The best Gladiator are yours to play at online Game Malaysia

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Try out Gladiator slots

Gladiator is a movie released in the year 2000 and the Gladiator slots is a licensed online slot game that is inspired by this movie and is available to be played at 918kiss under the same title. Across the world, the Gladiator online slot game is well known among online casino enthusiasts. It is an online 918kiss slot game that comes with an attractive jackpot, and it is fairly easy to play. If you enjoyed the film, you will undoubtedly agree that this slot machine is the greatest gladiator game available.

Gladiator online slot game features

The Gladiator online slot game boasts 30 paylines across its five reels and a return to player percentage of nearly 93%. This slot machine is popular despite its low return to player percentage for a number of reasons. Firstly, the Gladiator online slot game comes with many in-game features that will surely help boost the player’s win rate, for example, the Second Round feature, also known as the Bonus Round, which ramps up the player’s score multiplier for a limited amount of spins. Interested players can check out the Gladiator online slot game by downloading the 918kiss mobile casino app. 

Gladiator online slot game review

From a design perspective, this game offers everything a player might desire in a gladiator slot machine game. Two fighting gladiators, an armored horse, a tiger, a currency purse, a golden chalice, and other symbols are depicted. The coliseum acts as the scatter sign, while the princess stands in as the substitute for all other symbols. Although other online casinos in the country also offer a slot machine with the same name, this one is developed by the in-house teams at 918kiss.

Other Gladiator themed online slots 

The official licensed Gladiator online slot game is not the only Gladiator slot game that players can find at 918kiss online casino, in fact, there are a ton of other great Gladiator themed online slot games for 918kiss fans to discover. Among the options, Temple of Athena is often regarded as one of the best gladiator slots. Meanwhile, the  Caesar’s Empire online slot game has the greatest return to player percentage of slightly above 97%  among these gladiator slot machines. The renowned Gladiator combatants had a reputation for being brutal and dangerous, but above all else, thrilling to watch. Many gladiators battled to the death in front of cheering crowds, seemingly motivated only by the thrill of hearing the shout of approval from the spectators. There is nothing like gladiators in today’s world. While gladiators have no place in today’s entertainment, they do provide a fascinating glimpse into the past.

The Athenian Temple inspired online slots

The Temple of Athena is the first entry in the Gladiator inspired slots that can be played at 918kiss online casino, it has an RTP of 96%.  Although the Gladiator symbols  on this slot machine aren’t overwhelming. But, on the side of the screen, you’ll notice some sculptures of gladiators. Even if you don’t think Temple of Athena has the best design among gladiator slots, I think it holds its own. Aesthetics aside, there are still plenty of things going for this wonderful online slot game. It’s a five-reel, forty-payline slot with a greater return to player percentage than Gladiator. When the RTP is high, players have a better chance of winning. You should still play games with lower RTP ratings if they have other compelling qualities, such as a big maximum win. Also, Temple of Athena is superior to Gladiator in this regard. Because of its sizzling drop jackpot, this is one of the top gladiator-themed video slots available online.

High jackpot and good gameplay features 

The highest payout on the hot drops slot machine can go up to 300 thousand MYR, and it features a timer to alert the player when it is about to deliver the winnings. If you are lucky, the jackpot can be worth up to a thousand times the normal bet, oftentimes, it can even go higher than that.  This game boasts a fantastic maximum win and a tonne of extra features including wilds, scatters, multipliers, and bonus rounds. Temple of Athena and other gladiator-themed slot machines can be found at 918kiss online casino. If you are interested in a Gladiator themed online slot game, be sure to sign up with 918kiss online casino today to claim your welcome bonus. 

Pros of signing up with 918kiss 

Online casinos catering specifically to players from Malaysia are rather rare. It’s extremely rarer for a land-based casino to be able to hold its own against the top virtual gambling destinations in the globe. High RTP for all of the online slot games offered aside, 918kiss is a great online casino when it comes to variety of games, payment options and security. Cryptocurrency is entirely playable at 918kiss online casino if you are not comfortable with using instant bank transfer, credit card, debit card or E-wallet apps. Furthermore, 918kiss is also an online casino that provides exceptional promotions, great deals, incentives that will award cashbacks and a ton of bonus credits for new players. 918kiss is likely to be the most profitable online casino in Malaysia. No ads, no annoying pop ups, 918kiss online casino has a live service as well as a customer aid team that runs 24 hours a day. This means that you can access all of 918kiss online casino games on your phones or on PC whenever you want and if you face any problems, the 918kiss team will always be there to help.