Productivity Tips to Take Control of Your Work Day

Caption: Time management skills can be transformational

Whether you’re the owner of a business, the head of a team, you work in HR, or you’re just hoping to make yourself more productive at your job, there are plenty of tricks you can play on your mind to help you increase your productivity. For all that the human mind is complex and fascinating, it’s also surprisingly easy to fool it into working a little harder. Many of us get sucked into the trap of scrolling social media when we should be replying to emails, or chatting away at the coffee machine when we’ve got a meeting to get to. Finding tools to help us cope with these distractions and maximize our efficiency at work can make a huge difference. These are some of our favorite productivity tips that you can use on yourself, or your team, to see those productivity levels soar.

The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro technique is one of the most touted time management techniques in the world and the reason for this is because it actually works. The premise is very simple: you work for twenty minutes and break for five. These timings have been chosen because, believe it or not, the average human is only capable of concentrating for fifteen to twenty minutes at a time. Clear your head of all other distractions, switch your phone to silent, ignore your emails, and work solidly for twenty minutes. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you minimize those distractions. Once your twenty minutes is up, it’s time for a break.

Although it might seem irrelevant how you spend your five-minute breaks, it’s actually super important to focus on things other than work. This technique works particularly well for reward-oriented individuals. Completely switch off from work and do something that you enjoy. Some people want to walk around the office playing Pokémon Go, others want to log on and play FanDuel casino for a few rounds on a slot machine; you might want to meditate, or treat yourself to a cup of coffee and a snack. Whatever it is that helps you relax from work and enjoy yourself, build this into your five-minute break.

Time Blocking Method

Caption: Time blocking enables you to achieve a healthy work-life balance

Some of us will be able to remain motivated for those five-minute breaks forever, but for those of us that won’t, there are other techniques to choose from. One of these is the Time Blocking method which is popular with those who have an analytical way of thinking. One such mind is Elon Musk, the billionaire, who uses this method to ensure he’s always working towards his goals. So, if it works for a billionaire entrepreneur, it might just work for you too.

Time blocking works by planning out your whole life in blocks. It can take a little while to get your plan together, but it’s an investment in time that’s very worthwhile. Begin by blocking in the non-negotiable things in your life. This could be preparing dinner for yourself, going to the gym, or taking your dog for a daily walk. Once you’ve put in the non-negotiable things, take a look at the time that you have left. You need to fit in the time you can use being productive at work, as well as saving a little time for yourself. Be honest about how long it is going to take you to complete each task and add in little buffers to make sure you’re not constantly running around and stressed out. Stick to your schedule and soon it’ll start to become second nature.