Understanding Youtube Analytics: Utilizing Data To Attract More Free Views

YouTube analytics is a blessing for YouTube content creators. It gives insights into data and metrics to understand the audience better. It also helps to comprehend YouTube views and analyze what works on the channel and what type of content the viewers like. 

We will help you focus on utilizing the YT analytics and use it to your advantage. You can bookmark this guide and evaluate your channel performance to boost YouTube views the next time you upload content on the channel. 

Also, before we get into the nitty gritty to get more views on YouTube through analytics, let us tell you how to use the tool in the first place. 

How To Use YT Analytics To Get YouTube Views?

The analytics report is easily accessible through the YT studio app that you can download on your smartphone or access through the desktop.

  • You can download the YT Studio app from your smartphone from Google Play or App Store. Tap on the Analytics tab from the bottom of the app to access the channel reports. 
  • To understand the organic views from the desktop, Open YouTube on the laptop. From the menu, tap on YT studio> Go to channel analytics> Get reports on audience, research, and content. 

The primary feature of the YouTube analytics tool is that it can provide information on the following aspects:

  1. Audience
  2. Watch Time
  3. Subscribers
  4. Total no of views

Apart from the overview, it also offers insights on advanced metrics like:

  1. Audience retention: which content is performing better with the audience
  2. Traffic sources
  3. Detailed subscriber report
  4. Playlists report

How To Increase YouTube Views Through YouTube Analytics?

If you are a beginner understanding the analytics can be overwhelming for you. In that case, you can opt for YouTube promotion services like VeeFly. They can help you to increase your watch time and boost your subscriber count easily through their tools. 

So, if you are wondering how to get YouTube views to grow your channel, then let us get started:

1. Watch Time

YouTube analytics is the gold mine for information on your channel, which is free of cost. So, one of the essential metrics you must gauge is the videos’ watch time. To determine the success of the videos, the audience must watch the videos. 

The total time spent watching the videos can help you understand how engaging the video is. This algorithm also allows you to understand the average view duration and percentage of the views that helped to attract the audience’s attention. 

2. Audience Retention

The quality of the content is crucial to get free YouTube views and organic views. If your content does not hold the audience’s attention, the algorithm can never show your videos on the SERP. The report will help you understand the drop rates and the reasons behind them so that you avoid repeating the same mistakes in the following video. 

3. Demographics

To boost YouTube views, the next step is to understand the target audience. It is essential to understand what type of audience is watching your videos and where the free YouTube views are coming from. The location is crucial for business. YouTube analytics offers reports on age, gender, location, device, etc., So the next time you are stuck figuring out how to get YouTube views, look at the demographics and create content based on that. 

4. Subscriber Base

The subscriber count determines the reach of your channel. There is immense competition on YouTube. Churning out content, uploading videos daily, and being consistent is essential. The YT studio helps to understand which videos helped attract more subscribers or lose one. VeeFly is a YouTube promotion service that can help you ease out a little. It can help your videos by guiding them in the right direction so that the YT algorithm notices them, allowing your content to reach more people. 

5. Social Share

Another popular metric on YouTube analytics is where and how your videos are shared on other social networks. It is a fantastic tool to increase YouTube views as it is essential in attracting views and increasing your subscribers. 


YouTube Analytics is a treasure of information content creators must use wisely to improve their channel performance. But that said, it can be overwhelming at the same time. Therefore, using YouTube promotion services to push your channel is also a great idea to attract free YouTube views. Both these strategies will help you to grow your channel organically.