you can call who will cut away the roots and ensure they won’t interfere with the drainage system.

Foreign Objects in Toilets

You’d be surprised what people flush down the toilet. Unfortunately, this could be the reason why you experience drainage issues at your East London home. Anything that is not toilet roll shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet. Even if wipes or other materials say they can be flushed, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Problem with Unusual Flushes

So, why does a blockage happen? Well, items don’t break down in the same way that toilet paper does. Instead, it stays whole, which is why it can get stuck in the pipes. It can sometimes cause a bigger blockage because other materials bind to it. Not only this, but items can damage the pipes, which leads to needing repairs.


The simple way to prevent this is to flush toilet paper only. Don’t let others be tempted to flush items they shouldn’t by having a bin in the bathroom. This allows them to throw away any items they have without causing a problem.

Grease and Fat Build-Up

Do you love cooking up a storm in your kitchen? That’s awesome, but your pipes might not agree. Grease and fat from cooking can solidify in your drains over time. While it is liquid when it’s hot and tempting to pour it away, it later solidifies into a clump. It clings to the pipes, and other debris can stick to it, causing a blockage.

Signs of a Greasy Situation

You’ll know when you have a drainage issue caused by grease and fat. In particular, the signs are going to arise from the kitchen sink where you’ve been cooking. We’re talking about slow drainage and perhaps a complete blockage. In addition, there’s likely to be a foul odour coming from the drain. While you might be able to clear the clog, it’ll soon return.

The Fix

First, you’ve got to call in the drainage experts. They’ll be able to blast away and clean the pipes from grease and fat. In the future, avoid pouring grease down the drain. Let it cool, and then dispose of it in the bin. Regularly run hot water down the sink to help prevent build-up.

Soap Scum and Hair Mixtures

Our bathroom sinks and showers are daily battlefields for soap scum and hair. When they join forces, it can lead to stubborn clogs. While many people clean their toilets and showers, they forget about the drains, which leads to problems.

The Signs to Watch for

Do you ever find yourself standing in water in the shower? This slow draining is an indication of an issue. It can also pool in the sink when you’re brushing your teeth or washing your face. In addition, you might find that there is residue and gunk around the drains in the bathroom.

What to Do

Consider using drain screens to catch hair and soap scum before they become an issue. Regularly cleaning your drains with bathroom cleaning products can help too. Just ensure that you call the professionals if you have a blockage already.


Clogged drains are a nuisance, but they’re not always caused by the usual suspects. By being aware of these unusual culprits and taking preventive measures, you can keep your plumbing flowing smoothly.

If you have trees around your property, watch out for their roots and how they spread. Make sure you have bins in the bathroom and teach the family about the dangers of flushing foreign objects. Make sure you always allow grease and fat to solidify before throwing it in the bin. Using drain screens will catch any soap scum and hair before they become an issue.

If you do discover that you have a drain blockage, always call in the experts. You can see products that claim they can burn through any clog. But, they can also damage your pipes in the process. It’s better to call a drainage company and get the issue solved quickly and without damage. Then, you can change your habits and prevent having a blockage again.