Old School Runescape: How to Make Millions OSRS GP

Achieving this amount requires dedication, strategy, and efficient money-making methods. Whether you’re starting with a new member’s account or already have some OSRS GP to your name, here are some valuable tips and methods to help you reach that 100 million GP goal.

Getting Started

Early Game Money-Making Methods

When starting with little to no GP, the first priority is to gather some initial funds. Here are a few beginner-friendly methods:

  • Stronghold of Security: Complete the first three floors of the Stronghold of Security to get an easy 10k GP. This should give you a small boost to get started.
  • Blast Furnace: This is an excellent early-game money-maker. Start by obtaining a coal bag from Motherload Mine, which might take around 10-12 hours depending on your mining level. Begin with making steel bars (requiring 30 Smithing), which can yield over 500k GP per hour.
  • Crafting Gold Jewelry: Starting at 7 Crafting (achievable quickly by completing the Dwarf Cannon quest), you can make gold bracelets and later move to higher-tier jewelry as you level up. Enchanting rings and bracelets can also provide additional profit while gaining Magic XP.
  • Fletching: Turning flax into bow strings (requiring 10 Crafting) can generate around 200k GP per hour. As you level up, you can move on to making higher-tier longbows like Maple, Yew, and Magic longbows.

Medium Game Money-Making Methods

As you accumulate around 10 million GP, you can start exploring more profitable methods:

  • Tanning Dragonhides: Requires no specific level, just cash. Green, blue, red, and black dragonhides can be tanned for consistent profit. Check prices before starting to ensure you’re maximizing your earnings.
  • Magic Spells for Profit: Utilize spells like enchanting sapphire rings, making teleport tablets in your house (requires 40 Construction), or using Lunar spells like Spin Flax and Plank Make (requires completing the Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentor quests).
  • Crafting Higher-Tier Jewelry: If your Crafting level is high enough, you can start making Dragonstone jewelry like rings and bracelets, which require a substantial initial investment but offer good returns.
  • Herblore: Making unfinished potions (starting with Ranar potions at 30 Herblore) can be profitable since many players buy these unfinished potions to save time while training their Herblore.
  • Fletching Bolt Tips: Adding Diamond or Ruby bolt tips to adamant bolts can provide a steady income, as these are always in demand for high-level PvM and PvP activities.

Advanced Game Money-Making Methods

With a cash stack of around 25 million GP, you can dive into more lucrative opportunities:

  1. Blast Furnace Rune Bars: With 85 Smithing, you can start making Rune bars, which require a substantial investment in Rune ores but yield over 1 million GP per hour.
  2. Combat and Bossing: Investing in good combat gear allows you to start bossing. Here are a few beginner bosses:

Barrows: Offers a chance at valuable Barrows equipment.

Giant Mole: Consistent drops and easy to kill.

Sarachnis: Simple mechanics and decent drops.

Dagannoth Kings: Require coordination but offer valuable drops like Archers’ and Berserker rings.

High-Level Bossing

  1. Vorkath: A more challenging boss that requires completing Dragon Slayer II. Vorkath offers consistent drops and can make several million GP per hour. Use a Rune crossbow with Ruby bolts or melee with a Dragon Hunter Lance or Osmumten’s Fang for best results.
  2. Raids and Nex: For even higher profits, aim to participate in raids like Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood, or fight Nex. These require high combat stats and teamwork but offer the chance at very rare and valuable drops.

Additional Tips

  • Set Goals: Focus on incremental goals. Rather than aiming for 100 million GP from the start, set smaller milestones (e.g., 10 million, 25 million) to keep yourself motivated.
  • Track Prices: Always keep an eye on the Grand Exchange prices to ensure your chosen money-making method is still profitable.
  • Enjoy the Grind: The most crucial aspect of making money in OSRS is to find a method you enjoy. Whether it’s skilling, bossing, or flipping items on the Grand Exchange, enjoying the process will keep you from burning out.


Reaching 100 million GP in OSRS is a marathon, not a sprint. By starting with simple money-making methods and gradually progressing to more profitable ones as you build your cash stack and skills, you can steadily work your way up to this impressive milestone. Remember to diversify your methods to keep things interesting and continually adapt to the changing in-game economy.

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