Sharelle Rosado’s parents and ethnicity: She followed her father into the military

Sharelle Rosado is weeks away from welcoming her fourth child, Serenity Paula Johnson. Rosado filmed her hit show, Selling Tampa, while pregnant with the baby. Her fiancé, Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson, commented on a recent Rosado post that he’s ready to become a stay-at-home father. 

“I’m also grateful to have a corner to be in & take being a stay-at-home dad with extreme solemnity,” Rosado wrote. Rosado has spoken glowingly of motherhood but has stated that she’s closed the chapter on children – four is enough. Rosado’s mother, meanwhile, raised three children. Let’s take a look at Sharelle Rosado’s parents. 

Sharelle Rosado followed her father into the military

Sharelle Rosado was born on 16th October 1987 in Columbus, Georgia, to a Latino father and an African-American mom. Per a May 2018 Mother’s Day post, it seems like Rosado’s mom and dad separated early in her life. 

“Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful Mom,” the post reads. “I thank God for you!!! You’re such a strong woman raising three kids by yourself… you grind hard to make sure we were good. Love you Mother.”

Sharelle’s dad, Dennis ‘Danny’ Rosado, is married to her stepmother Gina Rosado. 

Rosado and her parents share a close relationship. Dennis has tirelessly promoted her show on Instagram, contributing to Selling Tampa’s success. Per a 17th December Facebook post, Dennis spent some time with Sharelle and her fiancé. 

“We made it back to Oklahoma safely from Tampa Florida,” Dennis’ post reads. “We had [an] amazing time with my daughter Sharelle Rosado and Chad Johnson AKA Ocho Cinco.”

Sharelle shares a lot with her dad, including a past career in the military. Both are veterans who occasionally share their pride in service. In November 2021, Dennis urged people to take care of their veterans:

“As Veteran’s day approaches, I feel compelled to remind everyone that just because a soldier, sailor, airmen, or Marine returns from the war zone doesn’t mean the battle’s over. Who’s got my six? I’ve done this for a friend to spread Awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We lose approximately 22 Veterans a day to PTSD.”

On Veteran’s Day, Dennis shared a throwback photo of himself in military uniform and a picture of Sharelle in uniform. “Happy Veterans Day to all those who served this fine country and that are still serving,” he wrote. “May God bless you!!”

Sharelle hopes to see more diversity in the real estate arena

Sharelle is mixed race and identifies as Black. According to a 2019 report by Data USA, Black women make up six percent of female real estate brokers in the United States. 

As Selling Sunset brazenly shows, the overwhelmingly large percentage of female real-estate brokers are white non-Hispanic. Kevin McIntyre, CEO of the Real Estate Executive Council, told Fast Company that the real estate industry is not as diverse as it should be. 

“[The industry] has come to the realization that it’s not as diverse nor necessarily as inclusive as the concept of the melting pot many of us learned about in school,” Kevin said. 

Therefore, Sharelle was not guaranteed to succeed when she started Allure Realty in 2019. “It’s already hard for us to get into the luxury market,” Rosado says in Selling Tampa’s trailer. “I wanna show you guys that it can be done.”

In the first episode, real estate broker Colony Reeves said that he and others embraced Allure Realty because it celebrated diversity. He said:

“Before I came to Allure, I was with another real estate company, and I was the only person who looked like me. When Sharelle came to me with her vision of opening up a brokerage of all-female, all-minority women here in Tampa, I had to be a part of it.”

Allure has shown that Black women can join real estate and enjoy success. Sharelle hopes that she can inspire the real estate arena to embrace diversity. 

Selling Sunset depicts the current state of real estate diversity, and Selling Tampa shows what it can look like when changes happen, and people step up. The real estate industry should embrace Allure and support Rosado’s vision of a diverse future.